This Year’s Guide on the Best Path to Change Training, Including the Best Change Management Courses for Your Team

does change management include trainingReady to Rock Change? Discover Your Guide to Success with Change Management Training!

Embarking on a journey of organizational transformation? Wondering how to turn those inevitable winds of change into a refreshing breeze for your team? Fear not, because we’ve got your back! Welcome to our friendly guide on Change Management Training.

Change isn’t about mere adaptation; it’s about embracing a mindset that transforms challenges into opportunities.

This guide is your trusted companion, designed to make your change management training experience not only effective but enjoyable. We’ll explore tailored strategies for employees, delve into the intricacies of managerial leadership, and empower organizational trailblazers with comprehensive skills.

So, buckle up for a ride filled with insights, practical tips, and a sprinkle of positivity as we embark on this transformative journey together. Change is on the horizon, and with the right training, you’re not just ready to face it – you’re ready to thrive in it! Let’s dive in and make change our ally.

Thrilled to explore what lies ahead? We’ve put together a concise summary just for you. Brace yourself to dive into the world of Change Management Training, and rest assured, we’re here to accompany you on this voyage of exploration.

Quick Summary

Transformative Training: Choosing the Finest Change Management Courses for Your Team

About 70% of change projects fail to achieve desired results, as reported by various industry sources such as The Harvard Business Review and McKinsey. This highlights the crucial importance of organizational change management training at different levels, including employees, managers, and change leaders. Individuals equipped with change methodology training are significantly more likely to successfully complete transformation projects within specified timelines and budgets.

Change management training involves acquiring skills necessary for planning, managing, and implementing organizational changes. The success of moving a company through transitions, whether in processes or technology, is greatly enhanced when those in charge possess the right change management qualifications. In essence, a well-designed change management training course could be the key factor preventing project failure.

The Power of Preparation: Understanding the Importance of Change Management Training

Change management training is crucial because orchestrating organizational change goes beyond simply instructing people on new workflows or software. It involves handling various components of a change project, such as creating a strategy, building trust with leaders and employees, managing resistance, establishing a change champions network, budgeting, utilizing models and methodologies, and reporting on key performance indicators.

Many change projects fail due to a lack of adequate change management qualifications among those leading the transformation. Without a grasp of change management basics and existing models, successful implementation becomes challenging. Education through change management training is essential for employees and leaders to ensure that change projects adhere to industry best practices, increasing the likelihood of success and proper execution.

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Achieving Excellence: The Core Objectives of Change Management Training

Change management training courses typically have the following objectives:

  1. Provide Leadership Skills: Equip leaders with the necessary skills and insights for managing change effectively through leadership coaching.
  2. Motivation during Change: Instruct managers and participants on effective strategies for motivating individuals during periods of change.
  3. Effective Change Management Skills: Offer comprehensive skills and knowledge related to change management to enhance participants’ ability to navigate and lead through transitions.
  4. Proactive Leadership: Train individuals in proactive leadership approaches specifically tailored for organizational transitions.
  5. Foundational Understanding: Develop a foundational understanding of the key aspects of change management, laying the groundwork for successful implementation.
  6. Application of Frameworks: Instruct participants on how to apply change management frameworks to real-world situations.
  7. Plan Creation: Teach the creation of action plans, training plans, and communication plans to facilitate a smooth transition.
  8. Addressing Resistance: Arm participants with methods to effectively address and manage resistance to change within the organization.

Inclusive Training: Transforming Employees, Managers, and Leaders

Change management training is essential for employees, managers, and leaders to ensure successful organizational transitions. For employees, the focus is on understanding their crucial role, overcoming resistance, and grasping the reasons for change. Tailored materials, including online training, games, and presentations, enhance the learning experience.

Managers undergo leadership coaching, addressing their frontline role in managing resistance and introducing changes. The training outlines objectives such as mastering the change model, assessing impacts, and coaching employees. Online options abound, offering comprehensive courses for effective change management.

Leaders undergo extensive training, including certifications and various formats like online and in-person sessions. Courses cover key objectives such as understanding the change model, effective communication, creating change plans, managing resistance, and strategic planning. Online resources provide flexibility, allowing leaders to choose between general courses and certifications, ensuring they possess the necessary qualifications to guide successful organizational change projects.

Detailed Deep Dive

If you’re looking for information on best change training courses, change management training materials, a change management training outline, or where to find resources to train employees in change management, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will provide you with an overview of the best change management training, the different types of change management courses, how change training differs between employees, managers, and leaders, and how to access “organisational change management training” (the UK spelling, if you’re outside the US) or organizational change training for your US business.

Besides the level of organizational change training, there are also different methods for taking change management courses. These can include:

  • Using a change management training PPT
  • Change management online training
  • Change training in a classroom setting
  • Using change management training games

All of these will be covered in this guide, including the downloadable PowerPoint

Document for change management training, which you can download and use for free.

About 70% of Change Projects Fail

According to a variety of industry sources, ranging from The Harvard Business Review to McKinsey, about 70% of change projects fail to produce the desired results.

