What Does it Really Take to Get an ITIL Certification? Everything You Need to Know About ITIL, Difficulties, Cost, and Sample Test Questions

Anyone working in technology delivery services has most likely heard of the ITIL® Foundation certification, Practitioner certification, or one of the many other designations that one can achieve with ITIL certification training.

ITIL is a globally recognized set of standards providing a framework for efficient delivery of IT services. This includes processes for IT change requests and ITIL change management, issue resolution, delivery management, reporting, and more.

Why is the ITIL Certification Test Pricing So Confusing?

Navigating the wide variance in ITIL Foundation exam cost and the different types of ITIL service management certifications you can earn can be challenging.

Different training providers charge different prices for ITIL certification. You also have the option to go through online or classroom training and then taking an ITIL Foundation certification exam. Each can have a different price.

You can also decide to study on your own and pay only the ITIL exam fee, forgoing the formal course.

What You’ll Learn in This Guide

In this article, we’ll help clarify the process of getting an ITIL certification, how much you’ll pay on average in ITIL Foundation certification cost and the cost for other certification levels.

We’ll also answer questions like:

  • How difficult is the ITIL certification exam?
  • Should I get ITIL v4 or ITIL v3 certification?
  • Which is better, ITIL or PMP?
  • What is the ITIL v4 and ITIL v3 certification cost in different countries?
  • Is getting ITIL accreditation worth it?

If you’re considering working in information technology, either for a large organization with an in-house IT department or a company that provides IT services for others, ITIL Foundation or ITIL Practitioner certification can give you the knowledge you need to follow standard best practices in the industry.

itil certification

What is ITIL Certification?

What is ITIL Certification?

ITIL certification is a designation that one earns by successfully passing an ITIL certification exam for one of the levels of certifications offered. We’ll cover both the types of ITIL accreditation you can get and ITIL certification cost in this article.

Going through ITIL training and certification provides a person with a comprehensive working knowledge of ITIL best practices. This allows them to handle IT service delivery for an organization in a way that’s effective, productive, and that mitigates risk.

The ITIL v4 or ITIL v3 certification can improve someone’s prospects of getting a position in IT and allow them to qualify for better-paying opportunities than someone who hasn’t taken an ITIL test and earned certification.

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What is the ITIL Practitioner Certification? Foundation Certification & Others?

When you first look up the ITIL Foundation exam fee or ITIL Practitioner certification cost, you’re going to run into multiple certification levels and two different versions of ITIL. This can make you wonder, “Which ITIL managers certificate should I get?”

When researching ITIL Foundation certification online training, it’s important to know that you’ll be choosing the type of ITIL training and certification to get based upon two factors:

  • The version of ITIL you want to be certified in: ITIL v4 or ITIL v3
  • The level of certification you want (i.e., ITIL Foundation certification, ITIL Practitioner certification, etc.)

It helps to understand a little about how ITIL works. ITIL is a series of standards that provide a framework for all aspects of managing IT service delivery. These standards are updated every so often to improve and evolve them.

Since it was released in 2007, ITIL v3 has been the standard that IT professionals have used for managing IT service delivery. Since it’s been in use for over a decade, many still seek out ITIL v3 certification even though there is now a version 4.

In February of 2019, a more holistic and updated version was released, ITIL v4. While the core of what ITIL is and its processes remain consistent between ITIL v4 and V3, the way processes are arranged has been updated. Other concepts have been introduced that weren’t included in ITIL v3.

The industry is in a state of transition between the two, which is why you’ll still find ITIL v3 certification cost figures for training and accreditation alongside ITIL certification exam cost information for the V4 accreditations. Many training organizations offer both.

Some Key Differences Between ITIL v4 & ITIL v3 Certification

  • ITIL v3
    • 26 processes are included in a service lifecycle
    • 9 guiding principles
    • 4 P’s of service management
  • ITIL v4
    • 34 practices (renamed from “processes) are included in a service value system (renamed from “lifecycle”)
    • 7 guiding principles
    • 4 dimensions of service management

Levels of ITIL Certification

When searching for ITIL v4 or ITIL v3 foundation certification cost or trying to find an ITIL change management certification, you’re going to find several options. This is because the ITIL foundation exam cost can vary according to the different levels of ITIL accreditation.

