Bain & Company Reviews & Ranking | Everything You Need to Know About this Company

Bain & Company change management consultants were recently ranked and reviewed by AGS, and included on our list of top consulting firms. But what makes them different? Are there any negative aspects to Bain & Company that you should be aware of?

Let’s dig in to find out.

The Bain & Company review below provides a detailed assessment of Bain & Company, including some of the factors that led to its ranking and selection as a top change management consulting firm.

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Bain & Company Review

Known by some as a “leading change management consulting firm,” Bain & Company focuses on helping global leaders solve industry-defining challenges. Championing a spirit of perseverance and doing the right thing are two of its core beliefs.  

This organizational change consulting firm has an extensive global footprint with 59 offices across 37 countries around the world.

Bain & Company provides a wide range of management consulting services, but our focus is on its change management function.

Based on our research, we identified that the firm’s change management consultants strongly believe in fostering a spirit of collaboration, diversity, and inclusion. Its people are passionate about helping the firm’s clients succeed, and they come from a diverse range of perspectives.

Bain & Company - Top Consulting Firms

Bain & Company Review | Leading Change Management Consulting Firm


The amount of rewards that a company has received is often a good testament to its value and services. In our review of Bain & Company’s awards, we found that the company had garnered several accolades, including the recent accolades listed below:

  • 2020 – Best Places to Work, Glassdoor
  • 2020 – Silver-Level CSR Rating, EcoVadis
  • 2020 – 100 Best Companies to Work For, FORTUNE
  • 2020 – Vault Consulting 50,

Bain & Company change management services span multiple industries. The firm works with major organizations in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, chemicals, consumer products healthcare, retail, and more.

This is important because it represents a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services and cross-functional industry use cases and “lessons-learned” knowledge that can be applied to improve the services they provide to any client in any industry.

Bain & Company Review Highlights

Following, are company details and key factors that led us to rank Bain & Company change management consultants as a top change management consulting firm.

Bain & Company Reviews | About Bain & Company

Assessing the history of an organization often shines light on its historical performances or issues.  A review of Bain & Company’s history revealed that the firm was founded in 1973 by a former Group Vice President of Boston Consulting Group.

Today, the firm is considered a leader when it comes to supporting clients in their sustainability efforts, helping clients achieve net-zero carbon emissions for nine years straight.

The firm is headquartered in Boston, MA, and describes itself as having both expertise and a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators. The firm’s management has also stated that their clients have outperformed the stock market 4:1 and that it maintains the “highest client advocacy in the industry.”

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Bain & Company Reviews | Wide Range of Services

Change management and implementation is one area of the broad range of consulting services offered by this top change management consulting firm.

Other areas of consulting that you’ll find when researching more about Bain & Company include:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Procurement
  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Sustainability
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Private Equity
  • Organization
  • Agile
  • Digital Delivery

When it comes to the results that Bain & Company change management consultants bring to clients, the firm is not shy about touting its achievements. Its website states that Bain & Company clients are twice as likely to achieve set goals and three times as likely to sustain results.

This leading change management consulting firm has managed over 3,800 projects across multiple industries.

Bain & Company Change Management Reviews | Results Delivery® Office

Bain & Company change management is focused on delivering fast, effective results to clients and driving those through its Results Delivery® Office.

One of the features of the firm’s change management consultancy is that it doesn’t just report on progress, this team anticipates and responds to risk to ensure change efforts stay on track at all times.

In a review of Bain & Company’s Results Delivery® Office, we found that client engagement is a core component. This ensures clients feel heard, informed, and connected, and it’s done through a tailored approach utilizing messaging and outreach.

Bain & Company change management services incorporate:

  • Leadership support
  • Maximizing value
  • People engagement
  • Process choreography

Bain & Company Reviews | ARCSM by Bain

One of the advantages of working with a large management consultancy is that its team will often have more resources at their disposal to better serve clients with custom solutions.

This is the case with Bain & Company management consultants. Clients can use the firm’s state-of-the-art tool, ARCSM, which is an acronym for action, results, collaboration. The tool provides a way to organize change management activities in a secure environment.

Here are a few of the features of ARC:

  • Monitor Progress: Track real-time input and proactively see and mitigate risk
  • Foster Collaboration: Work together with your team no matter where in the world they are in an easy-to-manage workspace
  • Launch Quickly: The ARC interface is designed to have a simple onboarding process so members can begin using it right away
  • Security: Bain & Company uses Microsoft Azure to ensure compliance with data governance regulations and sign-on security

Making the Case for Change Management OCM

Rating Summary | Bain & Company Review

When it comes to finding a large and experienced organizational management consulting firm, Bain & Company definitely stands out as a top choice. This global management consultancy with a top-notch change management consulting function has a deep bench of experts and successful project completions.

Additionally, this top change management consulting firm consistently earns awards and accolades, especially in the area of being a great place to work. That’s a factor that anyone interested in employment with the company should find comforting.

With custom change management tools and an emphasis on proactively managing project risk, Bain & Company scores a 5-star rating as a leading change management consulting firm to consider for your next major change project.

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