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Hi and welcome to OCMS Portal. Today we’ll provide you with an overview of the Change Impact Assessment tool.

We’ll dive into the change impact analysis tool’s core features that contribute to making OCMS Portal the best All-in-One organizational change management platform by simplifying and streamlining the change management process.

The change impact assessment tool is designed to help you analyze how employee groups will be uniquely impacted by a change. It is part of “Phase 1: Assess” in the OCMS Portal framework.

When you arrive on the Change impacts analysis tool for the first time it will be empty. You’ll start by adding your first change. OCMS Portal is a learning resource, and you can access tool related video tutorials and important free resources such as documented change assessments and impacts guides.

OCMS Portal Free Resources

OCMS Portal is also a companion while you conduct your change management activities, the change impact analysis tool is there to help you identify risks and challenges associated with the change.

In the tool you’ll be able to:

1. Quickly add new unique changes to your project

2. Identify the specific target audience impacted by the change. In the OCMS Portal change impact assessment tool, you can identify specific target audience by individuals as well as by groups. The benefits of identifying change impacts by employee groups allows change leaders to understand how to prepare and support employees through change.

3. You can easily detail the current and future state of what is changing and quickly specify the type of change or create your own. A change can have one or more types. For example, a change involving new cybersecurity procedures, might include the types “compliance” and “policy” meaning the change is impacting both areas in the organization. Designating change types helps leaders understand which types of changes are impacting their departments or regions.

4. Seamlessly determine the impact level on the target audience. A “High Level of Impact” demands significant audience attention and action. Why? Because it is highly disruptive, to the current state. A “Medium Level of Impact” requires focused attention because failure to address it leads to reduced adoption or performance.

In addition to High and Medium impacts. A change can also be classified as a Low impact. A “Low Level of Impact” needs minimal attention. Impacted audiences may notice but would likely adapt on their own. Failure to adopt has no significant impact on performance.

Change Impacts - Adding new project changes

Projects will typically include more than one change. For example, a software adoption project may include a technology change and a policy change. These changes can also impact different groups.

You can create and edit as many relevant changes as your project requires. All fully editable by your change management team. By performing a change impacts assessment and assessing the impact levels on the different groups, you prioritize resource allocation easier. Determine where budget, manpower and time are needed the most.

You can make use timesaving features such as our import function, allowing you to effortlessly upload your change impacts details into the tool. As well as being able to print your change impact assessment to present to higher management. The results generated by this tool make up the essential building blocks of your OCM Plan.

Generate unique Change Management Plans

In today’s fast-paced world, staying competitive is the key to success, and our change impact analysis tool in our cutting-edge OCMS Portal All-in-One suite is here to make your life easier.  Adapt and thrive in a dynamic environment with OCMS Portal – Streamline – Optimize – Succeed

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Big benefits that come with a team / enterprise account:

  • Centralized Benefits: With OCMS Portal team account, everyone in your organization will be on the same platform. This ensures seamless communication and collaboration, eliminating the chaos of juggling multiple tools and platforms. The efficiency gains from centralization alone can be a game-changer for your team’s productivity.
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OCMS Portal – Change Management, Simplified
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What comes with your OCMS Portal subscription

The OCMS Portal subscription includes:

  • Access to all tools and sections of the platform
  • 1 free user license
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  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Advanced analytics and reports
  • Access to all OCMS Portal free resources (from topics such as OCM Metrics, Roadmaps, ITIL, Engagements & Briefings, and much more)

At any point you can add more project, user and guest licenses as well as the change management library and rebranding add-ons. 

Discover more benefits of a team account with multi user and enterprise discounts, stackable on top of an annual discount.  

Top Impact Assessment Templates for Assessing & Managing Any Kind of Change 

To effectively conduct a change impact assessment to identify, analyze, track, and manage impacted users, you’ll need the following key items:

  1. A streamlined business impact analysis template or comprehensive change assessment tool for your change
  2. A seamless change impact assessment interface for seamlessly tracking, engaging, and/or training impacted users.
  3. A reporting dashboard that is linked to your business change impact analysis template tool, and provides real-time reports that you can present to key stakeholders, sponsors, program team, change team, and management.

OCMS Portal has all of that and more!

Main features of the change impacts tool

As a Senior Change Management Lead, I have successfully delivered transformational business, social and culture changes that impacted hundreds of thousands of individuals across the Federal Reserve Bank, Intel, Accenture, Cisco, Apple, Deloitte, Capital One, Fannie Mae, AIG, HSBC, and other organizations.