You can think of it as a ladder. First, you need to learn the basics (ITIL Foundation certification), then once you do that, you can move up to the next level, and so on.

itil foundation certification

This also means that each level, except the very first, is going to have a prerequisite. These vary according to the level and version of ITIL certification you’re interested in.

Here is an overview of the various options you’ll have when seeking out ITIL Practitioner exam questions and certification, ITIL Intermediate exam cost, or any type of ITIL test information.

AXELOS is the organization that maintains and updates the ITIL® certification scheme and ITIL standards.

  • ITIL v4 Certifications:
    • ITIL Foundation Certification
    • ITIL 4 Managing Professional Certification
    • ITIL 4 Strategic Leader Certification (launching September 2020)
    • ITIL Master Certification
  • ITIL v3 Certifications:
    • ITIL Foundation Certification
    • ITIL Practitioner Certification
    • ITIL Intermediate Certification
    • ITIL Expert Certification
    • ITIL Master Certification

You’ll see that both the v4 and ITIL v3 certification schemes begin at the ITIL Foundation certification. When we go through the ITIL Foundation certification cost, you’ll see that it’s very similar for that first tier of both the v4 and v3 certifications.

The ITIL exam fee is identical for both Foundation exams, as it is for the level 2 – the ITIL Practitioner certification cost (v3) and the Managing Professional certification cost (v4), which is also sometimes called the ITIL managers certificate.  

We’ll get into all the ITIL certification exam cost options by country further down in the article.

It’s important to note that ITIL offers various v4 specialist certifications, such as “Create, Deliver, and Support” and “Drive Stakeholder Value.”

Each time you move up the ITIL certification ladder, you’ll be learning more in-depth knowledge about the ITIL framework that will improve your skills and understanding of how to expertly manage the delivery of IT services throughout the service lifecycle/service value system.

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Should I Take ITIL v3 or v4?

Now that there is an updated standard, should you go for the ITIL v4 or ITIL v3 certification and training?

While ITIL v3 is still widely recognized because v4 is still relatively new, if you want to stay current in your ITIL certification training, then it’s a good idea to take ITIL v4 certifications. Otherwise, you may find that you need to take a v4 certification even after you’ve paid the ITIL v3 foundation certification cost for that accreditation.

AXELOS actually recommends that those who have taken only the v3 ITIL Foundation certification exam, still take the v4 ITIL Foundation Certification to become familiar with all the new concepts in version 4.

You will find when looking over the ITIL Foundation exam fee only (without course training) that you’ll be paying the same price to take it for both versions, so you might as well take the most current version so ensure your ITIL accreditation is up to date with the most current ITIL standard.

Additionally, if you’re searching for ITIL Practitioner exam questions to take the 2nd level of version 3 certification, you’ll find that courses are going to be more challenging to find, the longer version 4 is out.

For example, when ITIL change management certification and ITIL certification test options, we found several training centers that only offered 1 or 2 of the version 3 certifications. They were obviously phasing those courses out due to being replaced by version 4.

So, if you’re planning on looking up a v3 ITIL intermediate exam cost or another v3 certification, we’d recommend taking a v4 certification instead.

If you already have an ITIL v3 certification, be sure to check out the prerequisites for v4 of ITIL foundation certification online because some v3 credits may count towards v4 requirements.

Is ITIL Certification in Demand?

Before you go through the process of ITIL training and certification, it’s important to know if it’s going to help you get a job. Are employers asking for ITIL service management certification?

Computer and information technology occupations have been growing at a faster rate than other types of jobs, making IT a safe bet when it comes to future job security.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, information technology occupations are projected to grow by 12% between 2018 and 2028. The median annual income is $88,240 (as of May 2019), more than double the median annual income for all occupations of $39,810.

As for whether the ITIL certification cost is worth it, it looks like it may garner a higher annual salary. We found that according to the site PayScale, the annual salary for someone with ITIL training and certification is $96,964.

When compared to the labor statistics, it would suggest that ITIL certification training could earn someone roughly $8,700 more per year, pointing to a direct monetary benefit for paying the ITIL Foundation exam cost.

itil certification cost

ITIL v4 & ITIL v3 Certification Cost

Are Employers Asking for ITIL Service Management Certification?

