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The OCM Solution All-in-One Change Management Toolkit is a game-changer, especially because it provides Experienced Change Managers, New Change Practitioners, Change Management & Training Teams, Consulting Firms, Project Management Teams & Leads, Communications & HR Teams, and other Organizational Change Management Business Individuals across any organization with a consistent set of standardized change tools, templates, reporting dashboards, and built-in best change frameworks and practices.

This All-in-One Change Management Tool is more than just a set of tools, it’s a 360-degree change management command platform to help you, and your team assess, plan, manage, and execute successful change management projects, end-to-end, whether this is your first change project or your one-hundredth. 

It is designed for all change practitioners. From new change management individuals to very experienced change managers.

All-in-One Change Toolkit enables teams to support every kind of project and organizational change

Organizational Change Management Software for Change Leads, Managers, Teams, Consulting Firms, HR, and More! Everything You Need

A decade after Steve Jobs handed the reins of leadership at Apple to Tim Cook, I launched Apple’s first ever B2B Change Practice to support Apple’s business-wide sales transformations.

I have been a Sr. Change Management Consultant Lead & OCM Program Manager for over 15 years. A former United States Marine, I started my business career on Wall Street, and have successfully delivered large scale business transformations across AppleIntelCiscoHSBCAccentureDeloitte, the Federal Reserve Bank, and other global firms.

During my 15+ year tenure in change management consulting, one major pain point that has been voiced by change managers has been the inefficient use of a wide range of siloed spreadsheets, Excel files, and documents for conducting change management.

Ever since we launched OCM Solution (formerly AGS) to educate and empower change practitioners with the best change management strategies, guides, templates, and change management frameworks, we have received hundreds of questions from organizational change practitioners, change mgt consultants, project managers, communication specialists, HR, and program managers.

These questions all revolved around the need for a set of standardized all-in-one change management tools for managing any type of change program.

A few of these questions include:

  • “Does an end-to-end all-in-one change solution exist to help me conduct all aspects of my change management activities, including business impact assessments, organizational readiness assessments, change risk assessments, training impacted users, and stakeholder analysis?”
  • “Is there an industry-wide standardized agile change management toolkit for managing communications, training, stakeholders, change champions, resistance mitigation, and other change activities?”
  • “Where can I find one centralized holistic change plan template software that includes ALL the various change management best practices, templates, guides, and tools that I will ever need as a change manager?”

There were no industry-standard set of change management tools… and so we decided to build the complete end-to-end change management solution offered below for the global change community.

O. A.
Senior Change Management Lead

What is Your Current Situation? What Change Management Tools Do You Currently Use?

What change management tools, templates, and framework do you and your team currently use for managing change?

Do you use Excel templates or siloed online change templates? Are you a change management consultant and find yourself using a change software that does not cover all aspects for implementing change in an organization?

A lot of business change managers, consultants, and other professionals like you used to have a current state that was similar to the one illustrated below (with multiple siloed tools) and have since moved to the OCM Solution All-in-One Change Management platform for managing all aspects of their organizational change management strategies.

Tools for Business Transformation Changes

Designed for Change & Project Managers, Change Management Consulting Firms, HR and other Change Practitioners

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Change Management Best Practices & All-in-One Tool for the People Side of Change

Because our core audience includes change practitioners, consultants, HR, project leads, and organizational change management teams, we knew we needed to build something that could be used by anyone, in any geographical location, including the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Philippines, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, Hong Kong, Sweden, UAE, France, Saudi Arabia, and 150+ different countries.

After a lot of research and engagement with members of the change community, we built this toolkit around a standardized, and flexible blend of top change methodologies, including the Prosci ADKAR® Model, Kurt Lewin Change Model, John Kotter 8-Step Change Process, Bridges’ Transition Model, McKinsey 7S Framework, and others.

Basically, we took the best of what works best from these methodologies and developed a practical toolkit.

All-in-One Change Management Toolkit for the People Side of Change

People Change Management vs. ITIL Change Management

The OCM Solution change management software is designed for managing the people side of change. If you seek ITIL change management, including change control templates and processes for IT development requirements, change request forms, or IT based change request templates, click here: Guide to ITIL Change Management Templates & the Change Control Process.

