OCM Solution: Revolutionizing How Organizations Manage Change

Organizations that adapt swiftly and efficiently to changes in the market, technology, and regulations tend to thrive. This is where Organizational Change Management (OCM) becomes pivotal. OCM is a framework for facilitating successful transitions within an organization.

Simply put, it’s about people and how they move from the current state to the new state with minimal disruption and maximal buy-in.

Enter OCMS, or OCM Solution, a software company based on over a decade of change management experience. Its OCMS Portal change management system is designed to be the backbone of change management initiatives.

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Story Highlights

  • OCM Solution is a company that provides cutting-edge change management software solutions.
  • The OCMS Portal software is the brainchild of senior change manager Ogbe Airiodion, an expert in the field of change management.
  • OCMS has proactively sought out and incorporated the input of change managers into its software.
  • OCM Solution also offers professional change management services.

OCMS hasn’t just created a tool; it has deployed a companion for change managers who are on the lookout for a reliable ally in the complex journey of organizational transformation.

The company’s OCMS Portal is a comprehensive suite of solutions that supports the planning, execution, and monitoring of change management activities. It’s built with the understanding that change doesn’t happen in a vacuum — it affects every layer of an organization. Therefore, OCMS offers a holistic approach that aligns with the people-centric nature of OCM.

OCM Solution (OCMS)

Who Is Behind the OCMS Portal Software?

The software is the brainchild of senior change manager Ogbe Airiodion, an expert in the field of change management, having worked for organizations like Apple and Intel. Mr. Airiodion and his seasoned design and development team have poured their extensive knowledge and experience into creating a platform that addresses the real-world challenges of change initiatives.

The team behind OCM Solution understands that at the heart of successful change management lies effective communication, stakeholder engagement, and the ability to measure impact. Hence, OCMS Portal is equipped with features that facilitate these critical elements.

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User-Centric Development

When looking at the marketplace of OCM software solutions, there is a reason that OCM Solution’s product stands far above the rest. It was developed by and for change management teams.

Throughout its evolution, OCMS has proactively sought out and incorporated the input of change managers from companies large and small. As well as OCM consultants and teams working on government transformations.

The result is a suite of OCM software solutions that fit the needs of a wide variety of organizations, with the flexibility to scale and customize for all skill levels.

All-in-One Organizational Change Management Templates Software

OCM Toolkit for Change Managers and Teams. Change Impacts

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Why Are These OCM Software Solutions a Cut Above the Rest?

Intuitive Design

One of the standout features of the OCMS Portal is its intuitive design. The user interface is clean and straightforward, making it accessible for professionals at all levels of tech-savvy. This ease of use ensures that more time can be spent on the actual management of change rather than navigating complex software.


Another key aspect of the OCM Solution software is its scalability. Whether it’s a small-scale project or an enterprise-wide initiative, OCMS Portal can be tailored to fit the scope and complexity of any change program. This flexibility is crucial in a field where one size does not fit all.

Change Portfolio Management Dashboard

Data-driven Analytics

OCM Solution’s software is also data-driven. It provides valuable insights through analytics and reporting tools that help change managers make informed decisions. By tracking progress and identifying areas of resistance, OCMS Portal aids in fine-tuning strategies to ensure successful outcomes.

Collaborative Cloud Environment

OCMS Portal fosters collaboration across teams and departments. The software is cloud-based to keep everyone and everything in a single place. Users can also work offline if needed through an Excel import/export function.

Its collaborative features enable the sharing of information, ideas, and feedback, creating a cohesive environment that is conducive to change. This collaborative spirit is essential in building a culture of continuous improvement.

OCM Apps for Organizational Change Management - Change Risks

OCM Software for Organizational Change Management

Robust Security

Security is another cornerstone of OCM Solution. In an era where data breaches are all too common, OCMS provides robust security measures to protect sensitive information. OCM software solutions comply with GDPR, The Privacy Act, and other data privacy standards. Change managers can rest assured that their data is safe and secure, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

Superior Support & Resources

Customers of OCM Solution often praise the change management software company for its outstanding customer support and plentiful OCM resources. From training materials to fast response times, the team behind OCMS is committed to ensuring that users get the most out of the software. This level of support is indicative of their dedication to not just selling a product but fostering a community of successful change managers.

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OCMS Portal User & Pricing Information

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What Else Does OCM Solution Offer?

Beyond its OCMS Portal change management software, OCM Solution provides professional change management services focused on helping individuals and organizations through seamless change initiatives. This comprehensive suite of services is designed to empower your team, save valuable time, and ensure the successful execution of even the most complex change initiatives.

Three Suites of Services

  • OCMS Portal Managed Services
  • Change Management Coaching
  • Change Management Consulting

With OCM Solution’s professional change management services, you can confidently navigate change, save time, and cultivate an organization ready to excel in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Read more about OCMS Professional Change Management Services here.

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Learn More About OCMS Portal & OCM Solution

OCMS stands out as a leader in OCM software solutions. The user-friendly design, scalability, data-driven approach, and robust security of its OCMS Portal application make it an invaluable ally for any change manager. As organizations continue to navigate the waters of change, tools like OCMS  Portal will be the lighthouses guiding them to successful shores.

For those interested in learning more about OCMS software and how it can elevate your change management, visit the product page.

Dive into the world of OCMS and discover how it can empower you and your organization to embrace change with confidence and clarity.

All-in-One OCM Apps for Organizational Change Management

Making a Case for Change Management

FAQ – Change in Organizational Development

When was OCMS founded?

Founder, Ogbe Airiodion of Airiodion Global Services launched OCM Solution in 2019 to help new and experienced change managers achieve the highest levels of change management success.

What types of companies is the OCMS Portal designed for?

OCMS Portal change management software is designed for companies of all sizes. We work with large, multi-national corporations, small owner/operator change consultancies, and everything in between. Our OCM software solutions are designed for scalability to fit the needs of any size project or organization.

How much is the OCMS portal subscription price?

Pricing will vary depending on the number of users, projects, subscription term, and qualifying discounts. You can find pricing details here: https://www.ocmsolution.com/pricing/

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