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We encourage all new platform users to read through the relevant FAQ’s and watch our on-demand webinar video found here.

Getting Started

How do I get access to your free tools?

You can get access to our free tools by creating a free account with the link below:

Do you offer any trial periods?

Yes. Start a free trial today using this link:

I need more information about your change management tools

Our platform provides a centralized single place to handle all your change management activities. Customers tell us the biggest value to them includes the automatic reporting analytics, internal surveys and the ability to do all their tasks in a single place (no struggling with spreadsheets, etc.)

We have several tools, each one matching an activity typically performed during change management, such as a change impacts analysis, stakeholder management, communications planning, training, etc.

Find out more information by:

You can request for a customization quote here:

What’s your pricing structure?

You can find our Global Pricing List here:

Do you offer group rates and discounts?

Yes, we offer large group discounts. You can request a group quote here:

Is there an unlimited subscription option to create as many projects or add as many users as I want?

Yes, we do offer unlimited options for both project and user licenses. You can request a group quote here:

I’m looking for a Change Management tool that can be customized based on our requirements. Do you offer customization?

The OCMS Portal platform can be fully customized to match your organizational style, framework, and tool-related needs. For customizations beyond our currently available capabilities, we can provide a quote once we have the details.

Submit a customization request here and add your customization details in the comment section of the form:

If I sign up, can I add additional users?

Yes, when signing up you can add additional user, guest, and project licenses as well as add onboarding training hours, the OCM library, and Rebranding.

All the above can also be added after subscribing by heading to the Subscription page found in the left sidebar.

When signing up, if I do not choose to add the branding add-on to use our logo, would I be able to add that in the future?

Yes, you can add the rebranding subscription later after you subscribe initially.

You can do this by heading over to the Subscription page found in the left sidebar. From this page scroll down till you find Rebranding, place a checkmark in the box, and click on  “Apply & Update Subscription”.

I’d like to subscribe to get the best practice questions to measure a change program’s effectiveness over time. From Benchmark to post-program and onward. Is that possible?

We have an all-in-one change management platform that provides reporting and tracking on OCM activities. The platform includes over 10 tools that all represent an area/function of change management (change impact assessment, readiness tracking, stakeholder management, etc.).

Many of our tools include surveys with questions that you can ask of impacted stakeholders to capture benchmarks and data for reporting on things like awareness of the change, support for the change, capacity, and more. Surveys can be sent out from our platform and automatically populate the corresponding tool.

The Readiness Assessment tool tracks the benchmark assessment through to each additional assessment to illustrate the change program’s effectiveness.

You can see an overview of our platform here:

Find out more on our pricing details here:

The Strategic Playbook is a document that you need at the initial stage where you would show your change management approach, right?

Yes, exactly and it comes pre-filled with useful information that you can edit as well.

You can get access to the free Strategic Playbook along with our other free tools by signing up for a free account here:


What is the onboarding add-on and what does that include?

OCM Solution is dedicated to providing effective one-hour onboarding & training sessions going beyond just project setup and how to use the tools. We also go over the why and what of each tool, explain how it ties into change management best practices, and how it connects to the entire process of OCM. We also tailor our training to the level of change management experience of the team. We are big believers in doing thorough onboarding to make sure everyone knows how to use the platform.

You can add more Onboarding Hours by heading over to the Subscription page found in the left sidebar.

How would you conduct the onboarding?

We are flexible in providing onboarding, training & support for you and your team at your pace and at your convenience. When you and your team are ready, we can begin preparations for the onboarding sessions starting with an open dialogue of what topics you would like discussed, things you’d like achieved, what specific key areas you need our help with as well as gathering everyone’s availability.

We can easily accommodate 1:1 or group sessions and work towards meeting your success goals. If more sessions after the allotted are needed you can add more onboarding hours by heading over to your Subscription page found in the left sidebar.

I need help with my change management project, do you offer coaching services?

Yes, If you’re interested in change management coaching that covers the best practices of organizational change management and how you can use our All-in-One Change Management software to facilitate that, then you can request a coaching quote here:

Find out more details on our coaching services here:

Is there something that provides all of the detailed steps for change management?

Learn the OCM Solution change management framework in more detail by reviewing our framework page here:

I was interested to read that you have been involved in establishing Apple’s first-ever B2B Change Management Practice. I am looking at designing a “BAU Change Management Service” and was wondering if you had any guidance around how to do this.