This puts into perspective more than ever the importance of organizational change management training on a variety of levels, from employees to managers to change leaders. Those trained on change methodology have a much better chance of completing a transformation project on time, on budget, and with the desired end result.

So, What’s Involved in Change Management Training Activities?

It can depend upon the type of change management training program you’re interested in, who is being trained, and for which part of a change strategy someone is receiving change training.

Being able to plan, manage, and implement organizational changes requires a unique set of skills. Moving a company through a transition of processes, technology, or other major change in the way things are done goes more smoothly if the people in charge have the right change management qualifications.

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Change Management Courses for Employees, Managers, Leaders

In fact, a change management training course or change management training for employees may be the one thing that keeps your project from failing.

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Why is Change Management Training Important?

Driving organizational change is about much more than just training people on a new workflow or piece of software. It involves juggling the many moving parts that are involved with a change project.

These parts include (just to name a few):

So many change projects fail in part because those overseeing the transformation don’t have adequate change management qualifications. They haven’t learned the basics of change management or how to use existing change management models as a roadmap.

Ensuring employees and leaders are educated with change management training activities is vital if you want to ensure your change project is done right and according to industry best practices.

A change management training course can empower your team and give your company the best chance for a successful organizational change project.

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Change Management Training Objectives

We’ve reviewed several change management courses to bring you a general list of change management training objectives.

These include change training courses that came up by searching both the US spelling for organizational change management training, and the UK spelling, organisational change management training.

Here are some of the main change training objectives you’ll find listed in a change management training outline:

  • Provide leaders with change skills and insights (leadership coaching)
  • Teach managers and participants on how to effectively motivate people during change
  • Offer effective skills and knowledge for change management
  • Train on proactive leadership through an organizational transition
  • Give an understanding of the foundational aspects of change management
  • Learn how to apply a change management framework
  • Teach action plan, training plan, and communication plan creation
  • Arm participants with methods to address change resistance

Overview: Different Types of Change Management Courses

Before we get into each type of organizational change management training, let’s go through an overview of the main types of change training to determine which one is more relevant to you.

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Change Management Training for a New Change Manager

If you are new to the change management sector and are seeking information on how you can be trained, then review this whole guide, and also review these links:

Change Management Training for Employees

If you are already a trained change manager and are looking to train others, then this section will be relevant to you.

At the employee level, you’ll have key people that you will want to be change agents who will help you motivate others in their department. It’s also helpful to have all employees understand what’s involved with change and how they play an important part.

Read more below.

Change Management Training for Managers

If you are already a trained change manager and are looking to train managers of impacted functions and groups to help them be more effective managers of change, then this section will be relevant to you.

Managers are a very important component of successful change. A change management training program for impacted managers will include details on how to move employees past resistance points to help drive change and tips on communicating about change effectively.

Read more below.

Change Management Training for Leaders

If you are already a trained change manager and are looking to train senior leaders and business executives on best change practices, then this section will be relevant to you.

Those leading your change efforts will require the most extensive change management qualifications. They’ll need to know about change methodology and how to use a change model to create a strategy for organizational transformation. They may also benefit from change management certification.

Read more below.

Making the Case for Change Management OCM

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Change Management Training for Employees

The main goal of change management training for employees is to help them understand that change isn’t something being done “to” them, but rather, they’re an important part of helping their organization through a successful change.

You may wish to provide a change management training course for all employees, for example, through online training or a change management training PPT. Or you may choose a group of “change champions” (also known as change agents) to take change management courses.

Change champions are like “boots on the ground” for your change efforts and can keep your change management leaders aware of employee concerns, help mitigate change resistance, and be important change communicators.

Putting these employees through change management training games or other change management online training can give them the tools they need to be effective.

What’s Included in Change Management Training for Employees?

Your change management training activities for employees will be an orientation to change management in general with an emphasis on how important they are in driving successful change. Change only happens successfully when people willingly adopt the new process, procedures, and behaviors needed.

Some of the key learning objectives for change management training for employees include:

  • Overview of the change model your organization will be using
  • Learn how to identify and overcome the feeling of resistance to change
  • Understand the reason for the change and why it’s beneficial (not just to your company but to them as well)
  • Learn productive ways to communicate about a change
  • Understand their role in making a change project successful

Where Can I Find Change Management Courses for Employees?

When you’re looking for an employee-focused change management training program, you want to make sure you review the material so you can ensure it’s focused on employees rather than managers or change leaders.

Some helpful types of engaging change training for this target group includes:

  • Change Management Online Training (easy to attend)
  • Change Management Training Games (makes learning enjoyable)
  • Change Management Training PPT (visuals aid retention)

Here are a few resources where you can find organizational change management training for employees:

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Change Management Training for Managers

Managers and supervisors play a larger role in your overall change project because their buy-in to the change is critical. Often employees that they’re supervising will follow their lead when it comes to either resistance or support for a change.

