Is the Prosci Change Management Certification Worth the Cost? Prosci Cost vs Benefit.

Change Management Certification CostEmbarking on a career-enhancing journey often involves investing in certifications that promise expertise and recognition. In the world of change management, the Prosci certification stands out as one of the most popular. But the burning question remains: is it worth the hefty price tag of $4,500 ($4,850 in-person)?

Is the certification and Prosci exam a golden ticket to career prosperity, or are there more affordable pathways to the same destination?

In this Prosci review guide, we delve into the heart of the matter, balancing Prosci cost considerations with the approximate value of the certification from the Prosci courses. Join us as we demystify the decision-making process and guide you toward an informed choice on whether to select the Prosci change management certification.

Continue scrolling down for a quick summary, as well as a detailed overview of whether Prosci Change Management is worth it. When you are done reading this article, come back to this section to review these other articles below about other aspects of Prosci:

Read the quick summary of the Prosci review article below. If you’re looking for more detail review of Prosci, continue reading for a more detailed section on change practitioner Prosci certification cost vs value. 

Quick Summary

What is Prosci ADKAR® Certification? Prosci Review.

The Prosci change management certification focuses on the renowned Prosci ADKAR® Model, a widely adopted people-driven change management methodology. This model outlines the stages individuals must navigate for successful change: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement.

The Prosci exam and certification equips participants with in-depth knowledge of the ADKAR methodology, teaching how to apply it to various change management strategies and plans. Popular for its comprehensive approach, the program delves into fundamental change management principles and offers a detailed 3-stage process, providing a comprehensive roadmap for change management. 

Is Prosci Certification Free? Or is there a Prosci Cost for Getting Certified?

If you’re looking for Prosci certification free options, you will most likely be out of luck. There is a fee for the Prosci online training and in-person training.

The Prosci certification program offers both online (instructor-led) and in-person classroom options, allowing participants to choose based on their preferences. The three-day training includes practical, hands-on learning, culminating in a certification exam on the third day. Participants learn OCM skills, such as how change management enhances organizational change outcomes and applying the ADKAR methodology to diverse change scenarios.

The certification costs $4,500 for the virtual instructor-led program and $4,850 for in-person training. For this fee, participants receive the Prosci Change Management Practitioner Certification, a comprehensive change management plan, and access to course materials. Additionally, the package includes a 12-month subscription to digital content, resources, and tools in the Prosci Hub Solution Suite. 

A common question is, “Does Prosci certification expire?” The answer is that there is no specified expiration date according to Prosci’s website. While the certification itself doesn’t require renewal, access to Prosci’s digital content expires after one year and needs to be renewed separately.

Let us know your Prosci review thoughts and feedback. Do you feel Prosci change management is worth the cost? Contact us to let us know. 

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Is Change Management Certification Worth It with Prosci?

The Prosci courses and certification, don’t act as a strict requirement for most change management positions. Approximately 30% of job postings in this career field ask for a change management certification of some type, based on OCM Solution research. The Prosci certification is the most requested, followed by ACMP’s CCMP.

Another alternative is APMG’s Change Management Practitioner certification, this one being more popular in the UK and Europe and costing significantly less than Prosci UK certification. 

Bottom Line: Not having a Prosci certification won’t keep you from getting a job, but it could help you qualify for more opportunities.

About 70% of change management related job postings that we reviewed did not ask for change management certification at all. A 4-year degree and about 5+ years of experience were standard and were requested more than Prosci or any form of change management certification.

When you consider the Prosci cost, many people would think that $4,500-$4,850 for a three-day certification a lot to pay. This is especially true for organizations with several change practitioners that would need to pay for several Prosci certifications. As well as change management consultants that might just be starting out. So, whether it’s considered “worth it” is very much a subjective decision.

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Prosci OCM Review Conclusion: Prosci Courses Costs (Is It Worth It?)

The decision to invest in a Prosci certificate at the cost of $4,500 to $4,850 is not to be taken lightly. But it also can’t be denied that the Prosci change management methodology and certification is one of the most well-known globally.

As we draw the curtains on this summary discussion, we’ve examined the nuances of the Prosci certification, its real-world value, and the alternatives that might align better with your career aspirations and budget. But this is just the beginning of the journey. If you’re craving more in-depth insights, detailed comparisons, and expert recommendations, venture further into the following sections. 

Do you have any customer feedback or Prosci review? Contact us to let us know. 

Detailed Deep Dive – Review of Prosci Change Management

What You Need to Know about the Prosci Certification. Is it Really Worth the $4,500 You Pay?

