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Designed for practitioners who implement change as part of their job, our suite of tools provide you and your team with a consistent set of standardized change tools, templates, reporting dashboards, and built-in best frameworks and practices.

OCM Solution Software Pricing 

  • All-in-One Toolkit Basic Plan: $75 a month. Your basic plan comes with:
    • 1 user license
    • 2 project licenses
    • Full suite of change management tools
    • Survey templates
    • and more
  • Additional User License(s): $30 per user / month
  • Guest License(s) (View only): $5 per guest / month
  • Additional Project License(s): $10 per project / month
  • OCM Library: $5 / month
  • Rebranding: $20 / month
  • One-Time Account Setup & Hands-On Training: $69 One Time

OCMS Portal - Software for OD and Change

Contact the OCM Solutions Team if you have any questions about OCM Solution toolkits, products, or services. As pioneers of best change management practices, we believe in supporting the global change management community.

Affordable, No Hassle Pricing. 

All-in-One Change Software

$75 / month.

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Specialty Based ToolkitsPrice Per Month
Economic Impact Assessment Toolkit$20
Data Protection Impact Assessment Toolkit$20
Privacy Impact Assessment & Management Toolkit$20
Target Audience Toolkit$20

To sign up for any of our specialty tools click here: Subscribe to a Specialty Tool.

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OCM Solution Change Management Toolkits in Excel

OCM Solution no longer offers Excel-based toolkits due to Excel-based limitations. However for those interested in Excel-based templates, you can still subscribe to the online versions of our toolkits, and then export them as Excel downloads. And whenever you want, you can easily re-upload your data to leverage the advanced analytics that only comes with the cloud version of our templates.

You can securely access the tool using any device. Everything is saved in one place and available to come back to whenever required on any device you see fit. No more having to switch between tools! Or worrying about siloed spreadsheets or Excel limitations.

Because the Cloud versions of our change toolkits are in the Cloud and we own the technology, we’re free to continuously innovate, enhance, improve, and support the platform.