We reviewed a sampling of 30 job listings on Indeed for information technology related positions. Posted salaries were in the range of $65,000 – $145,000 across those listings.

Here are our takeaways from our research on the demand for ITIL certification training:

  • 20% (6 out of 30) IT jobs requested certification of some type
  • 10% (3 out of 30) IT jobs requested ITIL training and certification specifically

Other professional certifications that we saw requested were largely Microsoft or Cisco related and included MCSE, MCSA, CGEIT, CISSP, CAPM CCNP, CCIE. We also found one posting that mentioned PMP certification.

What is ITIL certification when it comes to popularity? Of all the positions we found asking for any type of certification, ITIL Foundation certification was the one asked for the most.

While ITIL service management certification may not be considered in “high” demand, it is requested in at least 10% of the jobs we reviewed. So, there are certain employers that do demand the training and experience that an ITIL certification test represents.

How Do I Get ITIL Certified?

You can take two different paths to go through the ITIL certification test and becoming certified.

You can take an ITIL training course with the ITIL exam fee included, or you can study ITIL on your own and only pay the ITIL certification exam cost.

You’ll find a wide choice of ITIL courses offered by approved ITIL training and certification organizations. The best place to find accredited courses is to search providers on the AXELOS website.

There are multiple options for ITIL Foundation certification online or in a classroom setting, as well as ITIL certification exams for different levels. You’ll need to decide whether you want to pay an ITIL v4 or ITIL v3 certification cost and which type of certification you need (Foundation, Practitioner, Managing Professional, etc.).

Courses can take between 2-5 days on average, depending upon whether you’re going after an ITIL manager’s certificate or paying the ITIL Practitioner certification cost. Higher-level ITIL certifications typically cost more. We’ll get into ITIL pricing shortly.

If you feel you don’t need professional training, you can just go to the AXELOS website and pay the v4 ITIL Foundation exam fee or ITIL v3 Foundation certification cost (or any other level).

Why pay the ITIL v4 or ITIL v3 Foundation certification cost with the training, which is much more than just the test itself?

Because it teaches you the fundamentals of the ITIL subject matter for the ITIL change management certification or other certification you’re seeking, which may give you a much better chance of passing the ITIL test.

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Which is Better ITIL or PMP?

During our research on how much demand there is for job candidates that have passed an ITIL certification exam, we only found one IT job posting that mentioned the PMP certification.

PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is a widely respected certification for project managers. While those working in technology can benefit from project management skills, PMP isn’t specifically technology-related.

It’s more of a general project management certification that can be applied to any field or area of an organization.

If you’re looking for a position specifically in information technology, then you may want to get an ITIL Foundation or ITIL Practitioner certification before you think about a PMP certification, since it’s more requested when it comes to IT-related jobs.

Is the ITIL Certification Worth It?

It’s common for people going into the IT field to wonder if the ITIL certification cost is worth it for the benefit.

The fact that 80% of the IT jobs in our sampling did not ask for ITIL training and certification would mean that you don’t necessarily have to go through paying the ITIL Foundation certification cost to get a job.

However, there is evidence that going through an ITIL test and getting certified may help you earn more and can help you get a leg up on other candidates in at least 20% of posted positions.

The range for one of the job postings we reviewed asking for ITIL Foundation certification advertised a salary between $93,000 and $118,782, which is above the overall median for computer and IT positions of $88,240.

So, if you want to advance in a career in the delivery of IT services, it could be worth it to pay the ITIL Foundation exam cost.

Is ITIL Exam Difficult?

A common question asked by those considering the ITIL test is, “What is ITIL certification difficulty?”

As with any type of certification test, it’s relative. It depends upon how much effort you’ve put into preparing for the test before paying the ITIL exam fee.

We’ve reviewed some conversations online about the ITIL Foundation certification cost and test difficulty on sites like Reddit to get a feel for how hard the ITIL certification test is.

The general consensus was that if you study properly, passing the ITIL test is not too difficult. But, if you’re not studying enough or not studying the right types of “self-service” ITIL certification test resources, you might fail or score less than you think.

Not all resources you find online to study for the ITIL accreditation exam will prepare you in the same way. Some people said the questions on the official ITIL test were completely different than a practice test. Others said it was exactly what they studied.

