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Free Change Management Templates, Toolkits & Playbooks for Change Practitioners and Project Managers

Welcome to OCM Solution’s library of free change management plan tools and project management templates designed for change managers, project leads, program managers, HR, and all change practitioners.

As pioneers of best change management practices and frameworks, we believe in supporting the global change and project management communities, including developing and offering best change practices and processes like the free change management templates, free change checklists, business change plans, free ITIL control guides, and free business transformation tools below.

A decade after Steve Jobs handed the reins of leadership at Apple to Tim Cook, I was hired to establish Apple’s first ever B2B Change Management Practice. I have been a hands-on Change Management Project Lead for over 15 years and have delivered tactical and strategic business change management programs across global organizations including Intel, Apple, HSBC, Accenture, Silicon Valley Bank, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, and other firms.

During my tenure, I have discovered that leveraging the free change management checklists, templates, and tools below offers tremendous value to all levels of change practitioners, from new Change Practitioners all the way up to Senior Change Managers, and also Change Consultants. 

  • If you are a Business Change Manager, Change Management Lead, Change Consultant, Trainer, Communications Specialist, etc., you can easily use these free change management templates for your organizational change management programs
  • If you are an IT Project Manager, Project Practitioner, or someone working on technical change, you can leverage our free ITIL, Change Request, and Change Control guides referenced below.

Reach out to us if you have any questions about the free organizational change management tools and free change practitioner software offered below.

Ogbe Airiodion
Senior Change Management Lead

Free Change Management Templates

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List of Free Change Checklists, Templates and Tools

We’ve created our free change management tools in the Cloud, which allows you to securely access it using any device. Everything is centralized in one place. No more having to switch between tools! Or worrying about siloed spreadsheets or Excel limitations. For those interested in free Excel based change management tools, you can still subscribe and use our online version for free. When needed, easily export to Excel to share with your stakeholders.

  1. Free Change Management Plan Template
  2. Free Change Management Strategy Playbook
  3. Free Change Roadmaps
  4. Free Change Management Steps & Checklist
  5. Free Project Sponsorship Plan
  6. Free Project Management Tool with Project Plan Templates
  7. Free M&A Post Merger Checklist
  8. Free Guide to Best ITIL Change Management Processes
  9. Free Guide on ITIL Certification, Exam Cost, Test Questions
  10. Free Guide to ITIL Change Management Change Control Process

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Change management plan template

Contact us if you have any questions about the best free project planning software or the change manager tools outlined in the sections below. 

Free Change Management Plan Workflow

The free change management plan template provided by OCM Solution includes a step-by-step list of activities for conducting change management assessments (organizational impact assessments, stakeholder analysis, organizational readiness assessment, program assessment, and other types of change assessments).

In addition to being a free change tool that will guide you in conducting all aspects of your assessments, it is also designed to guide you in planning and managing all aspects of your change deliverables, including planning and delivering your change communications campaigns, engaging with stakeholders, planning end-user training, implementing resistance management tasks, delivering change reinforcement deliverables, and many more.

It is an end-to-end free change management workflow that can be used for a waterfall or agile change management program.

Free Change Management Workflow and Free Project Plans

We understand that change teams need to ramp up quickly and begin their projects as soon as possible. Our free change management template workflow, plan, examples, and free change samples will help you do that.

The OCM Solution step-by-step free change management timeline section of the template will walk you through each change phase and explain the change management deliverables typically required for each one, as well as which ones should be prioritized and which ones do not need to be prioritized. 

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Free Change Management & Project Management Templates

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We’ve created this free change plan tool in the cloud for easy collaboration and access. In addition, everything is secured, saved in one place, and available to come back to whenever required on any device you see fit. No more having to switch between tools! Or worrying about siloed spreadsheets or Excel limitations.

However for those interested in free change management Excel based templates, you can still subscribe for free, and then export as an Excel change template download. Easily re-upload your data to leverage the advanced analytics that only comes with the cloud version of this free online business change template.

  • Do you work alone? Once you signup, you get instant access to our free change tools.
  • Do you have a team? With this free business change tool, your colleagues can all work on the same or multiple templates starting today!

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Do you have any questions or feedback about the OCM Solution free business change template Excel, PPT, and Online versions? Please reach out and let us know. And don’t forget: if you are only interested in free change management Excel based templates, you can still subscribe for free to the OCM Solution online version, and then export as an Excel change template download.

