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Change Management Project Assessment Template & Toolkit for Evaluating Project Risk & Success

Top Change Management Project Impact Assessment Template with Analytics & Checklist 

There are two key types of project assessments that need to occur during a change management project.

One is the assessment performed at the beginning to learn about the project. This change management project assessment and evaluation is necessary to understand the project scope, timeline, deliverables, milestones, objectives, and more.

The second type of change management project assessment example is the assessment to determine project risk and success. This helps you identify areas that need attention, and easily pin point what is going right or wrong? This type of assessment is vital to ensuring a  change management project is on track for success.

Change Management Project Assessments Made Easy

The OCM Solution Change Management Project Assessment Tool makes it easy to complete both types of assessments.

It includes a change management project assessment checklist to walk you through understanding the project and assessing its parameters, goals, and scope. It also has an innovative change management project management evaluation template and dashboard that provide you with scoring and cues on what may need to be done to improve the project’s technical deployment and solution adoption.

The OCM Solution change management project evaluation form template and tools are designed to help those new to project assessments ramp up the learning curve with expert guidance as well as give seasoned practitioners, organizations, and consulting groups a project assessment tool that is truly time-saving.

This All-in-One Change management Project Assessment Template & Checklist has been created for:

    1. Conducting project assessment and evaluation to learn about a project
    2. Doing a project needs and risk assessment
    3. Reporting on project risk status so issues can be addressed proactively
    4. Analyzing how well the project management & change management teams are collaborating
    5. Identifying areas of a project that are going well or that are failing
    6. Helping to ensure a project is both deployed and adopted successfully

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Project Assessment Examples | Easy-to-Use Project Evaluation Form Template

Background Story Behind the OCM Solution Project Review Software

As a Senior Change Management Consultant and a former U.S. Marine, I have successfully delivered transformational business, social, and culture changes that impacted hundreds of thousands of individuals across the Federal Reserve Bank, Intel, Accenture, Cisco, Apple, Deloitte, Capital One, Fannie Mae, AIG, HSBC, and other organizations.

Throughout my change management career, one major pain point I have heard from hundreds of practitioners has been a lack of a consistent, standardized, and best-in-class project assessment template that can be used to evaluate a project and inform on areas of risk.

And so, as a Pioneer of best business, social, and organizational toolkits and a strong advocate of the global innovation community I decided to work with OCM Solution (formerly AGS) Designers and Developers to launch the #1 top-ranked Project Needs Assessment Template below that any change practitioner, organization or consulting firm can use, irrespective of experience.

Ogbe Airiodion
Senior Change Management Leader

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Project Readiness Checklist & Template Features

Features to Enhance Your Project Assessments

Everything in One Place

The OCM Solution project assessment template provides one centralized place to keep track of your project assessment tools, project research, risk status, tasks, notes, and more. It also includes project assessment examples to increase success.

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Simplified Project Impact Assessment Template

Our project risk & success template presents a set of (editable) project and change management deliverables due in different stages of a standard project. You indicate which are delivered, and the system scores each category, stage, and the overall project risk automatically!

project readiness checklist

Helpful Project Assessment Survey

Leverage the survey included in this project evaluation criteria checklist and tool to help you ramp up the learning curve for a project quickly. It includes questions you can ask of project leaders, sponsors, SMEs, and others to identify important project details.

project management evaluation template

Project Evaluation Checklist & Task Workflow

Need help getting started with a project you were just assigned to for change management support? Use the Project Assessment Checklist included in the OCM Solution project assessment software for a full project assessment workflow.

project assessment checklist

Project Evaluation Template Excel Export

Work where you like. Use the cloud interface or export a project evaluation template Excel version to work offline.

project evaluation template excel

Instant Analytics & Risk Scoring

This Process Assessment Template includes comprehensive analytics that provide quick and meaningful insights into your project risk assessment, including comprehensive scoring per each category. Save hours using our project management evaluation template dashboard to inform on project “hot spots” that need to be addressed.

project impact assessment template

Project Readiness Checklist with Integrated Task Management

Task tracking is a core part of any project assessment example. Use the project evaluation criteria checklist to track your project assessment tasks as you learn about the scope, objective, timeline, etc. This addition makes this project evaluation checklist even more valuable.

project assessment example

Project Assessment Example Data

The OCM Solution project impact assessment template and reporting dashboard include sample data to get you started. These detailed project assessment examples help you better understand how your data will look once entered and the types of reports it will generate.

project needs assessment template

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New to Change Management?

Our Toolkit includes a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through best practices for conducting a project assessment and evaluation.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about this project needs assessment template, risk score dashboard, and a project assessment checklist.

project assessment and evaluation

OCM Solution Project Assessment Example Report: See side-by-side scoring for project management and change management in multiple categories!

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Do you have any questions about our project assessment examples?  Reach out and let us know!

Generate Masterful Project Assessment Tool Analytics Reports

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Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

Instantly report on project risk and success in multiple categories of project deliverables. Not only will you be able to use the project impact assessment template to generate an automated category, stage, and project risk score, but you’ll also gain insights into which deliverables are putting the project in danger.

Get project management evaluation template reports on project management solution deployment, as well as change management solution adoption for a realistic project risk status.

