This Year’s Prosci Reviews & Ranking | Everything You Need to Know

Prosci is well known for its change management certification. But it also has a consulting and services function that was recently ranked by AGS as one of the top change management consultancies.

But what really makes Prosci’s change management consulting function different? Are there any negative aspects to Prosci’s change management consultancy that you should be aware of?

Let’s dig in to find out.

The Prosci review below provides a detailed assessment of Prosci, including some of the factors that led to its ranking and selection as a top change management consulting firm.

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Prosci Review

A true leader in the change management industry, Prosci has worked with 80% of Fortune 100 companies. This leading change management consulting firm is unique in that it provides one of the most recognized certifications for change management professionals.

This organizational change management consulting firm has a global team of dedicated “change makers” that work with clients to ensure successful change initiatives. The firm is headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, and has additional offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, and Rozelle, NSW, Australia.

Prosci change management consultants have a passion for guiding organizations through change, and they do it using methods developed from scientific principals along with a focus on the people side of change.

The firm maintains one of the largest bodies of change management knowledge in the world and has created methods that are recognized and used by other top change management consulting firms.

Prosci Ranking & Review

Prosci Review | Leading Change Management Consulting Firm

Some of the many well-known organizations that have secured Prosci change management services include:

  • Kraft
  • Unilever
  • Panera Bread
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Adobe

Prosci Review Highlights

Following, are company details and key factors that lead us to rank Prosci change management consultants as a top change management consulting firm.

Prosci Reviews | About Prosci

In a review of Prosci’s history, we found that the firm was founded in 1994 by Jeff Hiatt, a former Bell Labs engineer, and program manager.

This industry-leading organizational change management consulting firm is focused solely on change management, which is one reason it has become one of the best in the industry, with many others adopting its methodologies.

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One of the ways that this change management consultancy has been able to create such ground-breaking methods and tools is through its thorough research process. The firm’s research team has studied change leaders in-depth to see what works and what doesn’t.

Prosci change management consultants work with partners in over 50 countries to meet the needs of global teams that may be spread across multiple continents.

Prosci Reviews | Change Management Solutions

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a change management consultancy that offers quite as many solutions for change management activities as Prosci.

Prosci change management services include offerings both for organizations and individuals. Whether someone is implementing the change or leading it within their company, a review of Prosci offerings shows the firm stands ready with a solution.

Individual change management services include:

  • Change management certification
  • Proven change management methods and tools
  • Tailored coaching and career development
  • Advanced change management certifications
  • All the tools you could need to apply change management

Organizational change management services include:

  • Onsite and virtual enterprise training
  • Advisory and consulting for change management
  • Numerous licensing options
  • eLearning modules
  • All the tools you could need to build change capability

Prosci Reviews | The Prosci ADKAR® Model

Twenty years of research is behind an industry-standard approach to change management called The Prosci ADKAR® Model. You’ll find this model used by many other change management consultants.

When learning more about Prosci and its ADKAR model, we found that a core principle is that change only happens when individuals change.

Thus, the ADKAR model is designed to provide a framework that encourages each person impacted by the organizational change to move through five key phases to ensure successful completion of the change initiative.

This leading change management consulting firm describes those phases as:

  • A: Awareness of the need for change
  • D: Desire to support the change
  • K: Knowledge of how to change
  • A: Ability to demonstrate skills and behaviors
  • R: Reinforcement to make the change stick

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Prosci Reviews | Change Advisory Services

While much of the business model of this top organizational change management consulting firm is in education and certification for others leading change programs, it also offers advisory services for organizations.

Prosci change management services for consulting include customized advisory assistance with transitions as well as coaching, facilitated workshops, and help to align resources.

A review of Prosci benefits for companies that take advantage of its consulting services include:

  • Measure and achieve success
  • Leverage support, coaching and consulting
  • Access proven tools and success strategies

Prosci change management services also include the ability to take advantage of helpful workshops on the following topics:

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Change Management Integration
  • Change Scorecard
  • Change Portfolio

Making the Case for Change Management OCM

Rating Summary | Prosci Review

Whether you need an expert consultant that created a world-recognized model for change management or require certification and training resources, Prosci can meet your needs.

A review of Prosci shows that it’s a significant name in the industry due to its ADKAR change management model and industry certifications that are used and requested by many other leading change management consulting firms.

Prosci has the methods and models to guide you through successful change, as well as the training your team needs for continual improvement. It earns a 5-star rating as a top change management consulting firm to partner with for both organizations and individuals alike.

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