Change Management Coach for Change Practitioners, Managers & Consultancies

There are a wide range of instances where you might need change management coaching, support, and help. For example, you might need help on any of the below activities and challenges that change managers and change leads often need help with:

  • Help with in-flight/upcoming mid-large, complex, and challenging initiatives
  • You have a team and need help building their change management expertise
  • Someone experienced for you to discuss key change management and stakeholder challenges you are running into, and get advice on how to resolve these challenges, or get hands-on help (working with you) to resolve these challenges and pain points
  • Change programs that require a tenured, hands-on, strategic and tactical Change Management Lead
  • Developing a robust repeatable Change Management Framework
  • Establishing and management a best in class end-to-end change management program including all phases of change management implementation
  • Supporting your network of change champions and agents on their deliverables and helping them increase their change management capabilities and successes
  • Planning, establishing, and managing a Change Management CoE
  • Boosting your change management skills, techniques, and practices
  • Bouncing ideas and reviewing your key activities before sharing them with key stakeholders.
  • High-profile projects that you need behind the scenes support to ensure you don’t drop any balls
  • Boost change management skills, especially on high visibility programs
  • And many more.

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What Is Change Management Coaching? Definition

Change management coaching is the process in which a change practitioner or team receives 1-on-1 coaching to help enhance their change management skills, techniques, and practices, and to increase their change management successes and expertise. A change coach helps you plan, design, deliver, and manage your key change deliverables, and provides you with personalized support based on best change practices and methodologies.

Signing up for a change coach is basically signing up for your own change management concierge who will work directly with you to help you deliver a wide range of change deliverable, assignment, and tasks, and to help you and/or your team develop robust change management skills.

Coaching for change is important for organizations, change practitioners, and project leads as it enables them to increase the success of business transformations. Change coaching, support, and training also empowers you to navigate major change management challenges.

OCM Solution Change Coach – How We Support You

As a Pioneer of best change management practices, I launched OCM Solution to provide change management guides and tools to help increase the change management successes for change management practitioners, consulting firms, and organizations.  I also provide change management coaching, support, and help to:

  • New, experienced, and tenured change management practitioners
  • Program managers
  • Project practitioners
  • Consulting firms
  • Firm leaders
  • Organizations
  • Executive coaching change management
  • Change leadership coaching

Is change management coaching right for you?

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My Experience as a Change Management Lead and Coach

A decade after Steve Jobs handed the reins of leadership at Apple to Timothy Cook, I was hired as an Organizational Change Consultant to establish Apple’s Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales Organization Change Management COE. I created this Change Management Office from scratch, and planned, designed, launched, and managed it. I also coached Intel’s Supply Chain Change Management Team to deliver effective enterprise-wide change management using a change management as a service approach. 

Throughout my change management tenure, I have delivered end-to-end change programs at Apple, Cisco, Deloitte, Accenture, State Street, Bank of New York Mellon, Fannie Mae, Intel, the U.S. Federal Reserve, and other global corporations. And have delivered change management for programs that impacted a wide range of users (from 100 – 20,000 individuals) including M&A Integration, ERP/CRM/Systems Implementation, Process, Procedures & Policies, People/Skills, Org Culture, Business Transformations, Agile, Data & Analytics & Compliance changes.

My approach for coaching change practitioners, leaders, and teams involves a structured, but flexible approach, and is designed to empower you to deliver the best levels of organizational change management.

Ogbe A.
Change Management Consultant & Coach
Strategic & Tactical Change Implementation

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Question 1: If I sign up for your coaching change management service, is the information I share with you kept confidential?

Ogbe: Yes, your information is always kept strictly confidential. I never share information you share with me with anyone. In addition, I offer a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to give you full confidence that everything you share with me as part our coaching and change management agreement will be kept to the highest level of confidence.

Question 2: How frequently can I meet with you for change leadership coaching?

Ogbe: You can meet with me once a week, twice a week, every other week, once a month, or more. For coaching change management to be successful, I am open to meeting with you as often as you would like

Question 3: Which coaching plan can I sign up for?

Ogbe: You can sign up for as many Change Management Coaching & Support Hours as you want. For example, you can sign up for 10 hours of Coaching & Support and use those hours however you want. You can choose to meet with me for 3 hours this week, 1 hour next week and 2 hours next month. Or you can schedule 1 hour coaching sessions with me on a weekly basis for 2, or 3, or 4 weeks and then on the 5th week you can choose to have one coaching session every other week. It is really up to you.

I offer discounts and the more Change Management Coaching & Support Hours you sign up for the more discounts you get – See the Change Management Coaching Price and Rate table below.

In addition, you don’t need to wait until our next session to ask me coaching change management questions or to ask for help on your change management deliverables. You can ask questions or seek support at any time via email and I will respond / provide support. For example, if you have 5 Change Management Coaching & Support Hours remaining and you would like me to review a key change management plan or playbook you want to present to key stakeholders, you can email me and ask me to review, update and/or provide feedback, and I will deduct however many minutes or hours it takes me to complete your “ask.” This offers you with flexibility in using your paid-for Change Management Coaching & Support Hours in a way that works best for you.

Question 4: What are your change management coaching rates?

Ogbe: The average coaching rate in the U.S. is $274 per session. But, as a supporter of the change management community, I charge a more affordable rate of $200 per session before discount. I offer multiple coaching change management discounts. With discounts my change management coaching rate drops down per hour.

Change Management Coach Price and Rate

Regular Rate: $200 per hour

Organizational Change Coach and Trainer
Business Change Manager Coach for New Change Professionals

Rate Table – Consulting and Coaching for Change

This discounted rate for top change management coaching, support, ability to bounce off your ideas to make sure you don’t drop any balls, and more, is definitely worth the investment for you and your success.

