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Dilan Consulting Group change management consultants were recently ranked and reviewed by AGS as one of this year’s highly ranked change management consulting firms. 

But what really makes Dilan Consulting Group different? Are there any negative aspects to Dilan Consulting Group that you should be aware of?

Let’s dig in to find out.

The Dilan Consulting Group review below provides a detailed assessment of Dilan Consulting Group, including some of the factors that led to its ranking and selection as a top change management consulting firm.

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Dilan Consulting Group Review

Dilan Consulting Group is focused on transforming human performance. One major factor that distinguishes this leading change management consulting firm from others is the emphasis it puts on education and psychology when it comes to change management.

This organizational change management consulting firm has a team of doctoral-level experts with hands-on experience working with organizations around the world. The firm has also worked in all industries and with large-scale corporate enterprises and young start-ups.

Dilan Consulting Group change management services are provided by a team of eight experts based in San Francisco, CA. All its consultants have a proven track record of delivering tangible results consistently.

Dilan Consulting Group Ranking & Review

Dilan Consulting Group Review | Top Change Management Consulting Firm

In our editorial review of Dilan Consulting Group’s core beliefs, we found that the firm placed a high priority on the human element of change. They place a strong emphasis on three key areas that need to be addressed in a successful change project:

  • Emotions matter
  • Candor is essential
  • Everyone is accountable

This leading change management consulting firm works with clients in multiple industries, including digital content delivery, international sourcing, biotech, and many others.

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Dilan Consulting Group Review Highlights

Following, are company details and key factors that lead us to rank Dilan Consulting Group change management consultants as a top change management consulting firm.

Dilan Consulting Group Reviews | About Dilan Consulting Group

Assessing the history of an organization often shines a light on its history performances or issues.

In our review of Dilan Consulting Group, we established that the firm was founded in 2011 by Eugene Dilan, Psy.D. Dr. Dilan is a licensed Psychologist with more than 25 years of experience developing leaders and driving organizational performance.

Communication and data are at the heart of the process used by this top change management consultancy. The firm uses an approach that is backed by extensive academic training and proven in real-world situations fostering successful and meaningful change.  

Being founded on the principals of the importance of education, Dilan Consulting Group change management services include plenty of organization learning opportunities. These include the following workshop topics:

  • Optimizing employee engagement
  • Leadership essentials
  • Conflict management

Dilan Consulting Group Reviews | Services Suite

This top organizational change management consulting firm offers a suite of services that include in-person, virtual, and on-demand support. These are all built upon the firm’s foundational principle that all Business is Human™.

Dilan Consulting Group change management services, as well as the other solutions it offers, are all focused on the human element as a driving force for organizational excellence.

The firm’s Services cover the following main areas and sub-areas:

  • Organizational Development
    • Change Management
    • Employee Engagement
    • Leadership Development
  • Leader Development
    • 360 Evaluations & Upward Appraisals
    • Leader Development Workshops
    • Executive Coaching
    • Conflict Management
  • Team Development
  • Conflict Management

Dilan Consulting Group Reviews | Experts with Advanced Education

When working with another change management consultancy, clients may find a mix of requirements for consultants, some with more education than others. This is an area where this leading change management consulting firm stands out.

Dilan Consulting Group change management consultants all have a high level of education in fields directly related to change management and organizational improvement.

Some of the distinctions you find when doing a review of Dilan Consulting Group include:

  • Advanced Degrees: Consultants have advanced degrees in psychology and education, most having finished doctorates and post-doctoral fellowships.
  • State Board Licensed: Experts at this organizational change management consulting firm are licensed, not just certified.

Dilan Consulting Group Reviews | User-Centered Design Approach

A significant number of change programs fail because there is not enough work done upfront understanding how the change will impact employees, managers, and other stakeholders.

One of the important aspects that clients appreciate about Dilan Consulting Group is that it puts people at the center of its approach to change management.

Consultants work to fully understand the impact of change on individuals within an organization so resistance can be addressed, and communication channels can be optimized to ensure a sustained and successful transition.

Because this top change management consulting firm has highly trained psychologists on staff, its team is able to understand human fears and feelings of loss that accompany any organizational change and address those to create a shared understanding of change benefits.

Making a Case for Change Management

Rating Summary | Dilan Consulting Group Review

While many a change management consultancy will mention the “human element” of change management, Dilan Consulting Group backs that up with the experts that have years of training understanding how humans react to change.

This boutique organizational change management consulting firm has a hands-on approach, while also offering the convenience of support delivered virtually and on-demand.

Dilan Consulting Group is a stand-out for its focus on education and training as well as supportive business-minded workshops. The firm is a top change management consulting firm to consider for transformational needs and is awarded a 5-star rating.

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