Change Management Story for Change Managers… 

Meet Jill and Janet - Change managers

Meet Jill and Janet.

Jill is a traditional change manager who is plagued with the following:

  1. Poorly handled change implementation
    1. As the pace of technology requires organizations to change and adapt quickly to stay competitive, these transitions are not often handled effectively, and projects fall short of expectations. Time and money are wasted.
  2. Old project implementation methods, same negative user experience
    1. Companies have long relied on cumbersome spreadsheets and old project implementation methods to manage the people side of change, drowning in a sea of data, wasting valuable time on manual processes, and losing sight of the big picture, which are the employees, customers, and groups that need to successfully adopt the changes.

Janet is also a change manager who is tired of seeing the same poor results. She recognizes that to make a significant impact and distinguish herself, she must lead her team towards adopting a fresh and innovative change management solution.

Now, review this video below on Janet and her team’s journey and what they learnt when using OCMS Portal

Your new change management journey starts today!

In the fast-paced world of change management, time is of the essence, and simplicity is key. Introducing OCMS Portal, a cutting-edge change management software with unmatched simplicity that guides OCM teams through the complexities of change initiatives effortlessly.

Free Change Management Templates

  1. The OCM Portal change management software does about 80% of the OCM work for you. It helps ensure your projects meet their goals and your impacted audiences can adapt to changes successfully.
  2. OCM Portal is your OCM co-pilot that supports you throughout the entire change management journey for each project you are supporting including change assessments, communications, stakeholder engagement, resistance management, change champions, training, and many more. Everything you need!
  3. With OCMS Portal, high-level reporting and detailed OCM analytics are at your fingertips. Gain valuable insights to make informed change management decisions that drive success for your projects.
  4. Quickly assess all impacted audiences using our built-in survey tool that makes it simple to gather valuable feedback. Survey data populates automatically into your tools and reports in real-time.

Embrace simplicity, harness power, and save time – all with one innovative solution. Try OCMS Portal today and witness the difference it can make in your organization.

The main features of OCMS Portal

Join the thousands of change managers and their teams who are creating a better change management experience.

We work with a lot of spreadsheets, Word files, and PowerPoints. The challenge is that no one tool that has all the core deliverables, and to see this in your platform in one place and see results in real-time is going to be very useful for us.” – Sr. Change Leader

Supercharge your OCM Project

Who is this tool for?

The OCMS Portal is designed for:

  1. Organizational Change Management (OCM) managers and practitioners
  2. Change management teams
  3. HR teams
  4. Consultancies
  5. Individual OCM leads
  6. Training teams
  7. Coaching leads
  8. Project managers and program leads who need to do change management for their projects/programs
  9. Communication specialists
  10. And other change practitioners

If you are interested in ITIL or other IT Change Control Software, then check out this page: ITIL, Change Control, and Change Request Resources.

OCMS Portal – Change Management, Simplified

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See how OCMS Portal works:

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Signing up for an OCMS Portal team or enterprise account is a strategic move that offers a plethora of benefits for your organization.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your change management. OCMS Portal is your trusted partner for achieving seamless, successful change. Join us on this transformative journey and experience the difference for yourself.

OCMS Team Account

Big benefits that come with a team / enterprise account:

  • Centralized Benefits: With OCMS Portal team account, everyone in your organization will be on the same platform. This ensures seamless communication and collaboration, eliminating the chaos of juggling multiple tools and platforms. The efficiency gains from centralization alone can be a game-changer for your team’s productivity.
  • Dedicated Support: You won’t be navigating the challenges of adopting a new system on your own. OCMS Portal team accounts come with dedicated support specialists who are there to assist you every step of the way. Whether you need technical assistance, have questions, or require guidance, you’ll have experts at your fingertips.
  • Customization: Your organization is unique, and your branding should reflect that. OCMS Portal team accounts offer the flexibility to request customizations that align with your corporate branding. This ensures that your team’s experience is not just efficient but also tailored to your organization’s identity.
  • Cost-Efficiency: OCMS Portal team accounts come with cost-saving benefits compared to individual accounts. You can optimize your budget while providing your team with the best change management tools and support available.

OCMS Team Account

Are you ready to take your team’s productivity and collaboration to the next level? We’re excited to show you around and can’t wait to have you and your team using the best organizational change management software. Reach out today for a personalized quote or schedule a Zoom call

The OCMS Portal Team Account is designed to supercharge your team’s performance, streamline your workflow, and boost your bottom line. Make it your your team’s competitive advantage.

Download an OCMS Portal overview sheet to share with your organization. 

It’s time to embrace a better way….

OCMS Portal – Change Management, Simplified
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What comes with your OCMS Portal subscription

The OCMS Portal subscription includes:

  • Access to all tools and sections of the platform
  • 1 free user license
  • 2 free project licenses
  • Unlimited surveys to gauge change adoption
  • Advanced analytics and reports
  • Access to all OCMS Portal free resources (from topics such as OCM Metrics, Roadmaps, ITIL, Engagements & Briefings, and much more)

At any point you can add more project, user and guest licenses as well as the change management library and rebranding add-ons. Discover more benefits of a team account with multi user and enterprise discounts, stackable on top of an annual discount.  