Over the last two decades, I have delivered large-scale change management programs for major organizations including Apple, Cisco, Intel, and the Federal Reserve Bank. I established Apple’s first ever B2B (business-to-business) change management practice.

During my tenure, I have seen how popular the Prosci change management certification has become, but it also seems to be one of the most expensive change management certifications, which drove the publishing of this article to answer the often asked “is prosci certification worth it?” question.

Ogbe Airiodion
Senior Change Management Leader

There are university-based change management certificates from top schools like Cornell and also schools like Michigan State that include weeks or months of courses and instructor-led online training. But they still cost less than Prosci training and certification, which takes just 3 days.

At $4,500, it costs about $1,500 per day for a Prosci change management training. Could the Prosci change management certificate be THAT good? What are the pros and cons? Negative and positive Prosci customer reviews? “Is Prosci certification worth it?

prosci certification

Prosci Change Management Certification Program

Prosci Review: Did Prosci Raise Its Price for Certification?

If you haven’t been to the Prosci website to check out the price for its change management certification for a while, you might be surprised to see that the price has increased by $100.

Sometime between July 2020 and June 2021, Prosci raised its certification pricing from $4,400 to $4,500 for its 3-day course. As of our research in October of 2023, the instructor-led virtual change practitioner Prosci training is $4,500 and the in-person training is $4,850.

It’s important to know of this type of increase as you’re budgeting for certification training so it can be factored into your decision whether to choose Prosci or another industry change management certification.  

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Are More Employers Requesting Prosci Certification?

If you’re in the change management field now or planning to be in the future, the Prosci ADKAR certification is going to be one that you hear a lot about, especially in the U.S. So, let’s discuss the pros and cons of the Prosci Change Management Certification Training Program.

We reviewed over 300 change management job listings across LinkedIn, Indeed, and, and of the ones that asked for a change practitioner certificate, a lot of them mentioned the Prosci change management practitioner certification.

However, it’s not the only certification out there; the ACMP International Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) is also mentioned by employers and hiring change managers. And it costs less than $1,000 to get. In addition, the APMG certification (Change Management Practitioner) is also often requested by UK / European based firms, more so than US organizations, and it cost much less than Prosci UK certification.

What makes Prosci certification online or onsite so special that it costs so much for a 3-day course? Does Prosci certification expire? Read on to find out the pros and cons about Prosci with details on its negative customer reviews, as well as its positive customer reviews.

In addition, if you have any feedback about the “is Prosci certification worth it?” question, do contact us. We’ll love to hear your own Prosci review feedback. Click here: Contact the OCM Solution Editorial Team.

Why Has This Article about Prosci Become So Popular with Readers Like You?

This article has become very popular and gone viral as it answers key questions that existing, new, and potential change practitioners often ask about the Prosci change certificate and Prosci online training to help them put the cost vs. benefit into perspective and make the best decision for themselves on whether the Prosci certification is worth it.

This guide outlines the following:

  1. What is Covered in the Prosci Change Management Certification?
  2. How Do I Get Prosci Certified?
  3. What is the Prosci Change Certification Cost?
  4. Does the Prosci Certification Expire?
  5. How Valuable is a Prosci Certification? Is it Required for You to Get a Job?
  6. Positive Prosci Reviews – What Users Have to Say
  7. Negative Prosci Reviews – Biggest Issues with the Prosci Certificate
  8. Other Feedback – Prosci Review
  9. Pain Points

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to invest in Prosci training and certification, the material below should help you with valuable information to make an informed decision. This article is applicable to those in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and in any other country.

Do you have any questions or feedback about this Change Management Certification Prosci guide? If so, contact the OCMS team. We’ll love to hear from you. 

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Making the Case for Change Management OCM

What is Covered in the Prosci Change Management Certification?

What is the Prosci change management practitioner certification? It’s a certification that’s specifically related to the Prosci ADKAR® Model of change management.

The ADKAR model is a people-driven change management methodology, and it’s one of the most popular models used by organizations around the world. ADKAR describes stages that employees must be guided through for successful change results:

  • Awareness of the need for change
  • Desire to support the change
  • Knowledge of how to change
  • Ability to demonstrate skills and behaviors for the change
  • Reinforcement to sustain the change

Change management certification Prosci teaches you all the fundamentals of the ADKAR methodology and how to apply it to change management strategies and plans.

It’s popular because it’s comprehensive, takes a bottom-up approach to successful change management, and also includes a 3-stage process that gives you a full roadmap to change management.

