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Frequently Asked Questions about OCM Solution Products & Services

Below you can find commonly asked questions that provide more information about our All-in-One change management solution.

If you have other question that you can’t find the answer to please reach out to us using our contact us page.

FAQ Topics:

  1. Account & User Management
  2. Tools and Services
  3. Templates
  4. Analytics Dashboard
  5. Checklists
  6. Reseller Program
  7. Security

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Account & User Management
What User Roles are there? User Roles on OCM Solution are:

Account Owner: User Rights + Admin Rights + able to manage subscriptions and payments.
Admin: User Rights + able to add/remove users, set permissions, and edit company profile details.
User: Can access projects they’ve been assigned to and use the toolkits within those projects.
Guest: Can only view projects they’ve been added. This includes the project’s toolkit templates and analytic dashboards to view reports. Guests cannot make changes or edits.

Note: There can be multiple Admins and Account Owners. But only an Account Owner can set another User/Admin’s permission to Account Owner

Is the owner the only one who can add projects? No. Both account owners & admins can create new projects.
How many projects we can create?
You can have as many projects as you want. Each toolkit you subscribe to can be used for 2 projects. Should you need more, you can always purchase additional project licenses directly from your account.
Can admins manage users? Yes.
Are we able to mark some of the tasks and lines as confidential for a project?There are protections in place so all users can’t see all project data. A user must first be added to a project, only then he/she will be able to see what you have in that project and in order to hide something you would remove that user from that project.
Who can create and manage projects?Account Owner and Admin member roles can create and manage projects. User member role can work on toolkits, but cannot create new projects or close/reopen projects. Note: There can be multiple Admins and Account Owners. But only an Account Owner can set another User/Admin’s permission to Account Owner
If I sign up, can I add additional users? 1 user (You) is added to your account when you first sign up. You can add additional users any time you want. More information on pricing can be found here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/pricing/
Is it possible to run multiple projects for multiple clients under the same account?
Yes. OCM Solution is a multi-project, multi-user change management platform.
Can I duplicate a project?Yes, on the project homepage at top right corner you have that option to duplicate a project. In addition, you can copy dropdowns from one project to another. This option can be found at the bottom of project homepage.
When I upload my logo, will it default for all projects? Yes.
Are you able to edit the closed project content? Closed projects remain non-editable until they’re made active again. We recommend that you export your project before closing them.
What’s the pricing structure?You can find our Global Pricing List here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/pricing/
Are your toolkit prices per person per month?No, each toolkit has a certain price and you will get 2 free project licenses with each toolkit. If you close a project then toolkit licenses you had used can be reused on new projects. Also, projects can be added at an additional cost per project.
Do you offer group rates? Yes, we offer group discounts. Request group pricing here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/request-pricing/
I get two free project licenses, meaning I can use the toolkit for two projects. I understand I can purchase additional project licenses directly from your account. Is there an unlimited subscription option to create as many projects as I want? And, if not, how much is it per additional project license?We do not have an unlimited project option, however you can add as many projects as you like. Also, once you are finished with a project and close that project in your account, that toolkit project license will become available again.
You can view the project licenses pricing here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/pricing/
The license allows you to have up to 2 projects at any given time. And so, if a third additional license needs to be purchased and one of the projects closes, reducing the licenses down to two, would that third license cost thereafter become part of the 2 and therefore not have a charge?

Yes, when you subscribe to a toolkit and do not purchase any additional project licenses, you can use that toolkit for 2 projects at a time for no additional cost. When you purchase an additional project license, it will remain in your account until you remove it from your subscription, whether it is being used by a project or not.

So, for example, if you had the Change Impacts Toolkit, and you wanted to use it for three projects at the same time, you would add a project license. If you used the Change Impacts Toolkit for 3 projects, and then closed one, that additional project license would show as available for use in your account, and you would still be charged for it. If you opened another project later, you would have it to use. Some of our customers like to have a certain number of project licenses available for use whenever their team needs them, which is why these aren’t automatically removed from a subscription when a project is closed.

If you didn’t want to pay for that license while you weren’t using it, then you could go to your account subscription page and remove it from your subscription, taking you back down to the original 2 projects for that toolkit.

The annual fee makes more sense but what if I find that it is just doesn’t work for my organization. Would we be offered a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time and will receive a prorated refund. You are only charged for the time you use the toolkit.