Tools for Change Management – Simple, right from the start

OCMS Portal, your cloud-based change management solution streamlines the entire OCM process for you

  • Quickly and easily add your target audience to your project.

Upload your target audience

  • Seamlessly populate your tools with your desired target audience

Add target audience to your tool

“But OCMS Portal doesn’t just collect data; it puts it to work.”

Experience the magic of auto-generated change management deliverables that save you hours of work, like a detailed OCM plan tailored to your specific needs or personalized resistance management plans.

Generate unique Change Management Plans

Stay on top of every task with centralized task tracking. Assign tasks to your team, and quickly view a change management deployment timeline. No more juggling emails or chasing down updates—OCMS Portal keeps everything organized.

🎯Change Impact Assessment: Make Informed Decisions

Understanding the potential impact of change is crucial. OCMS Portal’s impact assessment module empowers you to identify and assess potential impacts on processes, technology, people, and so much more.

Our data-driven approach enables you to create informed strategies that mitigate risks and enhance readiness for change.

Change impact assessment

🔑 Stakeholder Assessment and Management: Secure Buy-In

Stakeholder buy-in is the key to successful change. OCMS Portal comes equipped with a robust stakeholder assessment tool that helps you identify key stakeholders, understand their receptiveness, influence, and availability, and develop engagement strategies.

Stakeholders Assessment

Our platform also ensures ongoing stakeholder management, fostering seamless interaction and collaboration throughout the change journey.

OCMS Portal – Change Management, Simplified
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🛡️ Project Change Risk Assessment: Proactive Risk Management

Managing change project risks is a top priority. OCMS Portal’s risk assessment enables you to identify and assess potential risks and create mitigation plans. This proactive approach significantly improves the chances of successful change implementation.

Project Risk Management

See how OCMS Portal works:

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📣 Stay on Top of All Communications

OCMS Portal introduces communications tool that allow you to seamlessly keep track of all your upcoming communications. 

Communications management

Whether it’s sending updates, hosting virtual town halls, or facilitating group discussions, our communication tools ensures everyone stays informed and engaged throughout the change journey.

📚 Training Needs Assessment and Delivery: Empower Your Team

Change often demands new skills and knowledge. With OCMS Portal, you can conduct a comprehensive training needs assessment and efficiently deliver and track training programs. Ensure your employees are fully equipped to embrace change.

Training Management

🏅Change Champion Needs Assessment: Empower Your Champions

Change champions are the driving force behind successful adoption.

OCMS Portal’s tools help you identify and assess the needs of your champions, ensuring they have the resources and support required for their critical role. 

Change Champions Agent Network Tool

This includes our auto-generated Coaching Plan designed to support and develop change champions’ skills, knowledge, and leadership abilities to effectively drive and manage the change initiative.

OCMS Portal – Change Management, Simplified
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🛠️ Resistance to Change: Overcome Roadblocks
Resistance to change can hinder progress. OCMS Portal’s Resistance identifies potential sources of resistance and assesses their severity, enabling you to design strategies to overcome resistance and foster change acceptance.

Resistance Management

🌐 Streamline the Transition with Readiness and Go-Live Assessment

Experience a seamless transition with OCMS Portal’s Readiness and Go-Live Assessment tools.

Effortlessly and efficiently manage every step of your change journey, from the initial readiness phase to the successful go-live moment – supported by our Readiness and Go-Live auto-generated engagement plans.

Project Adoption

📝 Surveys: Gather Precious Information and Feedback

Our surveys enable you to collect valuable information and feedback from your stakeholders and target audience that feed directly into OCMS tools.

Understand their perceptions, concerns, and suggestions to tailor your change strategies effectively.

Change Management Surveys

📊 Reports: Data-Driven Insights

OCMS Portal offers comprehensive reporting capabilities that provide you with data-driven insights into your change initiatives. 

Change Management Analytics

With our reports, you can track progress, identify trends, and make informed decisions based on real-time data, ensuring your change efforts are on the right track.

OCMS Portal – Change Management, Simplified
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🚀 Empowering Change with OCMS Portal: A Harmonious 20-80 Approach

OCMS Portal’s business model empowers users to take charge of 20% of their change management process while our system handles the remaining 80%.

OCMS 80 percent work

This comprehensive support includes delivering tailored communication, ensuring accurate action items and next steps, implementing engagement strategies, crafting engagement and resistance management plans, and so much much more.

See how OCMS Portal works:

Get massive savings with a:

📑 OCM Plan: Your Comprehensive Change Management Roadmap

OCM Plan solidifies the overall strategy and consolidates the various strategies and analyses into one cohesive document, effortlessly autogenerated by the system for you. This invaluable tool saves you hours of work collating data from your assessments and developing a change management strategy.

The document provides helpful suggestions on how to approach your project, ensuring you’re equipped for success.

🆓 Free Resources to Save You Valuable Time

At OCMS Portal, we understand the value of time-saving resources. That’s why we offer a wealth of free templates to kickstart your change initiative efforts. Say goodbye to starting from scratch and hello to efficiency with these free resources:

Free Resources