  1. This article outlines the steps to setting up a Change Management Center of Excellence, office, or practice in an organization:
  2. You’ll also notice that on the Main Dashboard of the OCMS Portal platform, there are phase circles that take you through the OCM Solution framework phases of change management. You can read all the details of how those phases work and how to set up a change management process here:
  3. If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching, you can find details about that here:

What change management methodology are you following? 

OCM Solution utilizes several of the industry’s leading methodologies in combination with change management best practices.

If I get stuck and need help, can I reach out to you and get an answer quickly?

Yes, you can always reach out to us via our contact page.

OCMS Portal

How do I start using my toolkits?

We recommend all new users to watch our on-demand webinar video to get fully acquainted with the platform and all of its functions. Watch our webinar video here:

What User Roles are there?

User roles on OCMS Portal are:

  • Account Owner: Can do everything, including manage subscriptions
  • Admin: Can do everything, except manage subscriptions
  • Member: Can edit & work on assigned tasks and projects
  • Guest: Has view access only.

Is the account owner the only one who can add projects?

No. Both account owners & admins can create new projects.

How many projects we can create?

You can create as many projects as you have licenses for. Your account comes with 2 free projects.

Should you need more, you can always purchase additional project licenses from the Subscription page found on the left sidebar.

Are we able to mark projects as confidential?

There are protections in place so that not all users can see all projects. A user must first be added to a project, only then can he/she see that project’s data. In order to hide a project from a user they must be removed from that project.

You can manage your user settings through the User Management page found on the left sidebar.

When I upload my logo, will it default for all projects?

Yes, the OCMS logo in the top left corner will be replaced with your uploaded logo.

Note, to replace the OCMS logo with your own you must first be subscribed to the Rebranding add-on. This can be purchased by heading over to your Subscription page found in the left sidebar.

Are you able to edit an archived project’s content?

Archived projects remain non-editable until they’re made active again. We recommend that you export your projects before archiving them.

You can manage your projects by heading over to the Projects page found in the left sidebar.

Will archiving a project still count toward the number of project licenses I have?

No, once a project has been archived that project license gets freed up allowing it to be used for another project.

The annual subscription makes more sense with its large discount, but what if I find that it just doesn’t work for my organization? Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any point and use your account until the end of your billing cycle. After which you will not be billed again.

You can manage your subscription by heading over to the Subscription page from the left sidebar. 

What are the metrics based on in the OCM Plan?

Those metrics are based on the information you’ve entered in your “Project Essentials” tool such as: Project Start/End date, Budget, etc. The OCM Plan also brings together assessment scores from various other tools such as the Change Impacts Assessment and Stakeholders tool.

The OCM plan gives you holistic key insights into the overall progress of your project’s change management efforts.

Are the tools dependent on one another?

Our suite of tools are interconnected. Although each tool can be used independently and in any order, it is best to utilize a framework such as the OCM Solution framework and work through phases of OCM. As you progress through one tool, completing its assessment, these results feed into the next tool and are summarized in the OCM Plan.

Do your tools come with guides?

Yes, each tool comes with a step-by-step video tutorial, tool-related resources, and surveys (for tools that utilize surveys).

How long are video tutorials on average?

On average, our video tutorials are about 2-5 minutes and provide an in-depth tool overview. We also have tool handbooks that can be found when clicking on “Get Resources” on top of every tool.

Is there an area where someone who’s new to change management can go to just to get started and learn about change management?

Each of our tools comes with a comprehensive step-by-step video and handbook. In addition, we have an expansive and ever-growing OCM Library designed for beginners and seasoned Change Management Practitioners. If the OCM Library is not part of your subscription you can easily add it in by heading over to your Subscription page found on the left sidebar.

Find out more details on our pricing here:

Do your tools have surveys?

Yes, many of our tools have their own surveys that can be sent out from the platform to your target audience. Once they submit back the survey, their results feed automatically into the corresponding tool. You can also view reports on survey results as they come in.

You can access surveys by heading over to the Surveys page found on the left sidebar. You can also view Survey Reports by heading over to the Reports page on the left sidebar and then navigating to Survey Reports.

I’ll be doing a group readiness assessment for some groups and an individual level for others, can we do that?

Yes, our tools are flexible and allow you to populate them by Stakeholder Type, Group, Location, Individual, and Type of Change. Other tools such as the Resistance tool will allow you to populate by tool-specific criteria such as Receptiveness level.

