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Whether you are newly entering the change management workspace and learning how to manage change, or are a seasoned organizational change management (OCM) practitioner that wants to keep up with current trends, you’ll likely look online for the best articles on change management to read.

Scholarly articles on change management help people understand the various areas of organizational change management and enable people to hone their skills in facilitating company transitions. A leading change article can also provide a fresh perspective on managing change and help optimize a change manager’s process.

However, change management research can be arduous and time-consuming. Time is a commodity that many change ambassadors, change managers, project leads, and other OCM professionals find in short supply.

When searching online for a good change management blog or change management journal articles, you additionally need to sift through mediocre articles to get to good and relevant content. The articles also need to be comprehensive and easy to understand.

Isn’t there a great change management library somewhere that you can reference? One that includes many different types of managing change and innovation articles, from practical step-by-step guides to change management information on careers, and starting a change management program?

Yes, there is. It’s the OCM Solution Library of Change Management Articles.

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Organizational change scholarly articles, guides, and more providing change management tools and techniques.

Read on to learn more about finding informative and educational change in the workplace articles housed together in a single place that will help you build your change management skills.

Hundreds of Organizational Change Management Articles Together in One Place

If you’ve been searching for an organizational change journal article or other articles on managing change in the workplace, then our Change Management Library may be just what you’re looking for. This extensive collection of organizational change management articles has been developed to provide change management professionals with all the information needed to perform all aspects of change management activities.

You’ll find tips on successfully implementing change management and how to manage change for both smaller and larger change initiatives.

Here is a snapshot of some of the change management resources you’ll find in this digital library:

  • Guides to boost your change management skills in all steps of change management (e.g., change impact assessment, go-live readiness assessment, communications planning, and more)
  • Articles on how to achieve common change management goals
  • Both high-level overviews and in-depth content to explain change management in the way that fits your learning style best
  • Tips on effective change management strategies to streamline your workflow
  • How to start a career in change management and hone your change management skills
  • Reviews of frameworks on how to manage change (like Prosci, Kotter, Bridges, and others)
  • Tutorials with the steps to run a successful change management program
  • Trending managing change and innovation articles
  • Change in the workplace articles from an HR and leadership perspective
  • Rankings of consulting firms for implementing change management
  • And much more!

This library full of comprehensive and scholarly articles on organizational change can be found on our OCM Solution cloud platform. Many of those that sign up for our organizational change management tools and templates, jump at the chance to add user licenses for this extensive library of organizational change articles.

But whether you purchase an OCM Solution change management toolkit or not, you can subscribe to access our library of change management research resources and guides. All OCM Solution free change management tools users can also subscribe anytime to our change management library to access the best articles on change management.

And this collection of scholarly articles on change management keeps growing each month!

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Advantages of the OCM Solution Library of Leading Change Articles

Change Management Blog, Guide & Article Library to Boost Knowledge & Skills

The Best Articles on Change Management in One Place

Are you tired of endless Google searches to find a decent organizational change journal article and other change in the workplace articles? We put a treasure trove of change management information and well-researched articles in one easy-to-use digital library for you.

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Organizational Change Management Articles in Several Categories

Whether you are considering becoming a change manager, want to improve your existing change management skills, or are looking for details on starting a change management program at an enterprise for the first time, you’ll find relevant content. This extensive library on change management tools and techniques has over 14 different categories of leading change articles, guides, rankings, and tutorials… and is growing.

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Fresh Content is Added Often

Change management goals and trends can change in this fast-paced world, which is why we add fresh content often to the OCM Solution library of scholarly articles on organizational change management. We base new content on industry and business trends we’ve spotted, questions that change practitioners are asking, and the newest effective change management strategies.

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Take Your Change Management Resources With You Anywhere!

You can access your organizational change management tools and library resources online from any device. The OCM Solution library of organizational change scholarly articles and easy-to-read guides that explain change management digital and cloud based. Get to all organizational change management articles from any device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

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Learn Valuable Information to Improve Your Change Management Skills

The change management journal articles and guides on implementing change management in our library are backed by 15+ years of change management experience, extensive research, and real-world experience. Our experts have managed high-profile change management projects (Apple, Intel, Accenture, etc.) and worked one-on-one teaching others how to manage change and create an effective change management program.

Our guides, tips, and articles on managing change in the workplace and attaining change management goals offer valuable insights and change management tools and techniques that you won’t find anywhere else!

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New to Implementing Change Management?

Our library of change management research and scholarly articles on change management provides everything you need to know – from A to Z – on organizational change management and how to manage change.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about an organizational change journal article. We also welcome input on topics you’d like to see in our library about change management tools and techniques, effective change management strategies, or any other OCM topic.

What Does This Change Management Library Have to Offer ME?

Our library of organizational change management articles is more diverse than your average change management blog. We designed it for everyone working or planning to work in the OCM field to improve their change management skills and chances of success in driving change management programs.

Following are what different types of change management professionals can expect from the OCM Solution library of organizational change articles, tutorials, and guides.

If You’re Considering a Career Implementing Change Management

Are you wondering if learning how to manage change as an OCM practitioner is the right career path? Do you need to know which change management consulting firms you should connect with to see if they have openings?

For those that are interested in change management information that includes data like average salaries in OCM fields, change management skills you may need, and what a change manager does, our library includes all this and more.

If You’re Just Starting Out as a Change Practitioner

Need someone to explain change management in a comprehensive way? Looking for change in the workplace articles that connect the dots on exactly what steps a change manager takes when brought onboard a project?

