AI Change Management Tips & Prompts to Reduce Your Workload

Change managers act as a guiding force in organizational transformation, leading organizations through transitions big and small. However, with the ever-increasing complexity of change initiatives, traditional methods can sometimes feel inadequate.

Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI). Generative AI is rapidly transforming various industries. Change management is no exception. By leveraging AI’s capabilities, you can streamline processes, enhance communication, and ultimately drive more successful change initiatives, having more time for strategic planning.

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  • AI offers a compelling value proposition for streamlining processes and saving time.
  • Change practitioners leveraging AI change management processes will have a distinct advantage over those that aren’t.
  • An AI prompt is the text or request that you type into an AI engine to request an output.
  • There are several areas where AI in change management prompts can streamline OCM work (emails, presentations, agendas, and more.)

Below, we’ll explore 10 powerful AI prompts that can unlock the potential of AI in change management, empowering you to achieve better results.

AI and Change Management Prompts

Artificial Intelligence Change Management Overview

AI offers a compelling value proposition for streamlining processes and saving time. Its ability to automate repetitive tasks, analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and trends, and generate insights can significantly improve efficiency.

Imagine freeing up your change management team from tedious data entry or generating summaries in minutes with AI automation. Furthermore, AI’s analytical capabilities can pinpoint bottlenecks in workflows, allowing for targeted improvements that save time and resources across the change initiative.

As generative AI and machine learning continue to evolve, its role in change management process optimization is only set to expand. Change practitioners leveraging AI change management processes will have a distinct advantage over those that aren’t.

Would you like to see more artificial intelligence change management prompts to help you streamline your work with an AI boost? Please reach out and let us know.

Helpful AI Change Management Prompts

Of course, artificial intelligence will never replace the human component necessary to guide impacted stakeholders successfully through a transition. But AI and change management can work together to reduce certain time-consuming tasks, such as summarizing meeting notes or creating PPT slide decks.

Want some great artificial intelligence change management prompts to save you time and effort? Here are 10 to try out.

Craft Compelling Messaging with AI

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful change management. AI can be your secret weapon for crafting clear, concise, and targeted messages that resonate with your audience.

  1. AI Prompt: “Develop a multi-channel communication plan for the upcoming marketing department software implementation, highlighting key benefits and addressing potential concerns for different employee groups (e.g., managers, content creators, analysts).”

AI Change Management Prompts

This prompt instructs an AI tool to generate an OCM communication plan tailored to specific employee segments. It can suggest different communication channels (email, video messages, town halls) and content variations for each group, ensuring everyone receives relevant information and feels addressed.

  1. AI Prompt: “Analyze the following communication material on a new ERP system rollout and provide suggestions for enhancing clarity and addressing potential language barriers for our global workforce.” (paste the text of the communication material)

Clear and consistent language is crucial for effective communication across diverse teams. This prompt instructs an AI tool to analyze your existing communication material, identifying areas for improvement and suggesting adjustments to ensure clarity for a global audience.

  1. AI Prompt: “Draft three emails about a workshop being held on [insert date & time] for the [name] project about [project purpose]. It will introduce key concepts and details to the organization. The first email should be the shortest, giving the date in a save-the-date format. The second email can be longer and include bullet points on items discussed. The third email will be a last-minute reminder to attend and why it’s important.”

Drafting meeting and reminder communications is a common time-consuming task when carrying out an OCM communication plan. This AI change management prompt instructs an AI tool to draft your cadence of emails for you, saving you hours doing it from scratch. The more details you give the AI (such as time and date, project purpose, etc.), the more customized the answers it provides you.

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Personalized Learning for a More Engaged Workforce

Traditional, one-size-fits-all training programs often struggle to address individual learning styles and needs. The help of AI in change management can personalize the training experience, boosting engagement and knowledge retention.

  1. AI Prompt: “Create a personalized learning journey for employees impacted by a new CRM software adoption. Provide a plan for beginner, intermediate, and expert users of the system.”

This prompt asks the AI to personalize the learning experience based on the skill level of your target audience. This can save the change management team considerable time trying to adjust plans according to the results of a training needs assessment. Another way to use AI and change management for training plans is to feed it your current plan and ask it to alter it for different audiences or skill levels.

