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A decade after Steve Jobs handed the CEO role to Tim Cook at Apple, I was hired to plan, launch, and manage Apple’s first ever Change Management Office (CMO) for its business-to-business division. In addition, I was responsible for expanding Intel Corp’s Supply Chain Change Management Team to deliver agile change management on major transformation changes across the organization. These are just a few examples.

Throughout my tenure as a Change Management Lead, I have applied a wide range of change management models, including Prosci’s ADKAR Change Model, APMG’s CCMP change management methodologies and techniques, and more, and developed a repeatable, holistic, and integrated change management framework that I use to manage any type of small, mid, or large-scale business change. 

Tremendous Demand for a Different Kind of OCM Training

Since I launched OCM Solution Blog to provide content and guides on best change management practices, we have received tremendous interest from the change management and project management community, including from new and experienced change practitioners who are seeking training in organizational change management.

But not just any training, the highest number of queries have been asking for OCM training that is based on best-practices, use cases, and real-life situations that change managers experience on a daily basis.

And so, in 2023, we have launched our free OCM Training Program to help you or anyone interested in becoming a top change management manager.

Firms like Prosci charge $4,500 for their training program, but we don’t.

As pioneers of best change management practices and frameworks, the OCM Solution team believes in supporting the global change and project management communities, including developing and offering best change practices and processes like our free change management templates, free change checklists, and content.

And now, we are adding our free, robust, hands-on, OCM Training to the list of resources we provide to build and empower you and other change management practitioners.

Are you interested in learning about what our OCM training program covers? Keep on reading. 

Ogbe Airiodion
Sr. Change Management Lead
OCM Solution Founder

Scope of Our Organizational Change Management (OCM) Training Program

As part of our extensive, and free OCM training we will educate you on best practices for completing an end-to-end change management lifecycle. Understanding this foundation on how to conduct OCM improves your proficiency as a change manager, so you can easily decide which area of the change management lifecycle to apply to your project, and when. 

Not every project will require the entire change management lifecycle.

For example, a small project might just require a change impact assessment, communications and stakeholder engagement, while a large or global change program will involve applying most, or all areas of the end-to-end change lifecycle. 

Change Management Lifecycle

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The Art vs. Science of Change Management

Our hands-on, best OCM Training Modules have been designed to provide you with a quick ramp-up on the Science as well as the Art of change management.

In general, any type of change management methodology and certification should be considered the Science of change management. It is the same concept involved with getting an education or getting trained on something. You learn the science (method) of that topic.

Over time, you will need to build the Art of change management, which involves developing proficiency. With years of experience, which includes seeing what works and what doesn’t work at various organizations/projects, you can build upon any change methodology, and perfect your own Art of change management implementation.

The goal of our OCM Training modules is to help you to quickly build the Art of change management and reduce the amount of time it takes you to become a top Change Management Lead. 

The Science (the methodology) of change management is great because it provides structure. But the Art of change management is even more important because it is centered around the actual end-to-end implementation, hands-on experience, and working on change programs.

  • The “Art” of change management involves the real-life implementation, experience, templates, samples, change management best practices for each step of the way, tools, day-to-day change challenges, and lessons learned from implementing change programs.
  • The “Science” provides an outline of what should happen, and the “Art” involves coloring in that outline with the processes and tangible activities needed to bring a change program to life.

Let us now discuss the various stages of our OCM Training Modules so you can determine how to best leverage this for implementing change in an organization, and for your change programs.

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OCM Solution Change Management Training Framework & Modules

Learning broad concepts of change management is good, so you can begin to understand how it supports a project. However, broad concepts like “Unfreeze, Change, Refreeze” can only take you so far. You need to dig deeper in the actual deliverables, tasks, and engagement activities – the step-by-step of what you do as a change manager. This is what our training provides. 

The OCM Solution Change Management Training Framework involves modules that integrate a proven, real-life, “change management deliverables approach” for practical hands-on implementation of organization change management versus the theoretical and academia change management scenarios used by a lot of change management methodologies.

“Use it for any type of organizational change: People, Processes, Technology, Policy, M&A, Divestiture, Culture, Strategy, Org Transformation, Restructuring, Data, and more”

OCM Training Module 101

Learn the basics & best practices of OCM

This module covers key change management basics that new change practitioners need to be aware of. Experienced change practitioners can skip this and go directly to OCM Training Module 201, but we strongly recommend that even experienced change managers review this training module as there are some key lessons learned and use cases that we talk about as part of this module that will help you in your change management programs. 

OCM Training Module 201

Learn all about assessments that drive your activities

This module educates you on the key change management activities (risk assessments, change impact analysis, stakeholder assessments, change readiness assessment, resistance assessment, and more) that should be completed when you first join a project to set you up for success. Completing the batch of change assessments will enable you to determine the Who, What, When, How, and Why. 

  • Who is impacted? Who are the stakeholders? Who are the project sponsors? What groups?
  • How will they be impacted? Will this change be a process, system, culture, skill set, job role, policy, M&A, or other type of change?
  • What is the severity of impacts?
  • What is impacted? What processes, systems, tools, culture, policies, data, and job roles are impacted? To what extent will they be impacted?
  • When will impacted users, process, systems, and tools be impacted? What is the roadmap for the next 3, 6, 9, 12 months?
  • Why are they impacted? For each impacted stakeholder group, you need to be able to easily explain the “Why.” 
  • Who needs to be communicated with? Trained? Engaged? Informed? Supported? Who needs to provide support?
  • And more

Missing some of these key assessment activities might cause you to always be one step behind throughout the project, and constantly playing catch-up. In addition, output from your change assessments are needed to develop your change management plans and strategies.

OCM Training Module 301

Learn the core deliverables and planning in OCM

This module educates you on the key change management plans and deliverables to complete. This includes a Change Management Strategic Playbook, a Change Roadmap, and the various communications, engagement, training and change management plans. We include samples and examples that you can leverage for your projects.

OCM Training Module 401

Learn all about OCM deployment and stakeholder engagement

This module involves educating you on best practices for delivering your communications plan, engaging with impacted users, managing stakeholders, getting leadership and end user buy-in into the change, working with stakeholders and champions to reduce resistance to the change, coaching managers and leaders to increase how they advocate for the change, and many more.

OCM Training Module 501

Learn how to normalize and sustain the changes

This module trains you on the best ways to provide post go-live change support and other change management exercises you need to do to ensure the change is adopted and sustained successfully. This will also involve success tracking and KPIs, among other change management metrics.

OCM Training Module 601

Learn the best practices of project closure & transition 

This module involves the steps that need to be completed at the end of a project when the change management resources or team needs to roll off the project or program. This includes the post-mortem report you should do to examine project successes and things that could be improved. You’ll also learn the checklist of closing activities that ensure you’ve successfully transitioned any stakeholder resources to the appropriate teams.

OCM Training Module 701

Learn how to analyze data to improve OCM outcomes

This module explores change management reporting and how to uncover insights in the data that will help you improve the success of your projects. You’ll learn the critical reports that you should generate for every project, reporting that senior executives will want, and ways to streamline reporting to make it easier.

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