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Expressworks change management consultants was recently ranked and reviewed by AGS as a top-rated organizational change consulting firm. 

But what really makes Expressworks different? Are there any negative aspects to Expressworks that you should be aware of?

Let’s dig in to find out.

The Expressworks review below provides a detailed assessment of Expressworks, including some of the factors that led to its ranking and selection as a top change management consulting firm.

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Expressworks Review

Expressworks is a leading change management consulting firm that has been putting clients on the “express route” to organizational change for more than three decades. The firm was tapped into transformational improvement before change management was even a term being used.

This organizational change management consulting firm has over 25 consultants that assist its global clients from three offices. Expressworks change management services are headquartered in San Ramon, CA, with additional locations in Houston, TX, and London, UK.

A review of Expressworks’ team reveals a group that has over 100 experts from a wide range of backgrounds, each with a commitment to their clients to offer professional expertise to drive successful change initiatives.

Expressworks change management services are in demand from multiple household names. The firm works with Fortune 500 companies and global industry leaders.

Expressworks Ranking & Reviews

Expressworks Review | Top Change Management Consulting Firm

This leading change management consulting firm recognizes that while individual organizations may differ, the basics of good change management remain steadfast.

The industries that Expressworks works with include utilities and telecom, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and health care, high tech, financial services, and many more.

Expressworks Review Highlights

Following, are company details and key factors that lead us to rank Expressworks change management consultants as a top change management consulting firm.

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Expressworks Reviews | About Expressworks

Assessing the history of an organization often shines a light on its history performances or issues. In our review of Expressworks’ history, we found that the firm was founded in 1984.

When clients were asked to describe the business, the consensus was:

“They don’t sell us products – they help us get things done.”

This top-rated change management consultancy has managed thousands of projects since inception and uses a combination of proven strategies and third-party insight to deliver successful transformation to its clients.  

This organizational change management consulting firm takes an unconventional approach focused on execution and making real change manageable.

Expressworks change management consultants also focus on using realistic measures of success. Some of these include:

  • Meets original business intent
  • Achieves or exceeds ROI, budget, and time targets
  • Aligns behaviors to business results
  • Delivers high value to customers
  • Strengthens the organization’s effectiveness and competitiveness

Expressworks Reviews | Change Expertise

Expressworks is a leading change management consulting firm that is focused solely on organizational change management, which allows it to provide a robust depth of services in this area.

When it comes to areas of change expertise, no matter what type of change an organization may be facing, Expressworks change management services will include a custom solution.

Here are some of the areas of change expertise that a review of Expressworks illuminated:

  • Operational & Process Improvement
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Reorganizations
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Programs
  • IT Strategy & Implementation
  • Learning Solutions
  • SharePoint Adoption
  • Cybersecurity
  • Team Effectiveness

Expressworks Reviews | Expressworks Creative Services

One of the services that make this change management consultancy stand out is that it can help companies with creative asset needs to tell their story.

With the firm also being a top organizational change management consulting firm, it has a unique ability to offer visual storytelling to help explain a change and educate both employees and customers in a meaningful way.

When researching more about Expressworks Creative offerings, we found that the firm can create compelling presentations, graphics, videos, and other visual content.

Its expertise also involves mobile apps, writing, and entire communications strategies, as well as branding and graphic design.

This is a unique value-added service that you won’t find at many other change management consulting firms.

Expressworks Reviews | Three Types of Change

Expressworks change management consultants look at all facets of change in order to ensure each area is aligned with the project mission. This includes three main types of change that are all connected.

Transformational change can include major developments that drive a business forward if handled properly. These can include things like mergers and acquisitions or major shifts in a business product or purpose.

Organizational change includes changes that may involve workflows, processes, or technology tools that are being transitioned and will mean change throughout an organization.

Individual change is another important factor for any leading change management consulting firm to foster.  It includes leadership coaching and targeted staff training.

A review of Expressworks shows that the firm has expertise in bringing together each of these areas of change to ensure companies come out of transformations stronger than ever.

Making the Case for Change Management OCM

Rating Summary | Expressworks Review

Expressworks change management services are based not only on proven methodologies, but also on several decades of real-world results. Its team of experts take a methodical approach that leaves no stone unturned in a change project.

Additionally, this change management consultancy is focused specifically on change management, which allows it to go more in depth into the process than firms that provide multiple other consulting services.

With a customized approach that incorporates coaching and user experience, Expressworks scores a 5-star rating as a top change management consulting firm to consider working with this year.

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