  1. AI Prompt: “Develop an adaptive learning module for a new customer service framework, include a variety of learning formats, such as virtual courses, in-person training, and self-paced.”

This prompt instructs an AI tool to create an adaptive learning module. This means the difficulty of the content adapts based on the user’s performance. Rather than spending hours researching to come up with the model from scratch, you can use this AI change management prompt to get a first draft in seconds that you can then edit as needed.

Please let us know if there are any AI change management prompts that you use and would like to share with the OCM community. Contact us here and we’ll include them as an addition to this page.

Craft Engaging Presentations in Minutes

Kickoff sessions and workshops play a vital role in launching a change initiative. Crafting engaging presentations for these target audience engagement events can be time-consuming, especially if you’re not a wiz at PowerPoint. AI can lend a creative hand.

Note, that if you’re using AI in change management to create a PowerPoint slide deck, you’ll likely need to have Copilot for Microsoft 365.

  1. AI Prompt: “Generate a visually appealing presentation on a data analytics project, outlining key objectives, potential challenges, and proposed solutions. Incorporate relevant data visualizations and compelling call-to-action slides.” (paste relevant data or a link to draw from)

With this prompt, you can create a draft presentation in a fraction of the time. AI can generate an outline, suggest compelling visuals, and even propose a call-to-action that inspires audience participation.

  1. AI Prompt: “Analyze this text on a new product launch process and identify opportunities to enhance storytelling elements that emotionally connect with the audience and drive buy-in.” (paste the pertinent text)

This prompt empowers AI to analyze existing presentation text. It can identify areas where storytelling can be improved, helping you craft a more compelling narrative that connects with the audience on an emotional level, fostering greater buy-in for the change initiative.

Making a Case for Change Management

How Else Can AI Support Change Management?

The applications of artificial intelligence change management extend beyond communication, training, and presentations.

  1. AI Prompt: “Analyze this historical data on change initiatives within our organization and identify patterns associated with successful and unsuccessful change efforts. Extract key learnings that can be applied to the upcoming sales team restructuring project.” (paste or link appropriate data)

This prompt allows you to leverage historical data to gain valuable insights. AI can analyze past change initiatives and uncover patterns that correlate with success. These learnings can then be applied to your current project, increasing your chances of achieving positive outcomes.

  1. AI Prompt: “You are a change manager cultivating a change champions network to help support an organizational initiative. Your task is to create a list of 7 team building activities that you can do with the new change network team to foster excitement and bonding.”

Artificial Intelligence AI Change Management

AI can help you develop a strategy to keep your change champions network connected and working together toward the same goal. You can then spend more time focusing on the human connection elements of change management, with some of the planning part done for you.

  1. AI Prompt: “You are a change management leader and want to reward a team for their hard work on the [name] project. Plan an awards ceremony to recognize change champions, key department managers, sponsors, and executives and their contributions to the project. Detail the award categories and the ceremony’s format.”

This prompt instructs AI to create a plan for an awards ceremony where the change management team can recognize and reward those who contributed to the success of the project. By thanking and praising people for their efforts, you encourage continued buy-in for the adoption of the new system and willingness to contribute similarly to future projects.

The Future of Change Management: A Human-AI Partnership

AI is not a replacement for human expertise in change management. It’s a powerful tool that enhances your capabilities. By leveraging AI change management prompts like the ones explored here, you can streamline processes, gain valuable insights, and craft more effective communication strategies.

Ultimately, AI in change management empowers you to focus on what matters most – leading your people through change with empathy, a clear vision, and a commitment to building a positive future for your organization.

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Making a Case for Change Management

FAQ – AI and Change Management

What areas of change management can AI make more efficient?

There are several areas where AI change management prompts can streamline your work. It can help with content creation (emails, presentations, etc.), creating detailed communication or meeting plans, analyzing existing data to draw insights, and much more.

What is a change management AI prompt?

An AI prompt is the text or request that you type into an AI engine to request an output. You are prompting the AI engine to give you a specific answer. A change management AI prompt is a prompt designed for change practitioners to use to facilitate their work providing change management for a project.

What are some AI engines I can use?

The number of available AI engines is multiplying rapidly. If you’re interested in using AI and change management together, here are three popular AI engines you can try.

- ChatGPT (

- Microsoft Copilot (

- Google Gemini (

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