Throughout my change management career, one major pain point I have heard from hundreds of practitioners has been a lack of a consistent, standardized, and best-in-class assessment template and tool that can be used to assess any kind of change including business impacts, software or technology change impacts, social changes, culture changes, process changes, policy changes, and even climate change impact assessments.

And so, as a Pioneer of best business, social, and organizational toolkits and a strong advocate of the global innovation community I decided to work with OCM Solution (formerly AGS) Designers and Developers to launch the #1 top-ranked Business Impact Analysis Template below that any change practitioner, organization or consulting firm can use, irrespective of experience.

Ogbe Airiodion
Senior Change Management Leader

OCMS Portal Business Impacts Assessment & Management Software

OCMS Portal – Change Management, Simplified
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Change Impact Assessments Made Easy with OCM Solution Portal

There are many moving parts to change management and doing a high-level impact assessment for a culture, process, system, technology, organization, or another type of change.

You have to map the current and future states, identify the impacted groups and roles, estimate the level of impact, and more! OCM Solution Portal platform comes equipped with the Business Impact Management Software & Change Impact Template that provide you with everything you need to plan and implement a successful assessment.

Simple Assessment Steps

The Business Analyst Template Toolkit within the OCMS Portal is an invaluable resource designed to empower business analysts and change management professionals in effectively assessing and implementing organizational changes.

These tools for impact analysis are designed to help those new to change assessments ramp up the learning curve with expert guidance as well as give seasoned practitioners, organizations, and consulting groups the project impact analysis tools that are truly timesaving.

This OCMS Portal Impact Assessment Tool has been created for:

1. Conducting organizational impact assessments, tracking, reporting, and management
2. Business change assessments and reporting
3. Assessing impacts from the process, system, technology, digitalization, and tool changes
4. Analyzing impacts from culture changes, mindset shifts, business strategy, and vision changes
5. Analyzing enterprise-wide or group-wide transformations
6. Assessment of new policy and procedure impacts
7. M&A and business expansions
8. ….and any type of assessment and change impact analysis

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Business Impact Management Made Easy

Features to Enhance Your Project Impact Assessments

Everything in One Place

The OCM Solution platform provides one centralized place to keep track of your change impact analysis tools, business impact assessment template, impacted groups and job roles, tasks, and more.

All in one place - Change impacts tool

Our cutting-edge tool leverages a wide array of impact analysis tools and techniques, including high-level impact assessment, to provide insightful assessments for informed decision-making.

Simplified Change Impact Analysis Template

Use the impact Add Change to create a new change and add  the severity of impacts by group, job role, and region.

Leverage the Tasks Checklist for Change Impact Analysis & Change Assessment Workflow

Leverage the Tasks Checklist in the OCMS Portal when conducting your business impact analysis. It will help you uncover any impacts you may have missed along with helping you with the full change assessment workflow.

Tasks Checklist

Utilizing a change impact analysis checklist is a critical step in any change management process. The change impact analysis checklist serves as a structured tool to systematically evaluate and document the potential impacts of a proposed change within an organization.

Instant Analytics & Reporting

OCMS Portal change management impact analysis template includes comprehensive analytics that provide quick and meaningful insights into your change impact matrix analysis & tasks. Save hours using our change analysis template dashboard, instead of having to create reports yourself.

Reports for the change impacts assessment tool

Upload Your Changes To OCMS Platform

Say goodbye to manual data entry! Upload your changes to the Change Impacts Tool on OCMS Platform, and watch them instantly appear in analytics. Review, collaborate, and work your way with ultimate flexibility. Along with our general organizational-level impact analysis report template, you get a business impact analysis template free.

You can upload your change management impact assessment template Excel and map it to our change impact analysis tools.

Group, Stakeholder, Job Role, Individual, and Location Level Analysis

Apart from the general organizational-level impact analysis report template, you can track your changes on a group, stakeholder, job role, individual, and location level.

OCM Plan

All of this information is feeding into your OCM Plan. OCM plan is your sample impact analysis document that serves as a comprehensive assessment tool used by project managers, change management teams, and stakeholders to understand how a change will impact different areas of the business. OCM plan outlines the steps, processes, and actions needed to manage change smoothly, minimize resistance, and achieve the desired outcomes.

You can use the autogenerated plan as it is or edit it to meet your needs.

New to Change Management? No problem.

OCMS Portal includes a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through best practices for business impact assessments, planning, tracking, and management.

OCMS Portal Learning

Change Management Learning

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

OCMS Portal – Change Management, Simplified
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Are you looking for more resources for a software change impact analysis template, policy impact assessment template, impact analysis template for IT projects, or impact assessment template in the pharmaceutical industry? Reach out and let us know!