AXELOS does offer ITIL certification training resources for sale on its site, which may give you a better chance of passing than taking free ITIL practice exams that you find online.

Is ITIL Easy to Pass? | Example Test Questions

The ITIL Practitioner exam questions will be different from those on an ITIL Foundation certification online exam. You’ll also find different test questions between ITIL v4 and ITIL v3 certification.

Be sure when looking up example test questions for ITIL certification and before paying the ITIL v4 of ITIL v3 certification cost, that you study the RIGHT test questions for your version and certification level.

You don’t want to pay the higher price for ITIL Intermediate exam cost and come prepared with ITIL Foundation certification exam test questions.

Here are a few sample ITIL test questions on the first two levels for ITIL v4 and ITIL v3 certification.

Version 4: ITIL Foundation Exam Questions Examples:

  • What is the best example of an emergency change?
  • Which guiding principle is primarily concerned with a consumer’s revenue and growth?
  • Why should change incidents be prioritized?
  • What is the output?

Version 4: ITIL Managing Professional Exam Questions Examples:

  • Which competency profile is required by someone who’s been asked to assign and prioritize tasks, keep records, and initiate basic improvements?
  • Which statements are possible sources of demand for a value stream to restore a live service?
  • Which statement about a “shift-left” approach is incorrect?

Version 3: ITIL Foundation Exam Questions Examples:

  • Which of the following is not one of the four key elements of Service Design?
  • What is the purpose of “Availability Management” of a service?
  • What are the two types of event monitoring tools?
  • What is the purpose of the Service Strategy phase of the lifecycle?

Version 3: ITIL Practitioner Exam Questions Examples:

  • Which activity is used to identify areas of weakness for the KL service desk analysts?
  • Which is the best example of using the ITIL concept ‘adopt and adapt’ when delivering improvements?
  • What is the most important reason or using a workshop and meeting an action plan?
  • How does the CSI approach integrate with problem management?

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Do ITIL Certifications Expire?

One question that comes up often when people are researching the ITIL v4 and ITIL v3 Foundation certification cost is whether those certifications expire.

There are certain IT certifications, such as the Cisco certifications, that will expire after a certain number of years. This means that a person will need to complete certain requirements to renew them, roughly every 2-5 years, depending upon requirements.

what is itil certification

What is ITIL Certification Longevity?

When looking at “What is ITIL certification?” you have to look at all the costs involved if you’re comparing it with another type of certification. If one certification expires in a few years, and one lasts a lifetime, that can have a big impact on the value you get from the ITIL certification cost.

Does ITIL v4 Expire? Does ITIL v3 Expire?

According to the AXELOS website, none of the ITIL certifications expire. They all are lifetime certifications.

What Happens if You Fail the ITIL Exam?

If you happen to fail an ITIL certification exam, you can retake it as many times as you like. However, you won’t get your money back.

Each time you take or retake the ITIL test, you must pay the ITIL certification cost for the exam.

How Much is the ITIL Practitioner Exam? And Other Exams?

Now we’ll get into the section about ITIL certification cost. First, we’ll give an overview of just the ITIL certification exam cost for each level of ITIL v4 and ITIL v3 certification.

It’s important to understand that ITIL v4 and ITIL v3 certification cost can either include:

  • Cost of an ITIL training course and certification testing; or
  • Cost of the ITIL test itself (with no formal training)

This distinction is important if you’re looking up ITIL Practitioner certification cost, ITIL Intermediate exam cost, or any other ITIL certification exam cost.

If you want to take a full ITIL training and certification, then the costs will vary widely between the training organizations you can use. It also varies according to whether you choose classroom or online training.

For example, getting an ITIL Foundation certification online will usually cost less than ITIL v4 or ITIL v3 Foundation certification cost for classroom training.

ITIL Exam Fee-Only

Following is a list of the current U.S. pricing for the ITIL exam fee only. The ITIL certification exams are taken through PeopleCert.

ITIL Certification Exam TypeITIL Certification Cost
Version 4ITIL Foundation Certification$363.00
ITIL Managing Professional Certification$488.00
ITIL Strategic Leader CertificationTBD
ITIL Master CertificationNo Exam
Version 3ITIL Foundation Certification$363.00
ITIL Practitioner Certification$488.00
ITIL Intermediate Certification$415.00
ITIL Expert Certification$415.00
ITIL Master CertificationNo Exam

In the next section, we’ll provide ITIL training and certification costs for 10 countries around the world for the first two ITIL certification training levels for V3 and V4.