Another key reason for its popularity is due to its global scope. Are you based in Canada, the UK, the US, New Zealand (NZ), India, or in any other country across the globe? Then you can apply the Prosci certification and training to implement change management within your organization.

Prosci ADKAR Certification Online & Classroom

You can choose between Prosci certification online (instructor-led) or Prosci change management training and certification in a classroom setting.

Prosci training is described as an “immersive three-day experience,” and it includes practical hands-on learning. On Day 3 of the change management training, you’ll take the Prosci certification exam.

Change Management Certification Prosci Learning Objectives

Here’s an example of the types of things you’ll be learning in training in the Prosci course to become a Prosci certified change practitioner:

  • How change management improves the results of organizational change
  • How to apply the ADKAR methodology and toolset to any change situation
  • Fundamentals of change management
  • Ability to articulate the value of change management
  • The Prosci 3-Phase process and how to apply it to change projects
  • How to do things like a readiness assessment, impact assessment, and build a change champions network

You can find the full program agenda for the Prosci change management practitioner certification on the Prosci certification webpage.

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How Much Does Prosci Change Management Certification Cost?

Whether you take the Prosci certification online or choose a classroom training, the Prosci certification cost will slightly differ.

Virtual instructor-led Prosci change management certification cost is $4,500.

In-person Prosci change management certification cost is $4,850.

What do you really get for all that money?

  • You’ll receive a Prosci change management practitioner certification.
  • The Prosci training is designed for you to leave with a change management plan and executive presentation on your business case for change management.
  • All course materials are included with the Prosci training fee as well as a 12-month subscription to digital content, resources, and tools in the Prosci Hub Solution Suite.
  • You can earn credits for the Prosci change management training from Project Management Institute, Colorado State University, ACMP, and others.
  • Read more for Prosci certification India cost and other regional costs. 

prosci change management certification

Is Prosci Change Management Certification Cost Worth It?

What do you think? Is Prosci certification worth it? Let us know: Contact the OCMS Editorial Team.

Does the Prosci Certification Expire?

A popular question when people are considering Prosci certifications is, “Does Prosci certification expire?” During all our past research on the Prosci certification, we found that it was good for a lifetime, with no expiration date. Prosci recently updated its website, so now there is no mention that we can find of any expiration or timeframe for the certification.

However, there is also no mention of needing to renew the certification or any details provided about renewal. So, we believe that the certification is still valid for a lifetime and will not expire.

There is one component that does need to be renewed, which is the access to the digital Prosci change management content that’s offered. Prosci’s website states that you get access to this content for one-year with your certification, and must renew that access if you want to keep it after that time.

If you have any questions about this Prosci review article, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.

How Do I Get Prosci Certified?

Depending on where you are based (in the U.S., the U.K, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, etc.), you can access the Prosci change management certification program in two ways.

You can sign up for Prosci ADKAR certification on the Prosci website, taking your Prosci course training from the company that created the ADKAR model.

Or, you can become a Prosci certified change practitioner by signing up for Prosci training with an approved Prosci partner.

Why would you use a Prosci partner to take the Prosci course and get the Prosci change management certification instead of Prosci itself? Partner firms will typically provide training and the Prosci certification in international markets where Prosci doesn’t have a physical presence.

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For questions or feedback about this Change Management Certification Prosci guide, contact the OCMS team. We’ll love to hear from you. 

How Valuable is a Prosci Certification? Is it Required to Get a Job?

Now that you know what’s included in the Prosci change management training, the types of things you’ll learn, and the Prosci certification cost, let’s talk about whether it’s worth the $4,500 you’ll be paying.

We often get questions asking if a Prosci certificate is required in order to get a change management job.

The short answer is:
“No, a Prosci certification is NOT required for you to be able to find and get a change management job.”

There are plenty of change management positions and opportunities that do not require any kind of certification.

In a recent study conducted by the OCM Solution team, we reviewed a wide range of change management job postings to see which ones were asking for a Prosci or alternative change certification. Out of all the job postings we reviewed, approximately 30% of them asked for the candidate to have some type of certification in change management.

Most of the US organizations that asked for a change certification either mentioned the Prosci change management certification specifically or mentioned being open to candidates with either a Prosci, or a Prosci alternative certificate.

For the UK and Europe, hiring managers that required a candidate to have a change management certificate often mentioned ACMP’s CCMP™ change certification, and sometimes Prosci.