Everything in One Account

Organizational Change Management
(The People Side of Change)

All-in-One Business Change Management Tool

The OCM Solution All-in-One Change Management Toolkit is a single platform that provides all your change management needs in one centralized platform, and includes the toolkits listed below.

#ToolkitsUse For?
1Change Impact Assessment ToolkitUse this Toolkit to assess change impacts to end-users and stakeholders (employees, managers, leaders, clients, external audiences, etc.) and document how they will be impacted by a change based on the type of change: process change, technology/systems changes, people/skills/culture changes, policy changes, M&A, business expansion, and more.

Output from your change impact assessment will be used to develop your strategic change management playbook, as well as your communications, change readiness, stakeholder management, training, resistance management, and other change plans.

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2Change Management Project Risk & Success Assessment Toolkit
Use this Toolkit to assess your change management project risks. There are two key types of project assessments that need to occur during a change management project.

One is the assessment performed at the beginning to learn about the project. This change management project assessment and evaluation is necessary to understand the project scope, timeline, deliverables, milestones, objectives, and more. This enables you to determine the right change management plans and strategies to apply.

The second type of change management project assessment is the assessment to determine project risk and success. This helps you identify areas that need attention, and easily pin point what is going right or wrong? This type of assessment is vital to ensuring a  change management project is on track for success.

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3Organizational Readiness Assessment ToolkitUse this Toolkit to assess how ready impacted organizations are for cutover/Go-Live, and to help groups get better prepared to successfully adopt the changes.

When a change impacts the way people do things in their day-to-day jobs or in their organizational workflow, those people need to be prepared to adopt the changes. This toolkit allows you to show the benefits of change management through readiness progress reporting.

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4Change Metrics & KPI Tracking ToolkitGet a bird’s eye view of your entire change project. Use this Toolkit to track, measure, and gauge the success and effectiveness of change management activities and efforts.

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5Change Management Communications Planning & Management ToolkitUse this Toolkit to assess, organize, and manage delivery of your effective change management communications with target audience groups. It includes templates, dashboards, and a step-by-step overview of the best communication plan practices that will help increase the success of your change management communication strategy and delivery.

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6Stakeholder Assessment, Mapping, Engagement & Management ToolkitUse this Toolkit to assess, engage, and manage your stakeholder groups. Easily document which stakeholders need additional hand holding and which ones are very supportive of the project.

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7 Coaching Leaders & Employees Through Change ToolkitUse this Toolkit for effective mentoring and coaching in the workplace and/or outside the workplace. The coaching template is suitable for coaching managers, leaders, and employees in the workplace as well as coaching teams, coaching individuals, and providing any type of coaching (leadership, executive, lifestyle, change management, etc.).

An effective coaching program results in improved individual, manager, leadership, or employee performance, productivity, and behavioral changes.

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8Toolkit to Manage Training Programs for Employees & ManagersUse this Toolkit to track and manage your change management training programs.

Employees, managers and leaders across an organization often need to be trained. Training is often required due to a new process, policy, technology change, expansion, M&A, new systems and tools, culture change, new job role, changing skill sets, new employee, changing corporate vision, or for a wide range of factors.

To effectively conduct, track, manage, and measure a training program’s effectiveness, training specialists, change managers, HR and project leads need the best employee training management software.

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9Toolkit for Managing Change Champions & AgentsThis Toolkit provides you with everything you need to plan and manage a successful network of change champions and agents. It is equally suited to newbies and experienced change, project, and program managers alike.

There are many moving parts to change management, as well as managing a network of change champions & agents. You have to identify change champions, gauge each change agent and champion’s level of change experience, host a kick-off meeting, track and manage the network, and more!

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10Resistance-to-Change Assessment & Management ToolkitThis change management resistance-to-change management tool comes with a structured step-by-step resistance mitigation guide that leads you every step of the way to effectively identify resistance, engage with resisting individuals, and remediate the different levels of resistance. It includes change resistance management plan examples and samples.

