Recommended Steps to Driving Organizational Change Within Your Organization.

Transformational Change

Below are key recommended actions to help you effectively drive change within your organization. The first step is to ensure that you engage with  your firm’s senior leadership to get alignment and sponsorship of the change, as well as alignment on the steps outlined below.

  1. Facilitate alignment with senior leaders, and get buy-in
  2. Where possible, consolidate in-flight programs under one initiative
  3. Develop an end-to-end holistic roadmap and timeline for implementing the various deliverables
  4. Create a governance structure to enable prioritization and sequencing
  5. Increase transparency and communication of the changes
  6. Emphasize the need for drive (what are the driving factors for the change)
  7. Integrate your change management resources with the program team
  8. Integrate change management activities and deliverables into the project plan
  9. Develop a top-down communication plan to include the Business and IT divisions
  10. Develop and implement a training and post-go-live change reinforcement plan
  11. Align rewards or repercussions with the transformation objectives
  12. Stand up a “War Room” or Command Center to manage issues as they arise

Transformational Change

In addition, you should ensure that there is a project plan for each initiative that identifies all changes in sufficient detail

  • Where is change happening to users?
  • When is change happening to users?
  • Who exactly will be impacted by the change?

Make sure to build a timeline that spans from inception to change reinforcement, highlighting key events that will take place over the course of the transformation.

Don’t forget to identify and develop change tools that will support the various change deliverables.

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