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Change assessments + change planning + user engagement = increased change adoption and happier stakeholders.

Discover how OCM Solution and the OCMS Portal platform can increase your successes in delivering organizational change management across your organization.

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Change management for any industry and organization.

Whatever your industry, we offer change management guides, tools and solutions to modernize your business, save time, and lower costs.

All sorts of content and tools. All to help you plan, assess, and grow. 

Keep all your change management processes in one place!

  1. Change impact assessment
  2. Organization readiness assessment
  3. Stakeholder analysis, engagement and management
  4. Change champion network management
  5. Resistance management
  6. Change communications
  7. User engagement and briefings
  8. User training and coaching for change
  9. Manager coaching to be effective change agents
  10. Go-live preparations
  11. UAT communications and kickoff
  12. Leadership engagement and OCM reporting
  13. OCM KPIs and metrics
  14. Risk and program assessment
  15. Many more

What is New at OCM Solution?

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OCMS Portal

Simple, powerful change management solution for change managers and teams.

OCM Coaching

Get hands-on change management training and coaching.

OCM Consulting

Grow your OCM team; hire a top change management consultant on a short or long-term basis. 

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