When signing up, if I do not chose to add the branding subscription to use our logo, would I be able to add that in the future?

Yes, you can add the rebranding subscription later after you subscribe initially. It’s easy to do by heading over to “My Account” found in the top green menu bar and clicking on “Subscription”. From this page you can add or remove toolkits and/or add-on services.

Tell me about your rebranding option

The rebranding subscription option allows you to upload your logo in place of our logo on the platform, as well as have separate logos for project homepages. 

If I get stuck and need help, can I reach out to you and get an answer quickly?

Yes. You can always reach out to us via our contact page.

What is the onboarding option if we chose to go with this platform, what does that include?Yes we do onboarding sessions and it depends on the subscription total. Its between 1-4 onboarding session of 1 hour each. We guide our customers in learning the tools adding their organizations and help them in customization like if they want to rename their groups etc.

We are big believers of doing thorough onboarding and make sure that everybody knows how to use the platform even if you have new people that come after 6 months of their purchase, we will be happy to onboard them.

How would we conduct the onboarding?We are flexible in providing onboarding, training & support for you and your team at your pace and at your convenience. When you and your team are ready, we can begin preparations for the onboarding sessions starting with an open dialogue of what topics you would like discussed, things you’d like achieved, what specific key areas you need our help with as well as gathering everyone’s availability. We can easily accommodate 1:1 or group sessions and work towards meeting your success goals. If more session after the allotted are needed we also offer additional packages. Just contact us for more information.
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Tools & Services
How do I get access to your free tools?You can get access to our free tools by creating a free account with the link below:
I’m looking for Change Management Tool which can be customized based on our requirementsAll our change management toolkits are customizable in several ways. Here are a few examples:

  • You can edit column names
  • You can move columns and sections where you like
  • You can hide columns that aren’t needed
  • You can change the name of your toolkits, templates, and dashboards
  • There is a rebranding add-on option that allows you to add your logo in place of ours
  • You can customize your main dashboard in several ways
  • Coming soon – You’ll be able to create your own reports

For any customizations beyond our currently available capabilities, we can provide a quote once we have the details.

You can learn more about our All-in-One Change Management Software here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/all-in-one-change-management-solution/

Do you offer any trial periods?We do not offer trial periods, but we do have a “Showroom” account. This is a public account that will allow you to look at all the features and toolkits in the platform. We just ask that you not make any edits because it is also accessed by other users. Here are the login details:

I need more information to learn about your change management toolkits to get an understanding of which ones to purchase?Thanks for reaching out to OCM Solution. We appreciate your interest in our change management tools. I’ll give you a brief overview below and then invite you to join our twice weekly webinar where we walk you through the toolkits you’re interested in as well as platform features.

Our platform provides a centralized single place to handle all your change management activities. Customers tell us the biggest value to them includes the automatic reporting analytics and ability to do all their tasks in a single place (no struggling with spreadsheets, etc.)

We have several toolkits, with each one matching an activity typically performed during change management, such as a change impacts analysis, stakeholder management, communications planning, training, etc.

I need tutorial lessons on the All-in One Change ToolkitWe offer tutorial lessons for our All-in-One Change Management Toolkit in a few ways:

1. We host 1-hour webinars twice per week. You can sign up for one to see a demo of our platform here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/request-a-zoom-call/

2. When you purchase an OCM Solution subscription, you can choose an add-on for account setup & hands-on training. You can view our subscription plans here: https://accounts.ocmsolution.com/change-management-toolkits-registration/

Note: For group discount quotes, there will be more onboarding/training options available.
3. If you’re interested in change management coaching that covers the best practices of organizational change management and how you can use our All-in-One Change Management Toolkit to facilitate that, you can sign up for our coaching services.  Use this link if you’d like to schedule an intro call to ensure a mutual fit: https://calendly.com/ocmsolution/complimentary-call
You can also read more here about our coaching services: https://www.ocmsolution.com/change-mgt-coaching/
Is there something that provides all the detailed steps for change management?You can get see an overview in the toolkit, and you can learn this framework in much more detail by reviewing our OCM Solution Change Management Framework page found here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/change-management-approach/
What type of support do you provide?
Our support process includes an initial onboarding of between 1-4 hours (*depending on the account size) with the ability to add-on additional training hours.

Our training goes beyond just how to use the tools and getting set up for a project. We also go over the why and what of each toolkit and its reporting, explain how it ties into change management best practices and connects to the entire process of OCM. We also tailor our training to the level of change management experience of the team.