Overview | ITIL Cost by Country

AGS Methodology for ITIL Certification Cost Estimates

To provide the following ITIL certification cost estimates on training courses with certification, we’ve researched sampling of different ITIL training providers from around the world.

We’ve specifically looked at 10 different countries to bring you the ITIL certification cost in the U.S., ITIL certification cost in India, the UK, South Africa, Philippines, and others.

We’ve attempted to provide you with the best “low to high” range that we could find based upon our research. We are including the ITIL certification cost by the country for the following ITIL v4 and ITIL v3 certification levels:

  • v4 ITIL Foundation Certification cost
  • v4 ITIL Managing Professional Certification cost
  • v3 ITIL Foundation Certification cost
  • v3 ITIL Practitioner Certification cost
CountryITIL v3 FoundationITIL v3 Practitioner
 Course & ExamExam OnlyCourse & ExamExam Only
AustraliaAU$899 to $1,300AU$501AU$1,749 to $1,795AU$737
Germany€98 to €1,000€360€379 To €1,565€469
India₤135 to ₤240₤245₤159 to ₤199₤405
Ireland€449 to €880€382€1,499 to €1,950€498
NigeriaUS$434 to $540US$338US$509 to $900US$457
PhilippinesUS$399 to $799US$338US$506 t0 $595US$457
Saudi ArabiaUS$367 to $1,000US$363US$495 to $1,598US$477
South AfricaUS$464 to $509US$262US$969 to $1,749US$433
UK₤345 to ₤895₤311₤269 to ₤995₤431
USAUS$495 to $1,695US$363US$995 to $1,950US$488
CountryITIL v4 FoundationITIL v4 Managing Professional
 Exam OnlyCourse & ExamExam OnlyCourse & Exam
AustraliaAU$899 to $1,525AU$501AU$999 to $4,938AU$737
Germany€98 to €990€360€2,890 to €3,280€469
India₤207 to ₤1,193₤245₤397 to ₤1,591₤405
Ireland€449 to €1,399€382€1,165 to €2,199€498
NigeriaUS$434 to $660US$338US$936 to $2,130US$457
PhilippinesUS$595 to $820US$338US$595 to $2, 785US$457
Saudi ArabiaUS$736 to $1,300US$363US$1,865 to $2,500US$477
South AfricaUS$479 to $644US$262US$1,157 to $1,199US$433
UK₤199 to ₤800₤311₤2,000 to ₤2,500₤431
USAUS$595 to $1695US$363US$995 to $3,975US$488

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost in Australia?

When researching, “What is ITIL certification cost in Australia?” you’ll find 67 approved training providers listed on the AXELOS site.

You’ll find a range of prices for ITIL Foundation exam cost, ITIL Practitioner exam cost, and Managing Professional Certification cost that range from AU$899.00 up to AU$4,938.00

For the ITIL Foundation exam cost only, both the v3 and v4 are: AU$501

If you want to take either the v4 ITIL Managing Professional or v3 ITIL Practitioner exam, pricing is AU$737.

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost in Germany?

When looking for ITIL Foundation certification cost in Germany, you’ll have 88 AXELOS accredited training providers.

The range of ITIL certification training options in Germany range from €98 to €3,280, depending upon the provider and type of ITIL certification exam you’re studying for.

The ITIL Foundation exam cost in Germany (v4 & v3) is €360. For the next level up, you’ll pay a €469 ITIL exam fee.

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How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost in India?

When searching the ITIL Foundation exam fee and training on AXELOS, you’ll get a listing of 87 accredited testing providers for ITIL in India.

ITIL service management certification is lower in India than in many other countries. The range you’ll find here for ITIL certification is between ₤135 to ₤1,591.

Pricing for the ITIL Foundation certification exam from PeopleCert is ₤245, and for the Practitioner or ITIL managers certificate it’s ₤405.

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost in Bangalore?

If you’re wondering how much ITIL certification cost is specifically in Bangalore, India, we can report that we did not find any differences between pricing in Bangalore or other cities in India.