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Free Change Management Roadmaps

A change management roadmap is a graphical overview of the change management deliverables and activities that need to be implemented to support a business change. A change management roadmap is one of the top deliverables that change managers need to create, especially because leadership and stakeholders are always interested in seeing and reviewing your change management roadmap and impacted timelines.

Get the free OCM Solution free change management roadmap tool which makes it easy to put together the roadmap for your change management project plans. This provides a comprehensive way to communicate your change project timeline, key milestones, deliverables, and other activities.

For those that are interested in Excel based templates, you can easily export your roadmaps as change management roadmap Excel downloads for offline use.

Change Management StepsYou can easily export the OCM Solution’s all-in-one free roadmap template to:

  • Excel: End-to-End Change Roadmap
  • Excel :12-16 Weeks Change Roadmap

Begin from a pre-filled, color-coded template and edit the roadmaps for your specific project needs.

Free End-to-End Change Roadmap – Sample

Free Change Roadmap - End to End Change Impact Assessment Roadmap

Free 12-16 Weeks Change Roadmap Sample

Free Change Management Implementation Roadmap

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When using the OCM Solution Free Change Management Roadmap version, you have the freedom to make your timeline look the way you like. This includes the ability to:

  • Choose different icons for your change roadmap timeline
  • Resize the Gantt bars and icons
  • Change the color of the Gantt bars and icons
  • Add descriptions to the items you place on the timeline
  • Drag and drop bars and icons anywhere you like on the timeline
  • Add/edit/delete bars and icons

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The section below provides an overview of the free OCM Solution project sponsorship management template. Contact us if you have any questions about any of the free organizational change tools offered by OCM Solution for change managers and project practitioners to use. 

Free Executive Sponsor Plan & Guide Tool

A project sponsor is a specific type of stakeholder. He or she is a manager or leader that is willing to sponsor a change or a person who has been mandated by the organization’s leadership to be involved in sponsoring a change.

Executive Sponsor Types. Free Business Change Software

Change practitioners and project leads often assume that there is only one type of executive sponsor. Which is not the case. There is more than one type that you need to know when doing sponsor project management activities. Each type of sponsor will have a slightly different executive sponsor role. 

Using a sponsorship roadmap and plan is essential to ensure that you are assessing and managing your project stakeholders, tracking what these sponsors need to complete to increase the program’s successes, as well as when these tasks have been completed.

Use the free executive sponsor template offered by OCM Solution for free. This free sponsorship plan tool also acts as a sponsorship checklist for tracking and managing sponsor tasks.

Free Project Sponsorship Management Template

Sponsor Plan Free Template

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When creating your project management sponsor plan, you will find that the free, secured, project sponsor plan template from OCM Solution also functions as your executive sponsorship roadmap – it includes fields for you to list out the specific actions that you need sponsors to complete as part of sponsoring the change. As the sponsor completes his or her tasks pertinent to their project sponsor role, you can track progress using the Progress Status column, and analytics dashboard.

For those that are interested in Excel based change sponsorship management templates, you can easily export your cloud template as an Excel download for offline use.

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Whether you like to work in the cloud or offline in Excel, all our OCM Solution Portfolio Toolkits provide you with a flexible, hybrid experience.

You can work in the cloud template from any device and any location or export your cloud template to an Excel sponsor spreadsheet and work offline. Then, when ready, upload your Excel sponsor plan to our cloud interface to see your real-time analytics and filter on multiple factors.

Do you have any questions or feedback about the free change management templates provided by OCM Solution? Send us a message, we’ll love to hear from you.

Free Change Management Checklist

A business change can range from implementing new processes or technology integration to changing the entire culture of an organization. Irrespective of the type of change, you need to be familiar with the list of change management tasks that you might need to complete to ensure you are implementing an effective change management program.

Not every project or change will require you to perform all the tasks listed on the OCM Solution industry standard change management checklist. Projects that impact a larger group of users are often the ones that need most or all of the referenced tasks outlined below.

Note that these tasks are broken into five segments to match the five change management phases in the comprehensive OCM Solution change management approach.

Free Change Management Templates and Tools

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Depending on the scale and scope of the change your group or organization is implementing, you can determine which of these change management tasks to complete. This free change checklist pdf and Word will ensure that no important steps are left out of your change planning and implementation.