You can request additional training hours here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/request-pricing/

We also offer anytime phone & email support alongside our weekly webinars.

I’d like to buy/subscribe to get the best practice questions to measure a change programs effectiveness over time. From Benchmark to post program and onward. Is that possible?We have an all-in-one change management platform that provides reporting and tracking on OCM activities. The platform includes 10 toolkits that all represent an area/function of change management (change impact assessment, readiness tracking, stakeholder management, etc.).

Many of our toolkits include surveys with questions that you can ask of impacted stakeholders to capture benchmarks and data for reporting on things like awareness of the change, support for the change, capacity, and more. The Readiness Assessment Toolkit tracks the benchmark assessment through to each additional assessment to illustrate the change program’s effectiveness.

You can see an overview of our platform here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/all-in-one-change-management-solution/

Our toolkits are designed so you can choose all 10 of them or just subscribe to the tools that you need. You can find ordering & pricing details here: https://accounts.ocmsolution.com/change-management-toolkits-registration/

What would be your recommendations in terms of suite or where should we start?We have two main ways where you can start (1) is All in One Change Management Suite where you will have all 10 toolkits related to change management, or (2) select toolkits based on your requirements. Some of the key toolkits that are typically used in all change management project are:

a) Change Impacts
b) Communications
c) Change Readiness
d) Project Risk & Success

Tools like Coaching and Training can be very helpful if your project requires those activities. You can always add more toolkits as you need them if you’re unsure.

You can create an account by registering here.

I was interested to read that you have been involved in establishing Apple’s first ever B2B Change Management Practice.

I am looking at designing a “BAU Change Management Service” and was wondering if you had any guidance around how to do this?

1. This article outlines the steps to setting up a Change Management Center of Excellence, office, or practice in an organization: https://www.ocmsolution.com/change-management-coe-guide/

2. You’ll notice on the Main Dashboard of the OCM Solution platform, there is a “My Workflow” area on the right that takes you through the phases of change management. You can read all the details of how those phases work and how to set up a change management process here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/change-management-approach/

3. If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching, you can find details about that here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/change-mgt-coaching/

What change management methodology are you following? OCM Solution utilizes several of the industry’s leading methodologies in combination with change management best practices.
How do I start using my toolkits?

change and project mgt toolkits

There are several ways to get started.

At the top of the Main Dashboard:

  • Click on “Start a New Project (Add All Your Toolkits) – Will create a project with all of the toolkits you have purchased (This will automatically add toolkits that have at least one available project licenses)
  • Create a New Project (to the right of the toolkit name) – Will create a project with just that toolkit
  • Continue with Existing Project – This will display a list of all the projects that the specific toolkit is included in.

Scroll down on the Main Dashboard to find:

  • Which Projects Have Which Toolkits? – This will display a list of all open projects and which toolkits have been added to them.

At the bottom of the Main Dashboard:

  • Active Projects – shows a full list of open/active projects with details such as who created the project, who’s the project owner, the project status and the project risk status.
What are the metrics based on in the 360° Project Analytics?Those metrics are based on the information you’ve entered in each of your active projects’ homepages such as: Project Progress, Project Start/End date, Risk status, Budget, etc. This dashboard gives you a holistic overview of all your projects so you can see where you’re at.
Are the project settings the same for all projects?
Yes. For all projects, you’ll be able to add start/end date, risk status, progress, budget, etc.
Are the tools dependent on one another? No. You can use as few or as many of our tools as your project needs.
Are the tools connected? Are they exchanging information with one another?No, the tools are not connected & the information entered into one toolkit won’t be pulled into another toolkit.
Do your tools come with guides?Yes, each tool comes with a step-by-step guide and our PDF and video tutorials.
How long are video tutorials on average? On average, our video tutorials are about 30-40 minutes long as they provide an in-depth overview of each toolkit. However, we also have Quick Tips videos that are much shorter and go over specific platform functions.

We also have a Change Management Basics & Best Practices video that explains the purpose workflow of change management: https://accounts.ocmsolution.com/content/product-tutorials#Best-Practices

Is there an area where someone who’s new to change management can go to just to get started and to learn about change management?Each of our tools comes with a comprehensive step-by-step guide. In addition, we have an expansive and ever-growing Change Management Library designed for beginners and seasoned Change Management Practitioners.