When organizations implement a new change, including government change, business process re-engineering, new products, system integrations, expansion to new regions, M&A, technology implementation, and organizational culture changes, there is often resistance to the change, which needs to be mitigated and/or resolved.

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All-in-One Includes Toolkits, Templates, Reporting Dashboards, Guides and More

Change Impact Assessment Template & Change Management Consulting Firms
OCM Solution change management portal  

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When you get to the OCM Solution toolkit checkout page, you can select from the tools above and add them to your All-in-One Change Management Suite. Your single suite of best change management tools will provide a holistic framework for managing all aspects of your change activities, and for all sized projects, small and large. It’ll include templates and analytics.

“I’ve been doing change management for years with my consulting practice, and have never seen change tools like those provided by OCM Solution. OCM Solution offers me seamless reports, templates, and most importantly everything is in one place.”

Change Consultant Lead (Consulting Firm Partner)”

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If you seek ITIL change management, including change control templates and processes for IT development requirements, change request form, or IT based change request templates, click here for everything you need.

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What are the Benefits?

  • You can get started right away
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  • We populate your organizational hierarchy according to your structure (departments, teams, etc.)
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  • Avoid account setup mistakes

What’s Included?

  • Adding your users at the time of setup, including their designated permission levels.
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  • Template customization for all your toolkits (this includes changing column names, setting up custom dropdown lists where applicable, and adding or hiding columns)
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  • 1-hour hands-on training with your team to review account management and best practices

Sounds great, how do I get this?

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Are You in a Different Region?

Hi OCM Solution, I am in a different region, will this change management system work for me and my team?

Most definitely! This toolkit was developed for change practitioners in the United States, Australia, the U.K., Canada, Philippines, India, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Asia Pacific (APAC), and in 152+ different countries. It is truly a global change management platform for change managers, change management consulting firms, and project managers irrespective of your current geographical location.

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Self-Service Portfolio of Organizational Change Toolkits

The OCM Solution All-in-One Change Solution has options to fit any project perfectly.

Organizational Change Management Practitioners can choose from a full portfolio of change management tools and templates using a “self-service” approach. Use as many (or few) of the change tools as you need for a specific change program.

If you’d like help determining the best options to drive your project, we are happy to schedule a Zoom call to show you how to effectively use this Self-Service Portfolio of Change Tools. 

All-in-One Business Change Management Tool

OCM Toolkit Reviews – Change Management Made Easy

There are many moving parts to change management. You have to conduct impact assessments, perform change readiness, identify stakeholders, coach leaders, and change champions, manage resistance, and more! OCM Solution’s All-in-One Change Management Tools provides you with everything you need to plan and implement a successful change project.

Are you using the ADKAR Prosci change management methodology? Or is your team using Kotter change management, APMG’s Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) framework, or one of the top change methodologies?

The OCM Solution change management toolkit is designed to be used for any type of change management framework and methodology. It is equally suited for newbies and experienced change managers alike. These comprehensive change management tools and templates are designed to help those new to change management ramp up the learning curve with expert guidance as well as give seasoned change managers tools that are truly time-saving.

Show the value of change management to executives, sponsors, project leads, and others through the comprehensive reporting in each of the OCM Solution Toolkits.

If you seek ITIL change management, including change control templates and processes for IT development requirements, change request form, or IT based change request templates, click here for everything you need: ITIL Change Control Process.

Examples of What You Get With This All-In-One Change Management Toolkit

Stakeholder Management Toolkit Template

Organizational Readiness Assessment Template

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AGS Cloud Analytics Dashboard

Change Impacts Organizational Assessment Excel Templates

… and more

Real-time Analytics Dashboards for Instant Reporting!

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As mentioned above, the OCM Solution change management solution is designed for managing the people side of change management. If you seek information on ITIL change management best practices including change control definition, information on project change request template or more details about change control software, click here for everything you need: ITIL Change Control Process.

Video Review: All-in-One Change Management Platform

Click below to watch the video tutorials of our All-in-One Change Management Tool

OCM Solution All-in-One Platform & Toolkits Overview

Why Use OCM Solution’s All-in-One Change Mgt Tools for Your Change Project?