For all other regions, Prosci and ACMP’s CCMP™ were often mentioned as requirements.

Takeaways from that data:

  • Certification Won’t Keep You from Getting a Job: About 70% of change management related job postings we reviewed did not ask for change management certification. A 4-year degree and about 5+ years of experience were standard and were requested more than Prosci or any form of change management certification.
  • If You are in the US or Most Other Countries, Prosci is #1: Out of the 30% related job postings that asked for a change management certificate, the Prosci ADKAR certification was the #1 most requested certification, followed by ACMP’s CCMP. In fact, any other certification was only described as “or equivalent” to those two.
  • If You are in the UK / Europe: The best change certification will be the ACMP CCMP, and if in the UK, you may also want to consider the UKAS accredited, APMG CMP certification.

Prosci Change Management Certification vs the ACMP CCMP Certification

Let’s take a look at the two change management certifications that are named the most in job postings. If you were to look only at the price, then it would seem like a no-brainer to go for the ACMP’s Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) certification over Prosci ADKAR certification. However, you need to look deeper to compare the true value.

  • Price | ACMP CCMP vs Prosci Certification Cost
    • Prosci certification cost: $4,500 (virtual), $4,850 (in-person)
    • CCMP certification cost: Members $595/ Non-members $745
  • Certificate Validity | ACMP CCMP vs Prosci change management certification program
    • Prosci certification exam & certification: Lifetime
    • CCMP exam & certification: 3-years, you must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) each 3-year period to maintain certification
  • Prerequisites | ACMP CCMP vs Prosci ADKAR certification
    • Prosci change management training: No prerequisites
    • CCMP change management training: Both education and experience requirements, plus need to have had 21-hours instructor-led training
  • OCM Models Covered | CCMP vs Prosci change management course
    • Prosci training: Only the ADKAR model
    • CCMP training: No specific model, they cover best practices from many models

So, while the ACMP CCMP is a lot less expensive, you’ll have to pay for and take more continuing education classes in order to maintain it. That could end up making it more expensive over time than the Prosci change management practitioner certification.

If you don’t have the needed hours of training, education, or change management experience, then CCMP may not be an option, and the Prosci certification exam and training may be your only eligible choice among the two.

See the sections below for both positive reviews about the Prosci change management course, as well as negative user reviews about the change management certification Prosci program.

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Is There a UKAS Accredited Change Certification?

If you interested in alternatives to the Prosci change management certification UK program, then this section will be of importance to you. 

The two Prosci alternatives, ACMP’s CCMP certification and APMG’s CMP certification are often confused with each other due to the acronyms being so similar.

If you want to choose the certification that is from a UKAS accredited body, then that would be the APMG Change Management Practitioner certification, which is a great Prosci alternative.

APMG is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for Change Management Practitioner certification. UKAS is the UK’s only Government recognised National Accreditation Body – responsible for assessing the competence of organizations providing professional certifications. As such, if you are based in the UK, the CMP certificate might be your go-to certificate of choice.

For additional feedback or questions about alternatives for the Prosci change management certification UK program, please contact us. In addition, if you have any questions or feedback about this Change Management Certification Prosci guide, do contact the OCMS team. We’ll love to hear from you. 

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Positive Prosci Certification Reviews

What do those who have taken the Prosci change management certification say? Do they think all that money was worth it?

We’ve taken a look at several Prosci certification reviews across the web to bring you the details on feedback about the Prosci change management course.

A Prosci certification review on Quora noted that if your organization works with ADKAR methodology, then the Prosci training and toolkit were worth the cost. But if you need to use another change methodology, then it would not be nearly as valuable.

On the Prosci Facebook page, out of 26 Prosci certification reviews, the firm got a 4.9 out of 5 rating. A few reviewer statements about going through the Prosci certified change practitioner training were:

  • “Amazing material and an amazing trainer.”
  • “Getting certified was a game changer.”
  • “Their change model is practical, immediately applicable, and works on a small scale or large scale.”

On the Prosci Experience Review Facebook page, users provided the feedback below:

  • “I attended two Prosci trainings, and they were FANTASTIC! Their change model is practical, immediately applicable, and works on a small scale or large scale. The facilitators and training managers were very skilled not only in the content but attending to every learner’s needs. Highly recommend Prosci!”
  • “The best change management methodology I have ever come across.”
  • “One of the Greatest Change Management Certification Program in the World.”