Find out more details on our pricing here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/pricing/

Is the Change Management Library regularly updated? Yes, we add new content on a weekly basis. It’s an ever-growing library of change management guides, best practices, and informative articles.
If I only need a tool for a short period of time, can I cancel after I’m done with it?Yes, absolutely! You can cancel at any time and we’ll issue you a prorated refund.
Can I manually add columns to all my toolkits?
Yes. However, any columns you add won’t be feeding into your Dashboard Analytics or your Interactive Report.
Can I delete only the columns I’ve added? Yes. You’ll only be able to delete the columns you’ve added. If you don’t need one or more of our native columns, you can hide them.
Can column titles be modified?Yes. You can modify a column’s title by either double clicking on the title and then make your modifications, or you can head over to the Modify Columns popup found on the green sub-menu under the template title. From here you can double click on a column title to start editing. Once done, simply click “Save” to apply your changes. 
Will my tools come with sample data?Yes. All of the toolkits you have purchased come with a Sample Template which has sample data that you can use as a guide. We also include a sample dashboard that has sample data which can be used to see how your dashboard analytics will look like after you’ve populated your template.
Can we download the weekly backup or just restore from it? You can export the weekly backup and/or restore from it. 
Do you have API? Does OCM Solution integrate with other systems?No. OCM Solution is in the process of developing APIs that can be integrated to other applications, including SAP, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft, and more.
Can we use our own branding for exported PowerPoint? Yes after download you can add your branding to it.
Do your toolkits have surveys?Yes we have surveys for different toolkits. You can find out more below:

The Strategic Playbook is a document that you need at the initial stage, where you would like to show your change management approach, right?Yes exactly and it comes pre-filled with useful information that you can edit as well.

You can get access to the free Strategic Playbook along with our other free tools by signing up for a free account here: https://accounts.ocmsolution.com/free-tools-register/

Do you have a sample training plan for software implementation?We do have some training plan examples and guides that you can leverage for planning any type of training program. Here are a few links:

  1. Training Checklist which part of the Training Toolkit (it has a pre-populated training plan): https://www.ocmsolution.com/training-management-tool/
  2. Training Guide (it includes a detailed step-by-step guide for creating a training plan): https://www.ocmsolution.com/training-plan/
Do you have any Risk Management Tools?We have a Project Risk & Success Assessment Toolkit that can be used to gauge a project by its risk score. You can find more details on that toolkit here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/program-assessment-tool/

If you are looking for an end-to-end change management solution, the toolkit above is also included with nine others in our All-in-One Change Management Platform. it includes tools for change impact assessment, readiness assessment, stakeholder management, communications, and more. Read more here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/all-in-one-change-management-solution/

User Adoption is a big buzz word, so can you differentiate between Internal and External users like customers vs our internal staff?We do have some toolkits that give you internal and external templates like Coaching, Communication etc., However for the toolkits that don’t have specific external templates, you can easily add your own columns, like dropdowns to differentiate between Internal and External Groups.
I’ll be doing a group readiness assessment for some groups and individual level for others, can we do that?Yes, both the group and individual level templates in Readiness (and any other toolkits that use multiple templates) will populate into the reporting dashboard. So, you can use just one or both templates to track at both levels. You can find out more about the Organizational Readiness Toolkit here:
change management and project management software 
Customer QuestionOur Response
What sort of data does the import feature on the template take?You can import from Excel using our template that you can download using 3-step import functionality or you can map any spreadsheet file for import.

Watch our overview video on the Import and Export options here: https://accounts.ocmsolution.com/content/product-tutorials#import-export

Will stakeholder information from one toolkit be reflected in another toolkit?
No, currently there is no universal database for stakeholder details. However, anywhere there is Organization (L1), Organization (L2), Organization (L3), and Job Role/Job Title, these feed into a master database that can be used on all toolkits.
Can we actually export the data from the template to the Excel sheet and email it to other people working on the project? Yes. You can export your data from the template to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file by clicking on the “Export Your Data” button.
When assigning an impacted organization to a specific line item of change, how do I select multiple impacted organizations/departments as some of them are impacted by the same strategic changes?Each Organization group (L1,L2,L3) should have its own row and thus you will need to replicate the change multiple times on multiple rows. This is important as the information entered in each row will flow directly to the Analytics Dashboard and be represented accordingly. We have done it in this way to make things more seamless and helpful for you.