However, we would expect that if there are more providers in a certain area, you could find a lower training and ITIL certification exam fee due to being more competitive.

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost in Ireland?

You’ll have fewer certified training provider options in Ireland than in some other countries. There are 11 organizations listed on AXELOS as accredited to provide ITIL certification in that country.

What is the ITIL certification price range in Ireland? It’s between €449 and €2,199, depending upon your method (online/classroom) and level of ITIL accreditation.

Taking the ITIL Foundation certification exam only in Ireland will cost €382, and the next level up is €498.

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost in Nigeria?

Those looking for the ITIL Foundation exam cost in Nigeria will find 8 accredited training facilities to take the ITIL certification training with.

The training and ITIL exam fee combined ranges from US$434 to US$2,130, depending upon which ITIL certification training you take.

If you’re only taking the test, then the ITIL Foundation exam fee for Nigeria is US$338, and for ITIL Practitioner certification (v3) or Managing Professional certification (v4), the ITIL test fee is US$457.

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost in the Philippines?

Those searching, “What is ITIL certification” in the Philippines, will be able to choose from 11 AXELOS accredited training providers in their country.

It’s difficult to find any of the ITIL v3 certifications being given in the Philippines, although we did find 1-2 sites that still had them listed. The price ranges for all types of ITIL certification training is US$399 to US$2,785.

If you’re only taking the test, the ITIL Foundation exam cost is US$338, with the next level up being US$457.

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost in Saudi Arabia?

The AXELOS site gives 4 results when searching for those in Saudi Arabia accredited to give the ITIL certification training.

Those researching ITIL certification exam cost will find pricing for the various ITIL accreditations in the range of US367 to US $2,500.

For the ITIL Foundation certification exam only (V3 or V4), you’ll pay US$363, and for the v3 Practitioner or v4 Managing Professional, the ITIL exam fee is US$477.

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost in South Africa?

There are 23 ITIL accreditation and training providers listed on AXELOS for South Africa.

The range you can expect to pay for ITIL training and certification in South Africa is between US$464 and US$1,749, depending upon which certification you choose.

ITIL Foundation certification cost for the test only in South Africa is US$262, with the next level up for v3 and v4 certification being $US433.

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost in the UK?

Being that the ITIL standard was created by the UK government’s Central Computer Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), it’s no surprise that when looking up accredited training providers for ITIL service management certification, there are 240 results in the UK.

What is ITIL certification cost in the UK? You can expect to pay as little as ₤199 and as much as ₤2,500 for your ITIL certification exam and training, depending upon the level.

The ITIL foundation exam cost without the course is ₤311, and for either the Practitioner or Managing Professional certification exams, you’ll pay ₤431.

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost in the USA?

For those in the US searching for the ITIL foundation certification cost, there are 196 potential course providers on the AXELOS website.

Between ITIL v3 Foundation certification cost and up to ITIL v4 Managing Professional certification cost, you’ll pay from US$495 to US$3,975.

For the ITIL Foundation exam fee-only, in the U.S., you’ll pay $363, with the ITIL exam fee for the next level up for both v3 and v4 being $488.

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Conclusion: ITIL Certification Cost and Testing Information

For anyone interested in a career in information technology, ITIL certification training can help you learn best practices for IT service delivery throughout the technology lifecycle.

The ITIL Foundation exam cost can also be well worth it when it comes to getting a higher-paying position in the tech field. Those with ITIL accreditation stand out as having the knowledge and experience needed to guide IT projects and ongoing customer service delivery.

When trying to choose between ITIL v3 certification cost and ITIL v4 certification cost, we’d recommend going with a version 4 certification. This is the new standard, and v3 is getting phased out over time. It’s already getting more difficult to find ITIL certification providers that offer the v3 courses.

While understanding the entire ITIL framework can take a while due to its complexity, the ITIL training and certification levels are set up to help you get there, step by step until you become an ITIL master.

Even if you take just the first ITIL Foundation certification and don’t go any farther, it can still help you with understanding this important IT service concept and potentially qualify for as many as 20% more IT jobs than those that don’t have it.

Do you have more questions about, “What is ITIL certification?”

If so, we recommend your next stop be the website of the organization that provides and updates the standard, where you can find testing providers, take the ITIL certification tests, and find many other resources.

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