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Question 5: What are your Consulting and Coaching for Change availabilities? What times and days can you meet with me?

Ogbe: I am based in the San Jose, California area, but you can be based in any part of the world. You can be in New York, the East Coast, Midwest, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, France, Taiwan, the U.K., West Africa, India or in any country. My coaching sessions are normally provided between 6:30am PST and 6:30pm PST. My process is to give you access to my Availability Calendar so you can schedule a time that works best for you. I am also available during the weekends, if that works best for you.

Question 6: If I sign up, can I ask you questions via email in between our coaching and change management sessions?

Ogbe: Most definitely. I understand that oftentimes you might have questions, need to seek clarification, or need help with something before our next coaching session.

Question 7: What is your change manager coaching process? Can I get help on a Prosci coaching plan?

Ogbe: I apply a flexible approach to my coaching services. We start out with a 1-hour coaching session that is focused on understanding what areas of change management you would like coaching on.

In addition, if you have been assigned to one or more mid-to-large scale projects (for example a high visibility/high-profile, challenging, or complex project, or projects that will impact a large number of users), we will discuss these during our coaching kickoff session to align on how we can best support you and coach you to increase your success with these types of projects. And yes, I can support you to develop your Prosci coaching plan you. 

What Are the Next Steps? Executive Coaching Change Management

Schedule your introductory session to ensure a mutual fit before signing up for a change management coaching service plan.

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Below Are Examples of What Can Be Included in Your Change Manager Coaching Plan


Yellow Light bulb. Yellow vs. Blue Bulbs

Best Practices – Coach Change Management

(1) Best Change Management Practices

As part of our change management coaching, I can help you with hands-on best change management practices and framework. You may be certified in one or more change management certifications including Prosci change plan and methodologies, but being change management certified is understanding the “Science” of change management, you will also need to build the “Art” of change management which involves real world expertise, and this is a key area where a change coach can help.

(2) Establishing a Change Management CoE

Planning, launching, and managing a Change Management Center of Excellence (CoE) is a vital part of any effective change management program. As part of your change management coaching plan, I can guide you on how to establish and manage the best change management CoE for your organization.

(3) Change Roadmaps

As part of your change management coaching program, I can help you put together a customized project-by-project 12-weeks, 16-weeks or more change management roadmap to increase the successes of your projects.

(4) Change Impact Assessments Coaching

Do you need to conduct change impact assessments? I can guide and coach you on the best practices for conducting effective change impact assessments to help identify who and what will be impacted by a change. Our coaching and change management plan also includes helping you with key templates and tools for your change assessments.

(5) Change Mgt Communications 

Do you need to create, socialize and implement a communications plan? The best types of communication plans are those that completely capture the who, what, when, how, and where of a communication campaign. As part of your organizational change management coaching, I can help you develop proven communication plans, and guide you in implementing these plans.

(6) Organizational Change Readiness

A change readiness assessment helps you gauge how ready your organization and impacted groups are for a change. It looks at things like awareness, receptiveness, and capacity as it relates to an upcoming business transition. As part of our change coaching program, I can guide you on best ways for conducting effective change readiness based on the scale of the project and severity of the impacts.

(7) Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Stakeholder management is another important area of change management. It begins with identifying which stakeholders, leaders, and executives are being impacted by a change project and where each stand on receptiveness. If interested, I can coach you and guide you on the best ways to engage and manage the stakeholders for your change projects.

(8) Change Champions Network Coaching

Do you need to establish a change champion network? A change network is the collective group of individuals that are supporting a change program. A change network of change champions and change agents is critical to any mid-to-large scale organizational change.

If you need to create a change network, then as part of your change coaching plan, I can help you with the best practices to plan and establish this highly effective network. Change manager as coach is a key component of establishing and supporting a change network. As a change manager, your change agents will be looking to you to coach them on their change deliverables. In addition, change leadership coaching is also something you will need to understand to ensure your leadership team is playing their role in the success of a program. Change leadership coaching and change manager as coach are areas I can support you on. 

(9) Resistance Management Coaching

A resistance management plan involves the set of steps, strategies, activities, and approaches used to identify, evaluate, manage, and resolve resistance to a change. As part of your coaching through change plan, I can guide you to identify points of resistance, and coach you to implement effective resistance management plans.

(10) And More!

All of the above are just examples of what can be included in your personalized change manager coaching plan. I start our coaching process by understanding where you require change management help the most to determine which areas to prioritize coaching on. I will also chat with you to understand your current level of change management experience to explore how I can best provide you with the optimal level of change management coaching.

Most importantly, I consider our coaching through change plan to be a partnership, meaning that you and I will partner together to develop the best coaching for change plan that works for you. Your input regarding where you feel you need help the most will drive what we prioritize on your change coaching plan. It’s all about you and your coaching for change success.

Change Management Coaching

Best Practices – Coach Change Management

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What is Change Management Coaching?

Change management coaching is the collaborative process in which a practitioner receives 1-on-1 coaching to help increase their change management successes, and to help them plan, design, deliver, and manage key change deliverables.

What is a Change Management Coach?

A Change Management Coach is an experienced and tenured change practitioner who provides coaching services and support to change management practitioners, project managers, firm leaders, and other individuals who are interested in receiving organizational change support, training, and/or help.

Why is Change Management Coaching important?

Change management coaching is important for organizations, change practitioners, project managers, and program leads as it enables them to increase the success of their organizational business transformations. Change coaching, support, and training empowers you to navigate change management challenges.

How do you coach someone for change?

You apply best change management practices, including effective communications, regular touchpoints, change support, and educate them on the key role they play as a change agent