Other reviewers on Indeed, Glassdoor and other platforms mentioned the following pros about Prosci:

  • “Good teachers, positive environment, hands-on training”
  • “I liked the hands on methodology of the class. They shared lots of stories and taught us to use resources available to us through their website. The pinnacle of the class was preparing and presenting our own individual solutions using the PROSCI method to a specific issue we were facing a work.”
  • “Prosci is truly focused on ensuring each employee feels safe to show up authentically. They care for each and every person, and continue to grow in the space of Employee Experience.”
  • “Very good training with great instructors. They really dissect what change management is and how to use it in corporate life. The days are long, but it is worth it in the end.”
  • “Excellent training and very good learning experience. If you are looking to expand your knowledge in Change Management principles and practice, I highly recommend to complete the Prosci training and obtain certification.”

Overall, those who had taken the Prosci change management certification and reviewed it, gave positive reviews on the material, instructors, and value of the Prosci certification. Let us know if you have any feedback regarding your experience taking any ADKAR change management training in the US, Australia, India, the prosci change management certification UK, or in any region. 

See also: Prosci change management NZ

Do you have any feedback (positive, neutral, or negative reviews) about the Prosci training/certificate? If so:

Contact Ogbe Airiodion / OCMS Editorial Team with Your Prosci Feedback.

Issues / Cons / Negative / Not-so-Positive Aspects of the Prosci Certification

As mentioned above, there are great benefits to getting certified in the Prosci change management methodology. The biggest cons with getting Prosci certified are outlined below.

One individual emailed Ogbe Airiodion with the following negative feedback:

“Hi there, a big issue is that Prosci Certification is like getting your Learning Permit to drive a car. There is absolutely no way you can acquire the skill and knowledge involved in leading an effective Change initiative in a 3 day course.”

This individual also mentioned that:

“The individuals who work for Prosci are not change practitioners, which may explain this. Prosci began as a research organization and its still a primary strength of their ‘market appeal’.”

The user above is probably correct in that getting a 3-day Prosci “crash course” in change management is really just the beginning. Change management certification is really the “Science” of change management. It provides an overview of change methodologies that you can leverage for conducting change management. Even more important than the “science” is the “Art” of change management, which comes with years of experience and being exposed to a wide range of change programs. 

The more you practice and implement change management deliverables, the better you will become in developing into an efficient change manager / change practitioner. Getting a 3-day training should not be considered the event that will make you an effective change practitioner. It is the experience and hands-on knowledge you gain of what works and doesn’t work for your organization / group / client / sector that will strengthen you. 

As such, from this perspective some might say paying a fee of $4,500 might not be worth it. However, as mentioned above, Prosci does have a lot of positive feedback, and accolades.

Prosci Reviews on Glassdoor:

On Glassdoor, Prosci scored a 4.5 out of 5, and 93% of feedback providers said they would recommend Prosci to a friend.

Although, Glassdoor-based reviews (positive Prosci reviews, as well as negative Prosci reviews) are reviews generally provided by existing or former Prosci employees/consultants versus by users, we are including these reviews below as we felt it prudent to include feedback from an “insider” perspective.

One former Prosci employee mentioned that the firm was stuck in the nineties:

Negative and Positive Prosci Reviews

Prosci Reviews on Quora

On a Prosci change management review section on Quora (Is Prosci Certification Worth the Overall Investment), reviewers provided the following responses to the question whether the Prosci certificate was worth the expense:

Pros and Cons, and Issues with Prosci Change Management Certification Prosci Change Management User Reviews

Negative Prosci Change Management Review

What about you? Is Prosci certification program worth it? Let us know. See also: Prosci change management NZ and Prosci Canada program review.

Additional Feedback Sent to OCM Solution:

“Many years ago, about 6 or 7, the Prosci certifications was not nearly as pricey as it is today. Closer to around $2700-$3000, the price depended on the location you chose, the time year (i.e. winter in Wisconsin cost less than anytime of year in CA), and it was more like a week, Mon-Thursday, closing ceremonies on Friday.

I took the 3-day, high-level ‘bootcamp’ that they offered at the time, meals on your own, but at a discount at the host hotel. It gave me the basics which is all I’ve ever needed, in addition to their ADKAR philosophy.

Now that I’m further along in my career and change management has come to the forefront (thank you COVID), I’d like a more formal certification. I appreciate the information you have provided in this article regarding less expensive options. I’m a private practitioner and my education/training is on my own dime.”

Sr. Business Analyst

Do you have any feedback (positive, neutral, or negative reviews) about the Prosci training/certificate? If so:

Contact Ogbe Airiodion / OCMS Editorial Team with Your Prosci Feedback.