Training of your managers is also known as leadership coaching. The change management training materials will go more in-depth than those for employees because managers will be on the front line of dealing with potential change resistance.

In some cases, it may be the managers and supervisors that are introducing the change to their direct reports for the first time, thus change management training materials for managers will include proactive communication methods and how to resolve resistance.

Managers are often considered important or “critical” stakeholders because, depending upon their role in the organization, since they can put the brakes on a change project if they’re not supportive. Alternately, they can also help a project get the results intended by promoting and supporting the change.

What’s Included in a Change Management Training Outline for Managers?

Your organizational change training outline and learning objectives will be a level up from what your employees are trained on. You may even decide to have managers go through the employee change management qualifications first as a foundation.

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Change Management Training Course

Following, are some of the typical learning objectives that you’ll find in a change management training outline for managers:

  • Understand the crucial role that managers play in organizational change
  • Learn the basics of the change model being used and how it’s applied
  • Learn a framework for processing changes in their department
  • Understand how to assess a change impact to their department and report findings
  • Develop specific change-related communication skills
  • Develop skills to overcome change barriers
  • Learn to coach employees through any confusion about change

Where Can I Find Change Management Courses for Managers?

When you search online for “organisational change management training” (UK spelling) or “organizational change training” (US spelling) for managers, you’re going to find more options than you will for employees.

There are simply more change management courses out there for teaching managers about change and how to be a change supporter in their company.

Here are several places where you can find a change management training course for managers:

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Change Management Training for Leaders

The most extensive change management qualifications will be for those that are leading your organization through the change. They’re the ones that will need to come up with the change management roadmap and be thoroughly knowledgeable in change management best practices.

Beyond putting your change leaders through change management training activities, you may wish to have them certified in a change management method.

Change leaders can also benefit from a mix of different training types, like change management online training, in-person training, and change management training games that take them through change scenarios.

Offering leaders a variety of organizational change management training materials is helpful. The experience with different materials may help them find the best way to train managers, employees, and others as they go through the change program.

What’s Included in Change Management Courses for Change Leaders?

Because of the high level of change management qualifications needed by those leading your organizational change, their change management training program will most likely be over multiple days and take longer than that for managers and employees.

Investment in the change management courses or certifications for your change leaders will directly pay you dividends in how smoothly your change project goes and whether or not it meets or exceeds the results you anticipated.

One critical step you’ll want to take before you begin change management courses for your leaders, is to choose which change model/methodology you plan to adopt. Change leaders will need to be fully trained on this so they can use it properly to drive the transformation.

While there are many more change management qualifications for leaders, here are some of the main learning objectives:

  • Gain a working knowledge of the change model being used
  • Understand and be able to communicate how change management will improve organizational results
  • Be fluent in the fundamentals of change
  • Learn to effectively communicate change objectives to others
  • Learn how to create a change plan using the change model
  • Understand the different assessments needed to successfully direct a change project (i.e., readiness assessment, impact assessment, etc.)
  • Learn to proactive and reactively manage resistance to change
  • Understand change reporting and how to review change metrics
  • Gain the ability to conduct training and create strategic plans for communications, stakeholder engagement, and more

Where Can I Find Change Management Courses for Change Leaders?

There are multiple online resources where you can find courses to fulfill change management qualifications for those leading your organizational change.

One decision you’ll want to make is whether you are going to have your leaders go through change management courses or specifically become certified in change management.

Either option can provide the change management qualifications to lead a successful project. Certification adds another layer that can be beneficial if your company has multiple organizational change projects in different areas of the company.

Here are several places where you can find a change management training course for leaders:

You can find change management certification options here:

Change Management Training Online

One thing you’ll find when looking through the change management courses posted above is that just about all of them are available to take online.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic changed a lot of things in the way we work and learn, and one of those is that it’s quite easy to find change management online training for employees, managers, and leaders.

You’ll even find change management courses for certification programs are available online as well. This offers you more flexibility in how you or your staff attend a change management training course.

Change Management Training PPT

One of the many valuable change management training materials that we offer at OCM Solution is a change training PPT designed to give you and your team a comprehensive understanding of change management.

Download this change management training PPT below.

organizational change strategies

OCM Solution Change Management Strategic Playbook PowerPoint (PPT)

This change management training PPT is available for free download. It’s called the OCM Strategic Playbook & Plan. This is a great resource to study before you begin change management courses.

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Conclusion – Change Management Courses | Change Training for Employees, Managers, Leaders

Going into a change management project without proper training or change management qualifications can be a recipe for disaster.

Lack of a change management training program is a big reason that change projects stall and fail. When employees, managers, and leaders aren’t properly prepared for their part in an organizational change program, they won’t know how to navigate resistance, project hurdles, or even apply a methodology that could help.

The different change management courses for an organization’s team can ensure that everyone is ready and fully armed with the necessary tools to play their part in driving a successful change initiative.

We hope that this guide to change management courses and change management training activities is a helpful resource for you as you direct your organization through that next change project.

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