Key stakeholders and leaders across impacted groups often want to know how their specific organizations will be impacted. As such, having segmented organizational impacts reports will allow you to quickly show these pinpoint impacts.

In addition, when developing your change management plans, seeing visual reports of specific organizational-based impacts will enable you to develop the right level of change plans to increase adoption and enablement within the specific organizations.

Do you have a OCM Calendar Template?Depending on the type of calendar you are looking for, we do have a few resources that can help.

  1. Our Free Change Management Plan & Checklist includes task tracking and a Gantt chart that can be used as a calendar. (Learn more here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/change-management-plan-template)
  2. Another free tool we offer – the Change Management Roadmap tool – allows you to build a roadmap for your change management activities. (Learn more here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/organizational-change-management-roadmap)
  3. Our Communications Toolkit and Training Toolkit both have a delivery schedule on the analytics reporting dashboard. Here is an example from the Communications Toolkit below:

Communication Tool

Free Change Management & Project Management Templates
Customer QuestionOur Response
Analytics Dashboard Reporting
Are analytics responsive to newly added columns? Only our native (pre-established) columns are responsive to the Dashboard Analytics. The user-added columns won’t be feeding into the analytics.
Does the data immediately feed into Dashboard Analytics? Yes. Dashboard Analytics are updated in real-time.
Can we customize the Dashboard Analytics and remove what we don’t need? No. However you can filter the dashboard’s data with the Multi-Selection filtering capabilities found at the very top of each dashboard.
What is the end deliverable report? You can export a PDF report directly from each tool’s Dashboard Analytics. In some toolkits, you’ll also have the ability to export your report to PPT.
Can I use the report in my presentation?Yes.
Does the Dashboard provide information on any collision between projects?Yes it does. As an example on the communication dashboard if you have multiple communications sent for different projects then you can check that on the “Delivery Schedule” dashlet. Another example is on the Change Impact Dashboard where you can see each department is impacted with different projects. Most dashboards allow you to see all your project reporting at once, then you can filter on the variables you want.
What if I change the wording on survey forms? Does your reporting tie with the verbiage or is it tied with the numeric values assigned to each dropdown? Can I also change dropdown values?Reports are tied with the numeric values given to each dropdown value so, you can change the wording for questions however you like. The dropdown values should be kept the same so they can be imported. However, you can change the column name as well.
Is that Change Impact dashboard a cross project or for single project?Yes it is a cross project report but you can filter for each project as well using the multi-selection filtering.
Customer QuestionOur Response
Do your checklists feedback into the analytics dashboards. For example, does the Change Impacts Tasks Checklist feed into the Change Impacts Analytics?Our Checklists feeds into the Tasks Analytics Reports that populate from all task panels throughout the account, including the Change Impacts Tasks Checklist
Are the checklists auto-populated or do we have to do that?They are pre-populated however you can also edit those as per your requirements.
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Customer Question

Our Response

Reseller Program

Do you offer a Reseller Program?Yes. You can be a reseller of our All-in-One OCM Solution by following these steps:

  1. Request and receive a quote from us. Get started by filling out one of these forms:
    For Change Management Toolkits: https://www.ocmsolution.com/request-pricing/ 
    For Specialized Toolkits: https://www.ocmsolution.com/quote-specialized-toolkits/
  2. Add in your margins and any additional services you are providing to what we quoted you, and then charge your client that total amount.
  3. As part of your quote request, we’ll add a training and onboarding service plan for OCM Solution to train and help onboard your client. (Note: You can remove this from the quote if you’d like)

We also can provide direct training to your client via Zoom while along with you and your team. Find out more details here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/support/#Reseller

If we decide to promote this software to other businesses, how will you support us?We can provide you with tutorials, guides, and support through training. We also have PDFs we can provide that have details on the tools from a promotional perspective and change management workflow in general.

Customer QuestionOur Response
Where is the data stored? Is it secure?All the data is securely stored on a North-American based server. You can find out more about our security here: https://accounts.ocmsolution.com/content/ags-security#Customer-Data-Privacy-and-Security
Is my data being shared with anyone?
OCM Solution will never sell any personal information or customer data to third parties. Read more about our Security Policies and Processes here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/security/
How do you protect the Client Data if we want to use this platform?We do have strict security on our platform and its compliant with GDPR and we are in process of making it HIPAA compliant as we have a component on our platform for social workers. More details on our GDPR compliance can be found here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/support/#GDPR

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