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Prosci Change Program Pain Points

Now that we have covered a few concerns, issues, and negative feedback about the Prosci program, let us address some of the pain points.

One of the biggest pain points is the relatively high cost needed to attain the certificate.

Prosci Certification Program - Register and Sign Up Here

Another pain point of the Prosci certification program is that the Prosci Practitioner eToolkit provided as part of the certification is very limited in scope. Industry-standard templates for key change management deliverables like training management templates, communication management templates, impacted user engagement templates, change resistance spreadsheet templates, and others are not adequately covered in the Prosci eToolkit.

Another pain point about the Prosci eToolkit and All-Access Prosci Portal is that both need to be renewed on a regular basis, and are not part of the one-time $4,500 cost after the first year post certification.

Other pain points are listed below:

  1. Best practices for key change management deliverables including impacted end-user training, end-to-end process for engaging with leadership of impacted groups and departments, process for scheduling and managing support calls/drop-in sessions as part of transitioning users to a future state, change management checklist for Go-Live, end-to-end process for engaging with impacted users (employees, customers, vendors, etc.) to transition them from their current states to the future state, and detailed change management KPIs and metrics for tracking enablement and adoption, are not adequately covered in the Prosci certification training.
  2. The overall end-to-end change management implementation components, which involve the tactical part of change management: how to create, implement, track and manage the best change management communications, end-user training, engagement with impacted groups across all regions, resistance management, target audience assessment, impact assessment, risk assessment, stakeholder assessment, change champion/agents management, and more are not comprehensively covered during the 3-day training session.
  3. The USD cost of achieving the Prosci certificates listed below is the same or very similar, despite the currency differentiations – in essence, practitioners in other countries end up paying a lot more after currency conversions. 
    • Prosci New Zealand Training (NZ)
    • Prosci UK Certification (UK & Ireland)
    • Prosci Australia Change Management Certificate
    • Prosci Certification (Canada)
    • Prosci Training Malaysia Cost
    • Prosci Philippines Change Certificate
    • Prosci Certification India Cost
    • Other regions including South Africa, Germany, Hong Kong, and more.

Irrespective of the geographical location you are based in, we would love to hear your feedback on the Prosci training that you received

Contact Ogbe Airiodion / OCMS Editorial Team with Your Prosci Feedback.

Conclusion: Is Prosci Certification Worth the Overall Investment?

While the price is pretty high for a 3-day training to earn the Prosci ADKAR certification, it appears that for many it is worth that price, while for others it is not.

The ADKAR model is one of the most widely used, and for companies that seek out certification, the Prosci change management training is the one that’s mentioned most often.

If you need to use other models besides ADKAR, then Prosci certification online may not be worth it to you, and you may want to seek out another type of certification that either covers best practices drawn from several models or that includes more than a single model.

If you’re currently employed and are working as a change manager or project manager, then one thing you could try to help with the Prosci change management certification cost is to ask your company to pay for you to attend.

Some of the advantages of Prosci training and certification are:

  • There are no prerequisites
  • Short time commitment (just 3-days)
  • You don’t have to earn continuing education credits to keep the certification
  • It comes with a helpful toolkit
  • It’s well known and respected

Ultimately, you’ll need to decide how important ADKAR methodology is to your work or future job prospects to decide whether Prosci certification is worth that significant investment.

If ADKAR is a change model you’ll be working with often, then based upon Prosci reviewers, becoming a Prosci certified change practitioner may be well worth the money.

We would love to hear from you (Your Prosci Feedback).

Are you based in the U.S., the U.K, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Philippines, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, Africa, etc.? Then let us know what you think about the value vs. the cost of the Prosci training and certification.

Do you believe there is value in obtaining the Prosci change management training and certification?

Provide Feedback about Prosci.

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What is the Prosci Change Management Certification Program?

The Prosci certification program offers both an online and also an in-person, interactive, three-day learning experience that gives you the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change management programs.

What does ADKAR stand for?

ADKAR is an acronym for the five key stages that an individual should be guided through to achieve success during an organizational change. ADKAR stands for: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement

What is Prosci change management?

While Prosci ADKAR provides you with the Prosci change model and framework of where stakeholders need to be for change to be successful, the Prosci change management process involves a 3 phase change management process, which gives you a roadmap to planning and executing your change project. Each of the phases used in the Prosci change management methodology includes steps that you can take to complete them and suggested mechanisms to help prepare for, manage, and reinforce change.

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