Our analytics save you a ton of time when it comes to analyzing and presenting your data. Instead of having to spend hours poring over a project evaluation template Excel sheet to figure out charts – OCM Solution has done it all for you!

Exporting your reports and data is easy. You can export your project needs assessment template reports to PDF or PowerPoint.

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Project Risk Assessment Reports
Project Risk Analysis
Project Needs Assessment
Project Needs Analysis
Project Risk Assessment Reports
Project Risk Analysis
Project Needs Assessment
Project Needs Analysis
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Scroll through some reporting screenshots from our project evaluation form template.

You can securely access your project risk assessment software using any device including a mobile phone, iPad, laptop, Mac, or PC, and from any location (office, home, or even when traveling).

Contact us if you have any questions about OCM Solution toolkits, products, or services. As pioneers of best change management practices, we believe in supporting the global change management community.

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Comprehensive Project Assessment Template for Risk & Success

OCM Solution’s #1 project assessment tool can be used to get both a high-level overview and a detailed granular view of your project risk and success.

Use the dynamic view of the project readiness checklist template to check off project deliverables on both the deployment (project management) and adoption (change management) sides of the project.

The project assessment template also includes a matric view, where you can see all details of your assessment in a table format. Both views also are available to see in a project assessment example that is filled in with sample data.

Project risk & success are scored as follows:

  • One overall project score
  • Scores for each of the 3 key project stages
  • Scores for each category in each stage
  • Scores for project management & change management in each category

Scoring is automated as you note which deliverables have been completed. You also have the flexibility in this project impact assessment template to edit the default deliverables in each category.

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Project Risk Assessment Template
Project Risk Matrix
Project Assessment Checklist
Project Assessment Templates
Project Risk Assessment Template
Project Risk Matrix Template
Project Assessment Checklist
Project Assessment Templates
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Scroll through some project assessment template screenshots.

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Contact us if you have any questions about this project assessment template or our project evaluation criteria checklist.

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project evaluation form template

OCM Solution Project Assessment Template, Checklist & Analytics

What’s Inside the OCM Solution Project Assessment Tool?

  • Project needs assessment template
  • Project assessment analytics dashboard
  • A step-by-step project evaluation criteria checklist
  • Surveys to use in MS Word & MS Forms
  • Guides, tutorials, webinars, and help resources
  • and More!

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Do you have a money-back guarantee on the Project Assessment Tool?

Answer: Yes, we do. The Cloud version of our Project assessment and evaluation toolkit comes with a cancellation at any time policy – no matter the reason.

Multi-prong question about sharing the project impact assessment template with other team members

Questions: Can I share the OCM Solution change impact assessment tools with others? What are the requirements for the single-use license? If I have a colleague on the same project, can we use it separately and work on the project separately, or do we need to buy 2 licenses?

Answer: Our Project Assessment Template is offered on a per-user basis. You can add users to your account to collaborate with you, but they need to subscribe. Subscribing gives them their own single-user license. After you subscribe, it’s easy to add teammates and other users.

Can I cancel at any time?

Answer: Absolutely! We’d hate to see you go, but we understand things come up. Subscription plans for our Project Assessment Tool are recurring but can be canceled before the next renewal period on your My Account > Subscriptions page. We have a no-questions-asked simple-click cancellation policy—no hoops for you to jump through.

Does the project assessment checklist include guides and tutorials?

Answers: Yes, it does. And more. Our project impact assessment template, analytics, and project readiness checklist have tooltips to guide you. You’ll also find video tutorials that provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough.

I am in a different region, will this Project Assessment Tool still work for me?

Answer: Yes, most definitely. This Project Assessment Template was developed for change practitioners in the United States, Australia, the U.K., Canada, Philippines, India, Africa, Europe, LATAM, Middle East, APAC, and any region. It is truly a global project risk & success assessment platform.

Can I remove OCM Solution branding and use my branding or firm’s logo?

Answer: Yes, you can replace OCM Solution branding on your purchased project evaluation form template, when you add the Rebranding add-on to your order.

Can I upgrade at any time? Can I add more products later on?


You can add toolkits, users, and project licenses to your OCM Solution account at any time.

How are future enhancements/changes handled for this Project Assessment Template?


Future upgrades and changes to your project impact assessment template, dashboard, and project evaluation checklist will be done periodically. Upgrades and future enhancements will always be free to customers.

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FAQ | Project Assessment Examples

What is initial project assessment?

The initial project assessment is done by change managers and project managers at the start of a project to understand what the project is about.

This includes going through a project assessment checklist to see which documents need to be reviewed (project charter, etc.) and who should be contacted to learn the scope, deliverables, timeline, etc. of the project.

What is project risk assessment?

Using a project assessment template for risk assessment involves looking at all stages and areas of a project and indicating areas that are on track and those that are not.

It’s best to know as early as possible that a project is at risk, and where that risk is located, so it can be addressed.

Why is project assessment necessary?

If you don’t assess a project using a project assessment tool, then the project could fail. Project assessment is necessary for catching problem areas before the project fails. It serves as a discussion point and roadmap for things to address in a project to ensure it will meet its objectives.

How do you evaluate project performance?

The OCM Solution Project Assessment Template uses project management and change management deliverables to evaluate project performance. If the deliverables are completed, the project is on track. If they are not, then it indicates an area of project risk.

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