  • Saves you tons of time on all aspects of your organizational change activities
  • Helps to increase your change management productivity
  • Based on industry-standard change methodologies
  • Can be used by both beginners and experienced change managers
  • Saves you time, minimizes your costs, and optimizes your resources
  • Change teams can collaborate together online
  • Automatic reporting that is always current with your data
  • You can access OCM Solution from any device and any platform – Excel version and online version
  • Keeps you from dropping any balls 
  • Makes you look good to senior leaders and clients with smart change management analytics!

What’s Inside OCM Solution – Excel & Online Change Management Tools?

  • 15+ Modules all based upon industry best practices (see below)
  • Free change management templates & roadmaps
  • Create reports & dashboards specific to your business
  • Guides, presentation templates, scheduling itineraries
  • Instant analytics as you input data (no spending hours trying to create reports)
  • Ability to upload your data from a spreadsheet or key it into the Cloud interface
  • Master organizational lists that populate into all templates as dropdown options
  • Ability to add on special features like knowledge library access or rebranding
  • …and more!

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All-In-One Change Management Tool


Can I try the All-In-One Cloud Tool?

Answer: Most definitely. We don’t have any locked-in, long-term contracts! Meaning if you don’t like the tool, you can cancel at ANY point (even before your renewal date), and we’ll issue you a prorated refund.

Sharing this tool with teammates or other users

Questions: Can I share the All-in-One Tool with others? What are the requirements for the single-use license? If I have a colleague on the same project can we use it separately and work on the project separately, or do we need to buy 2 licenses? Also, can the project be shared across multiple users?

Answer: Our All-in-One Change Management Toolkit is offered on a per-user basis. You can add users to your account to collaborate with you, but they need to subscribe. Subscribing gives them their own single-user license. After you purchase the tool, we will follow up with additional details on the 3 quick steps for adding teammates and other users to share the tool with you.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Answer: Absolutely! We’d hate to see you go, but we understand things come up. Subscription plans are recurring but can be canceled before the next renewal period on your My Account > Subscriptions page. We have a no-questions-asked simple-click cancellation policy. No hoops for you to jump through.

Can I use my branding or firm’s logo?


Yes, you can replace OCM Solution branding, when you add the rebranding add-on to your order. 

Add the “rebranding” add-on option at the checkout. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Does the All-in-One Change Tool include guides and tutorials?

Answer: Yes, it does. And more. It also includes video tutorials that provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on using all the modules within the OCM Solution All-in-One Tool.

Can I upload / import data?

Questions: Can I upload (import) data into the All-in-One Change Management Tool’s spreadsheets. For example, can I upload employee rosters into the training management module or into the communications tool vs having to re-enter the data?

Answer: Definitely. We’ve made it easy with a simple click to import existing data into any of the spreadsheets that are within the All-In-One Cloud Tool. Automatically import your data from other databases or spreadsheets in minutes and instantly bring your team together.

I am in a different region, will this tool still work for me?

Answer: Yes. OCM Solution was developed for change practitioners in the United States, Australia, the U.K., Canada, Philippines, India, Africa, Europe, LATAM, Middle East, APAC, and in any region. It is truly a global All-in-One Change Management software platform.

How are upgrades/changes handled?


Future upgrades and changes to your All-in-One Change Management Cloud software toolkit will be done periodically. Upgrades and future enhancements will always be free to customers

If you decide to go with the Excel version of the All-in-One Change Toolkit, please note that our Excel products are considered final sales, meaning there are no upgrades.

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The Change Management Software Tool for a Changing World!

Scalable for any Project, Program, and Business Implementation

Overview of OCM Solution All-in-One Platform & Toolkits

What are the best change management techniques and tools?

The top change management techniques and tools are those that include a complete set of templates, guides and structure that allows you to conduct all aspects of your change program to increase change adoption and project management delivery.

Where can you find change management methodologies and tools?

There are a wide range of change methods and tools you can use. You can use the APMG, Prosci, Kotter and McKinsey change management framework. In addition, you can use the free change management best practices guide.

What is a change management template?

A change management template and plan is a tool you can use to manage your business change and project management activities and deliverables. It is used for project change management, as well as for the people side of change.

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