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Free templates for change implementation

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Our free change tools are designed to support your change impact assessment template Prosci-based activities. Don’t miss: OCM Solution Focused Prosci Change Impact Assessment Toolkit.

Do you have any questions or feedback about the free change management templates provided by OCM Solution? Send us a message, we’ll love to hear from you.

Free Change Management Strategy Playbook

Get the free simplified, standardized, and enhanced OCM Solution change strategic playbook.

A change strategic playbook is one of the most important change management template deliverables, and it generally needs to be delivered during the early stages of a change program – after conducting your change assessments (change impacts, readiness assessments, stakeholder analysis, etc.).

A change strategy playbook outlines how you will design, develop, implement and track your change management deliverables. You can shave hours or days off the time it takes to develop and present your change management plan using the OCM Solution’ free change strategy playbook.

In essence, a change management strategic playbook summarizes your change management communication, training, stakeholder engagement, resistance management, and other strategies for implementing change. It provides an overview of the scope and scale of the change impacts, and the change methodologies that will be applied, as well as a review of the impacted groups, processes, geographical regions, and legacy tools that will be changed.

The free change management strategic playbook provided by OCM Solution provides an overview of the various strategies that will be used for your communications, stakeholder engagement, end-user engagement, coaching, UAT readiness, Go-Live, leadership engagement, training, and other change management activities.

Screenshots from the OCM Solution Free change playbook with change management strategy examples.

Free Templates for Project Management and Change Free Business Impact Assessment Change Checklist Free Organizational Change Toolkit

The strategic playbook for your change management planning is often used to familiarize key stakeholders and program leads on the change management framework being leveraged for the program, as well as providing an overview (a read-out) of the results of your change impact assessment template Excel or cloud, stakeholder analysis, organizational readiness assessment, and other assessments.

Airiodion Global Services’ free Change Management Strategic Playbook includes an end-to-end overview of the various change management template deliverables that can be implemented for any organizational change. It also outlines the key change management framework on which most change programs are based.

You get over 75 editable slides to choose from to create a thorough, detailed, and impressive change management strategy presentation. 

Free Change Strategy Playbook

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Free Project Management Tool with Project Plan Templates

Get free OCM Solution Project Plan Templates for Project & Program Managers

Creating a project plan can quickly get overwhelming if you aren’t using a project management template or free project management software to guide you. For example, there are multiple details and tasks to be handled when executing a project plan, and if you don’t keep on top of things, your project can easily get off track and over budget.

The best free project management templates are easy to use, simple, and can be used by newbies and seasoned project managers alike. OCM Solution offers the best online project management software for any type of project because it’s completely customizable to match your project phases, deliverables, and tasks.

The free project management planning template below has been designed and developed for Change, Project and Program Management practitioners. This free change management software is a perfect fit whether you need a free construction project management software, the best task management software, free agile project management software, or a great free project scheduling software for an IT change.

And this project management tool is completely free!

Project Management Template - Free Export to Excel and CSV

Your free project management software also comes equipped with a reporting and analytics dashboard that allows you to easily track and manage your project activities and tasks, and to export to PPT, PDF or Print to share with stakeholders and project teams.

Free Project Management Dashboard and Reporting

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Enjoy all these great tools for free and supercharge your change management project!

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Best M&A Integration Plan Template & Checklist

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the types of transformations that involve a lot of things that are changing. Roles and responsibilities, corporate culture, processes, systems, policies, and more can be changed during M&A. Because the number of changes is usually quite high during M&A, the importance of change management is magnified. Through effective change management practices, you can mitigate negative impacts on employees and increase their buy-in, support, and engagement in the newly transformed organization.

Download your free post M&A checklist template below

 Free Post Merger Checklist (1-Click Download)

We hope you find value in the free change management templates, tools, dashboards, matrix, and content offered by OCM Solution.  Contact us and let us know if you have any questions or feedback. 

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What is a free change management template?

A free change template is a streamlined spreadsheet that shows a list of change management tasks and steps that need to be completed to ensure a successful change management program. It includes a timeline Gantt chart for tracking and monitoring your change deliverables and tasks.

What is a change plan?

A change plan is a documentation of your change management strategies and deliverables. It includes a timeline view for when change tasks will be started and completed.