Generate Masterful Business Impact Management Software Analytics Reports

Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

The business impact assessment toolkit comes with comprehensive reporting that gives you insight into your impact analysis progress.

The analytics reporting that comes with your OCM Solution Portal organizational system impact assessment template gives you real-time insights on the number of processes that are impacted by the change, as well as impacted stakeholders or employees, and much more.

Your Change Impact Analysis Tool Dashboard is continuously up to date with the progress you and your team are making as you complete the steps and tasks needed for your project impact analysis and assessment exercises.

Our analytics save you a ton of time when it comes to analyzing and presenting your data. Instead of having to spend hours poring over an impact assessment template Excel sheet to figure out charts – OCMS Portal has done it all for you!

Create amazing reports

Advanced Filtering of Business Impact Analysis Tools Across All Projects

Are you looking to only bring up groups with a high change impact analysis example? Want to drill down into the magnitude of impacts across your software impact analysis template?

You can do all that and more with the interactive analytics in OCMS Portals’s reporting.

Our tools for impact analysis provide real-time insights to use in your reporting to project sponsors and key leaders and can help you make strategic decisions on your change management tasks and priorities.

Exporting your reports and data is easy. You can export your business impact analysis example report to PDF or take screenshots to paste into a business impact analysis template Word document.

As mentioned above, you can securely access your change impact analysis software in the OCMS Portal using any device including mobile phone, iPad, laptop, Mac, or PC, and from any location (office, home, or even when traveling).

For questions or feedback about the impact statement template or any of the change, stakeholder, sponsor, or training impact assessment tools discussed above, send us a message. Also, if you would like more change impact assessment template free examples, feel free to message us.

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Comprehensive Business Impact Assessment Template

OCM Solution Portal’s  #1 change impact assessment tool can be used to conduct all aspects of your business impact analysis, including the various impacts to people, tools, business processes, culture, and policies.

Change impact assessment

Our unique change impact analysis tool can use be used as as:

  • Software impact analysis template
  • Training impact assessment tools
  • Policy impact assessment template
  • Impact analysis template for IT projects
  • High-level impact assessment for culture changes
  • Software change impact analysis template
  • M&A change analysis template
  • Process change impact assessment matrix
  • Impact assessment template in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Impact assessment template change management for downsizing
  • Technology impact assessment template
  • And much more

To improve your change impact assessments, use OCMS Portal’s Change Impacts tool to gather and document the key pieces of information that need to be captured for an effective business impact analysis, including the following:

  • Summary of each process that is changing: “Current State (Pre-Change)” processes vs. “Future State (Post-Change)” processes
  • Change delta (what is changing between how people do their jobs today versus how they will do it in the future – after Go-Live)
  • The individuals or groups that will be impacted
  • The job roles that will be impacted
  • The categories of change applicable (technology, policy, culture, etc.)
  • The severity of the impact

Looking for a way to import a change management impact assessment template Excel sheet to OCMS Portal? We got you covered!

In the OCM Solution change assessment tool, you can import a change management impact assessment template Excel sheet or business impact analysis template xls. Just click to import your impact analysis template Excel file.

When ready to update your online business impact analysis template and analytics, just upload your change impact analysis template Excel file into the change assessment tool to populate the data. We make a hybrid work experience easy!

This is going to save you tons of time because you can start your change assessment template activities right away. You don’t have to spend time coming up with your own columns or struggle with spreadsheets. The platform is cloud-based and designed for team collaboration.

If you’ve been looking for a business impact analysis cloud software to use that walks you through a typical change impact assessment process, then you’ll appreciate how easy and comprehensive our change impact analysis tool is to use.

Whether you already are well-versed in real or sample business impact analysis or are just starting out learning about system impact assessment template use, this change impacts toolbox can help you.

Below, you can see some of the data inputs that are used in your impact assessment report template.

OCMS Portal – Change Management, Simplified
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For questions or feedback about the change impact assessment template Excel or any of the business impact analysis tools discussed above, send us a message. Also, if you would like a free demo of any of our impact assessment templates or how to import your change impact analysis template Excel into OCMS Portal, feel free to book a 45-minute session here.

Affordable & Flexible Business Impact Management Software

Whether you have a small non-profit with just one user or work with a large enterprise corporation using change impact assessment templates, you can find a plan that fits your needs perfectly.

Our plans are scalable to match your project needs. You can use your impact assessment tools for as many or few projects as you need at any time. 

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See how OCMS Portal works:

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Contact us if you have any questions about the change impact assessment template reviewed and offered on this page. In addition, if you have feedback about the various tools and techniques of change management, do let us know.