Want to find scholarly articles on organizational change will take you step-by-step through the process of change management, and explain why things are done along the way? Learn at your own pace, and read about the change management goals that all projects share.

We also have articles on the best organizational change management tools, methods, and workflows you can use to help ensure the best chance of success.

If You’re Starting a New Change Management Program Where One Never Existed

A common scenario that we assist our change practitioner customers with all the time is how to introduce the benefits and function of effective change management strategies to executives and other top-level leaders.

We have organizational change scholarly articles that are designed for those that have never worked with change management in their organization. These change in the workplace articles explain why project management is only half of the equation for project success, and why change management is the other half.

Use our library of change management resources to help you organize the process of setting up a new change management program and explain its purpose and value to others in the organization.

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Explain change management like a pro with help from OCM Solution’s Change Management Library.

If You’re a Seasoned Change Management Professional

So, you don’t need a primer on how to manage change because you’ve been doing it for decades. What do these managing change and innovation articles, guides, and resources offer you?

Learn about new trends and change management tools and techniques in the OCM world. It’s important to keep your change management skills relevant for an evolving business environment, and our library brings you this fresh perspective on change management.

Our change management journal articles and resources also include tools and guides you can use for training other OCM ambassadors and change managers working under your instruction.

These articles on managing change in the workplace can bring you new insights to further streamline your own change management process that you’ve developed from years of experience.

If You’re a Project Manager, Executive, or Project Sponsor

You don’t have to be an official change manager to find value in the change management research resources and articles in our library. Reviewing our information on how to manage change can improve the success of your projects.

Change management skills improve the rate at which organizations can successfully transition as well as everyday interactions with others. When you realize the factors for resistance to change and how to overcome them, you have a powerful tool that will serve you well in multiple capacities.

If You’re a Change Management Consultant

Do you work with several organizations with various change management goals? Is looking up change management articles on specific frameworks that a client may be using taking up unnecessary time? Do you need a great resource that allows you to do change management research to prepare for a client presentation?

Change management consultants will find the OCM Solution Library an invaluable resource. It’s full of organizational change articles on a variety of change management frameworks, tips on using Agile sprints in change management, and resources and guides to reduce your change management research time significantly

Contact us if you have any questions about OCM Solution toolkits, products, or services. As pioneers of best change management practices, we believe in supporting the global change management community.

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If you are wondering why you can’t access the library after you purchased a library license, it’s most likely because you haven’t enabled the license in your user account. Here’s how to do that.

How to Enable Access to the Change Management Resources Library:

1. Log in to your OCM Solution account.
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8. That user can now access the library by hovering over the “Boost Your Knowledge” link in the menu and choosing “Change Management Library.”

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organizational change management toolsWhat’s Inside the Change Management Resources Library?

  • Guides that explain change management steps
  • Tutorials on how to manage change in organizations
  • Resources to boost your change management skills
  • Scholarly articles on change management trends
  • Tips on the best change management tools and techniques
  • Articles about change management salaries and how to begin an OCM career path
  • Change management research on many of the popular change management models and frameworks
  • Materials to use for teaching new change practitioners how to manage change and build their change management skills
  • and Much More!

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Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like to see us add a particular organizational change journal article topic to the library, or if you need to know how to access our library of change management articles.

Best Articles on Change Management FAQs

Multi-prong question about sharing the Change Management Library with other team members

Questions: Can I share the AGS change management resources from the library with others? If I have a colleague on the same project, do we need to buy 2 library access licenses?

Answer: Our change management library access is offered on a per-user basis. You can add more library licenses to your account, and then enable the library access for the user(s) you’d like. Each user does need to have their own library access license.

Can I cancel at any time?

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Answer: Yes, most definitely. While all our articles are in English, you can use Google Translate or another browser’s translator to translate the articles into the language of your choice.

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You can add toolkits, users, and project licenses to your OCM Solution account at any time.

How are future enhancements/changes handled for this change management library?


Future upgrades to your OCM Solution change library and organizational change management tools will be done periodically. Upgrades and future enhancements will always be free to customers.

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What are six features of change management?

When implementing change management in an organization, there are some key things you need to do to successfully guide users through the changes. Some of the main features of change management include: 1. Assessing the change impact on groups in the organization 2. Identifying key stakeholders that need to be engaged with 3. Communicating throughout the project to build awareness and knowledge 4. Assessment groups and employees for their readiness to adopt the new changes 5. Managing and mitigating resistance to the change among impacted stakeholders 6. Providing training and coaching as needed to help ensure the successful adoption of the project’s solution

What is a change management strategy?

A change management strategy is a documentation of the strategy that you will use to design, develop, implement, and track your organizational change approach and key deliverables and activities. The goal of an organizational change strategy is to facilitate a specific transformation or project that is being undertaken to guide the impacted individuals, teams, and groups through the change adoption successfully.

What is change management in simple words?

Simply put, change management is an important part of project management and implementation. It is the process of working with people to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills, desire, and support necessary to successfully adopt a change required by the organization.

How do you know if change is successful?

You will know if change management has been successful if the people that had to adopt new processes, tools, behaviors, or systems have successfully adopted them. Additionally, change is successful if people do not revert to old ways of doing things and instead adopt the changed processes as the “new normal.” Thirdly, if the project’s goals driven by users adopting the required project solutions have been met, that is another indicator that change has been successful.

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