You can read more on the Organizational Readiness tool here:

What sort of data does the import feature on the template take?

You can import any data from an Excel spreadsheet by either downloading our template and transferring your data to it or by uploading your spreadsheet directly and using the on-screen mapping instructions.  

Will stakeholder information from one tool be reflected in another tool?

Yes, our tools are interconnected and all come from the Target Audience tool. When a stakeholder is assessed in the Stakeholders tool, that assessment data transfers over to the next tool, for example into the Resistance Management tool.

Can we actually export the data from the tool to Excel and email it to other people working on the project?

Yes, you can export your data from the tool to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the cloud button that has an arrow pointing downwards.

When assigning an impacted organization to a specific line item of change, how do I select multiple impacted organizations/departments as some of them are impacted by the same strategic changes?

On the Change Impacts tool, when creating your change you’ll have the option to specify which target audiences are impacted by this change. You can select from Groups, Job Roles, Stakeholder Types, Individuals, or Locations. From here you can select all the different groups that will be impacted and assign them either the same impact level or different impact levels for each group.

Do you have an OCM Calendar Template?

Depending on the type of calendar you are looking for, we do have a few resources that can help.

  1. Our Free Change Management Plan & Checklist includes task tracking and a Gantt chart that can be used as a calendar. (Learn more here:
  2. Another free tool we offer – the Change Management Roadmap tool – allows you to build a roadmap for your change management activities. (Learn more here:
  3. Our Communications tool and Training tool both have a delivery schedule on the reports page. Here is an example of the Training Timeline:

OCMS Portal - Training Reports

Does the data immediately feed into analytics reports?

Yes, analytics reports are updated in real time. Access your reports by heading to the Reports page found on the left sidebar.

Can we customize the reports page and remove what we don’t need?

No, however, you can filter the report’s data through the filter bar located at the top of each report. Filter by Projects, Groups, Locations, Job Roles, Individuals, and Stakeholder Types.

What is the end deliverable report?

You export the entire report to PDF by clicking the PDF icon at the very top right of the page or by clicking the magnifying glass located at the bottom right corner of each graph to open a detailed view popup. From this popup, you can export the graph to PDF or export the details to Excel.

Can I use the report in my presentation?

Yes. You can also access the OCM Plan located in Phase 2: Develop. The OCM plan gives you holistic key insights into the overall progress of your project’s change management efforts and is updated in real-time to reflect the assessment scores from your tools.

Do the reports provide information on any collision between projects?

Yes, it does. On the Projects Overview section of the Reports page, each graph compares data between all projects that you have access to. Comparing data such as the number of changes, readiness levels, stakeholder receptiveness, etc.

Access your reports by heading to the Reports page found on the left sidebar.

What if I change the wording on the survey forms? Does your reporting tie with the verbiage or is it tied with the numeric values assigned to each dropdown?

The survey questions can be customized and will be reflected accordingly in the Survey Reports.

Is the checklist auto-populated or do we have to do that?

The Tasks Checklist is pre-populated however you can also edit those and add your own by simply clicking into the checklist text or by clicking on the blue plus button at the bottom of the page.

Reseller Program

Do you offer a Reseller Program?

Yes, you can be a reseller of the OCMS Portal All-in-One change management solution by following these steps:

  1. Request and receive a quote from us. Get started by filling out one of these forms:
    For Change Management tools: 
    For Specialized tools:
  2. Add in your margins and any additional services you are providing to what we quoted you, and then charge your client that total amount.
  3. As part of your quote request, we’ll add a training and onboarding service plan for OCMS Portal to train you and help onboard your client.

(We also can provide direct training to your client via Zoom while along with you and your team).

If we decide to promote this software to other businesses, how will you support us?

We can provide you with tutorials, guides, and support through training. Interested businesses can also learn more about our All-in-One change management solution here:

For specific inquiries, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.


Do you have API? Does OCM Solution integrate with other systems?

For security reasons, no. Not at this point in time.

Where is the data stored? Is it secure?

All the data is securely stored on a North-American based server. You can find out more about our security here:

Is my data being shared with anyone?

OCM Solution will never sell any personal information or customer data to third parties. Read more about our Security Policies and Processes here:

How do you protect the Client Data if we want to use this platform?

We do have strict security on our platform and it’s compliant with GDPR. More details on our GDPR compliance can be found here: