Review and Ranking of The Motivity Group

The Motivity Group change management consultants were recently ranked and reviewed by AGS; and added to this year’s list of the best-rated change management consultancies. 

But what really makes The Motivity Group different? Are there any negative aspects to The Motivity Group that you should be aware of?

Let’s dig in to find out.

The Motivity Group review below provides a detailed assessment of The Motivity Group, including some of the factors that led to its ranking and inclusion to our list of best change management consulting firm.

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The Motivity Group Review

Using proven strategies and customized change management solutions, The Motivity Group has managed to grow into one of the leading change management consulting firms that keeps overhead low in order to offer exceptional value to its clients.

This organizational change management consulting firm is based in Chicago, IL and has the ability to provide as many or few resources as a client may need for a project. This is key to its ongoing success and growth.  The firm also has been expanding and building a strong presence in Florida and North Carolina.

Based on our assessment of The Motivity Group, we identified that most of its change management consultants had experiences in a wide variety of industries. The firm is also expanding its market size by partnering with service management providers to provide additional project solutions, including IT services, training, and other support functions.

The Motivity Group Ranking & Reviews

The Motivity Group Review | A Top Change Management Consulting Firm

From our editorial review of The Motivity Group’s model strategy, we found that the firm applies an agile strategy to its consulting delivery, and works to reduce overhead by significantly reducing or eliminating travel expenses. It scales services, as needed, to meet each client’s needs.

The Motivity Group change management services continues to gain traction and usage by clients and is now used by many Fortune 1000 companies.

The Motivity Group Review Highlights

Following, are company details and key factors that lead us to rank The Motivity Group change management consultants as a leading change management consulting firm.

The Motivity Group Reviews | About The Motivity Group

Assessing the history of an organization often shines a light on its history performances or issues.

Unfortunately, unlike other change management companies that we ranked on our top consulting firms’ list, we could not locate a year of founding for The Motivity Group. 

We only identified that the firm was founded by a senior executive with a background in financial services and health care.

We established that hiring quality and intelligent team members was one of the tenants of this organizational change management consulting firm. We also identified that the firm had a strong culture that fostered a spirit of inclusion and allowed its team to spread their wings while feeling supported.   

The Motivity Group change management consultants focus on people as a key driver for successful change and enjoy getting to personally know each and every client.

The industry expertise of this change management consultancy includes:

  • Healthcare
  • Consumer/Retail
  • Energy/Power
  • Higher Education
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology

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The Motivity Group Reviews | Focus Areas

The tagline of The Motivity Group is “a change management company.” Unlike other large scale management consulting that focus on other functions, The Motivity Group  focuses entirely on change management solutions and methods. This specialization has allowed it to become a trusted leader in the organizational change management space.

The Motivity Group change management services cover several core areas that work together to drive successful change management. This includes both the people and the organizational side of change management.

Key focus areas you’ll find when learning more about The Motivity Group include:

  • Change Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Human Capital Management
  • Business Process
  • Organizational Development

The Motivity Group Reviews | Exceptional Results at a Lower Price

A feature that makes this firm stand out from other top change management consulting firms is that it works to keep prices affordable for companies that may be smaller and in need of change management solutions at a great value.

This organizational change management consulting firm notes that it operates with “no corporate overhead.” It works to streamline its consulting process to deliver successful results at a lower price point.

The Motivity Group change management services are optimized in the following ways to reduce costs:

  • It eliminates or dramatically reduces travel costs
  • It scales resources to match each client project
  • It combines local and remote resources
  • It incentivizes consultants through profit-sharing

Through this approach, this top change management consulting firm is able to reduce hourly consulting rates by as much as 60% to clients.

The Motivity Group Reviews | Comprehensive Change Process

The Motivity Group has become a leading change management consulting firm by being agile, lean, and using a comprehensive process.

Each client is guided through a 4-step process that implements many of the key tenants of change management and helps to ensures a sustainable outcome. The comprehensive nature of this change process makes it easy for organizations and their teams to implement.

The Motivity Group Reviews

Review of The Motivity Group Change Management Consultancy

The Motivity Group change management services process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Roadmapping a Strategy
  • Step 2: Planning for Change
  • Step 3: Implementation of Change
  • Step 4: Change Sustainability

A review of The Motivity Group change process shows that clients can trust the firm’s consultants to remain supportive well after the initial roll-out has occurred. It is dedicated to ensuring change is sustainable and meets or exceeds the expected results.

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Rating Summary | The Motivity Group Review

For companies looking for a trusted change management consultancy and that are also budget conscious, The Motivity Group is an excellent option. The firm strives to drive excellence at a great value by reducing overhead.

A comprehensive process is another thing about The Motivity Group that organizations will find refreshing. The firm simplifies each complex area by breaking it down into smaller steps.

One item we did find lacking when doing our review of The Motivity Group was a reference to case studies from clients. Thus, we have rated the firm with 3-stars. With some case studies added to its site, The Motivity Group could easily score higher in the future as a top change management consulting firm.

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