3 Key Pillars Needed for a Change to be Successful | Everything You Need to Know
By Ogbe Airiodion (Sr. Change Lead)  

3 Key Pillars Needed for a Change to be Successful

The Project Change Triangle presented below is a simple but powerful Prosci framework that shows the three critical pillars needed to be in place for a project, program, initiative or change to achieve increased success.


One of those pillars is leadership. A program needs to have active, visible, and supporting leadership. Impacted employees generally look to their leaders for direction and vision. If leaders are not prioritizing a program, then employees will notice and follow direction by reducing their own support and participation in the change program.

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Leaders are needed to continuously and publicly champion the change program, as well as establish priority, governance, and vision.

Project Management

Project and program management is the second pillar that makes up the project success triangle. Program and project management teams are responsible for designing, developing, testing and deploying new solutions. They are also responsible for managing the risks associated with implementing the solutions.

Change Management

The third pillar of the success triangle is an effective change management program, which involves managing the people side of change, including helping impacted users to accept, embrace, learn, and become proficient in using the new solutions.

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It is important to notice what is in the middle of the triangle: meeting project objectives, finishing on time and on budget, and realizing the expected Return on Investment are why a project or initiative is launched in the first place.

Project Success Triangle

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