Why Use OCM Solution’s Change Assessment Template for Your Change Project?

  • Saves you tons of time on your technology, process, culture, or business change impact analysis
  • Based on industry-standard change methodologies
  • Can be used by both beginners and very experienced change managers and project leads
  • Change teams can collaborate online
  • Automatic reporting that is always current with your data
  • You can access OCMS Portal platform from any device
  • Keeps you from dropping any balls
  • Makes you look good with smart analytics!

Change Impact Assessment Toolkit

What’s Inside the OCM Solution Change Impact Assessment Tool in OCMS Platform?

  • A world of free change management templates & roadmaps (including a basic business impact assessment template excel)
  • Guides, presentation templates, assessment framework
  • A step-by-step tasks checklist to use in combination with your impact assessment tool
  • Instant analytics as you input data (no spending hours trying to create reports)
  • Ability to upload your data from a spreadsheet or key it into the Cloud interface
  • Centralized target audience that populate into all modules as dropdown options
  • Ability to add on special features like knowledge library access or rebranding with your logo
  • and More!

OCMS Portal – Change Management, Simplified
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Multi-prong question about sharing the business impact assessment template with other team members

Questions: Can I share the OCM Solution software access with others? What are the requirements for the single-use license? If I have a colleague on the same project can we use it separately and work on the project separately, or do we need to buy 2 licenses? Also, can the project be shared across multiple users?

Answer: OCMS Portal software is offered on a per-user basis. You can add users to your account to collaborate with you but they need to have their own license. You can purchase as many licenses as you need and assign it to your team members either right away or after you subscribe – it’s easy to add teammates and other users.

Can I cancel at any time?

Answer: Absolutely! We’d hate to see you go, but we understand things come up. Subscription plans for our change impacts tool are recurring but can be canceled before the next renewal period. We have a no-questions-asked simple-click cancellation policy—no hoops for you to jump through.

Does the Change Impacts Tool include guides and tutorials?

Answers: Yes, it does. It includes different resources and video tutorials that provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on using the Change Impacts Assessment & Management Tool in the OCMS Platform.

Can I upload (import) data into the Change Impacts Tool’s spreadsheets. For example, can I upload employee rosters vs having to re-enter the data?

Answer: Yes, you can. We’ve made it easy with a simple click to import existing data into your change impact analysis template. Automatically import your data from other databases or spreadsheets in minutes and instantly bring your team together.

I am in a different region, will this Change Impacts Tool still work for me?

Answer: Yes, most definitely. OCMS Portal’s Change Impacts Tool was developed for change practitioners in the United States, Australia, the U.K., Canada, Philippines, India, Africa, Europe, LATAM, Middle East, APAC, and in any region. It is truly a global Change Impacts Assessment & Management Tool platform.

Can I remove OCMS Portal branding and use my branding or firm’s logo?

Answer: Yes, you can replace OCMS Portal branding on your purchased Change Impacts Assessment & Management Tool, when you add the Rebranding add-on to your order. You can also add it later on from your account.

How are future enhancements/changes handled for this OCMS Platform Change Impacts Assessment Tool?

Answers: Future upgrades and changes to your OCMS Platform (which includes Change Impacts Assessment Tool) will be done periodically. Upgrades and future enhancements will always be free to customers.

OCMS Portal – Change Management, Simplified
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Excellent ROI from the first month!

Change Impact Assessment Matrix Tool FAQ

How do you write an impact assessment?

You would begin by assessing the impact a project will have on organizational groups, job roles, and external stakeholders. It’s important to fully understand the project so you can identify who is being impacted and how.

Using a change impact analysis tool, you will then want to enter data on your impacted groups and indicate the level of impact each one has. Not all groups are impacted equally in many cases.

Generate reporting on who is being impacted, how they are being impacted, and the severity of the impact. It’s helpful if you are using tools for impact analysis that generate analytics automatically for you.

What are the different types of impact assessment?

When doing a change impact assessment using impact analysis tools, there are different types of assessments you can do, depending upon the level of detail needed.

Different types of impact assessment include:
• Organizational-level impact assessment
• Stakeholder-level impact assessment
• External stakeholder impact assessment
• Agile project impact assessment

What information should be included in a change impact?

You should at minimum include the following details:
• Organizational groups or individuals being impacted
• Names of job roles being impacted
• Current State (Pre-Change) processes
• Future State (Post-Change) processes
• The level of impact

What is the impact assessment of a project?

A project impact assessment evaluates which groups of people in an organization will have to change the way they do things due to a project that is happening.

A project impact assessment template can also look at which external groups will be impacted by a company project, such as customers and vendors.

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