Free Resistance Management Checklist for Change Practitioners and Project Managers

What’s one of the biggest causes of change project failure? Resistance from employees, managers, and other stakeholders to the change. Approximately 50% of all organizational change projects are defined as a “clear failure.” The inability to properly manage user resistance to change throughout the project increases project risk and leads to coming up short of the desired project results.

The free Change Resistance Management Checklist below has been designed and developed for Change Management Managers, Project Managers, HR, Program Management Leads, and other change practitioners. It’s designed as both a guide and an online tool to manage your resistance mitigation activities. 

As pioneers of best change management practices and frameworks, we believe in supporting the change management community where possible, including developing and offering free templates and tools like the one below.

It is normal human behavior not to like change, even when people know that the change is good for them. As such, when rolling out projects and change management, it is essential that you apply effective change management deliverables to manage proactive and reactive resistance to change.

Managing resistance to a change allows you to increase the success of the change implementation.

AGS Free Resistance Management Checklist & Tool

Free Resistance Management Checklist

Resistance Management Checklist Features

When you first access your free Resistance Management Checklist tool, you’ll get a list of eight default tasks to use as a guide for planning your resistance management strategy.

Features of this free template include:

  • Anywhere cloud access 
  • Input data or upload it from an Excel file
  • Add your own columns to customize the resistance management template
  • Track task progress and add additional notes
  • View analytics on task completion
  • and more!

AGS Free Resistance Management Task Completion Analytics

Analytics for Free Management Resistance Software

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