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Easily Explain the Value of OCM to Leadership with this Modern Change Management Presentation

Making the Case for Change Management | Ready-to-Use Organizational Change PPT

How do you make the case for OCM? How do you explain the value of change management to your management, leaders, key stakeholders and sponsors?

There is one common request that we hear from project and change management professionals all the time, which is that they need help explaining change management value to leadership. These professionals come to OCM Solution in search of a change management PDF or change management slides presentation to make their case. So that’s exactly what we have put together.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • “Leadership has heard about change management, but doesn’t understand it.”
  • “I need to convince the project manager to start change management early, not right before the go-live date.”
  • “I need something to show our executives how change management can improve project ROI.” 
  • “I’m looking for an organizational change PowerPoint so I can get support for our change management office.”

OCM Solution has created a change management PowerPoint to address all those needs and more for making the case for change management.

You can download our Making the Case for Change Management slide deck and use it right away to help you explain the value of change management to sponsors, executives, leadership, project teams, and others.

OCM Solution
Change Management PowerPoint Template Preview

strategic change management ppt

introduction to change management ppt

OCM Solution – Making the Case for OCM Change Management Process PPT | 25-slide presentation

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Change Management PPT Features & Benefits

Use this change management presentation PPT as is to make the case for change management – it’s fully ready to go! OR you can edit it with your logo and branding. Use it as a PowerPoint presentation or export it to an organizational change management PDF.

Our goal is to save you time and make it easy to customize this change management PowerPoint as you like.

Change Management PowerPoint Slides Features

  • 25 modern-looking change management slides
  • Premium content written by change managers
  • Popular 16:9 widescreen size
  • Change title font/style easily in the Master slide
  • It’s ready to present as soon as you download
  • Customize colors or add your own theme
  • High-quality images
  • Easily export from PPT to a change management PDF

Change Management PPT Presentation Benefits

  • Includes statistics on the ROI boost and other benefits of OCM
  • Notes the timing of when change management should begin and end
  • Comprehensive and designed for busy professionals
  • Includes slide notes to enhance your presentation
  • Explains what OCM is, why it’s important, and the change management value-adds to a project
  • Helps you make the case to leadership for why OCM is needed

Do you have any questions about a change management plan PPT, leadership and change management PPT, or our presentation on change management process? Please reach out and let us know.

What Makes Our Organizational Change Management PPT Different?

If you search for a change management PowerPoint template or introduction to change management PPT online, you’ll see several results. So, what makes the OCM Solution PowerPoint presentation on change management so special?

Quite a lot!

Here is an overview comparison of how our strategic change management PPT is a cut above the rest to help you make the case for OCM.

Typical of Other Change
Management Presentation
OCM Solution’s
“Making the Case for Change
Management” PPT Presentation
Outdated graphics and images Sleek, modern-looking slide deck with high-quality images
You need to fill details into the slides before you can use it Ready to use right away, you can also customize it if you like
Not focused on presenting the value of OCM to leadership Specifically designed to illustrate the value of OCM to leadership and provide a high-level overview of what change management is
No information on when change management should begin Addresses when change management support for a project should begin and end
No slide notes to help you present or understand the slides Thoughtful and concise slide notes to boost your presentation

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Why choose a lesser organizational transformation PPT template that may take you more time to get ready to present? Once you download the OCM Solution organizational change PPT for making a case for change management, you can present it right away. It’s designed with a specific flow to take your audience from change management basics to ROI, and then to what change management does to drive user adoption.

We hear from change and project management professionals all the time that they face a challenge when it comes to making the case for change management in their organizations. They see projects fail and have a solution, but they need sponsor buy-in to get change management a seat at the table.

Another common issue we hear is that change management is brought in too late. The project is nearly done when OCM is asked to get users ready, and there is not enough time to properly prepare stakeholders for the project’s go-live date.

If either of those challenges sounds familiar, then our change management presentation PowerPoint may be just what you’ve been looking for. You can present it to leadership, project managers, sponsors, executives, and anyone that needs to be aware of the advantages of change management to project success.

The OCM Solution change management PowerPoint presentation “Making the Case for Change Management” is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. Use it to gain buy-in for your change management office or OCM team.

It can also help you realign corporate expectations of change management, including how soon OCM needs to be introduced into a project.

Interested in tools beyond a change management process PPT? Need software to help conduct change management assessments and other activities? Check out our All-in-One Change Management Platform.

organizational change management ppt

Present confidently with the OCM Solution Change Management Presentation PPT slide deck

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Value-Adds of Our Change Management PPT Presentation

You’ll find a lot of value inside the OCM Solution organizational change management PPT presentation. It’s more than just a change management PowerPoint template because additional slide notes and context support your presentation’s success. It is also designed to flow logically from start to finish.

Here are some highlights.

Explain When Change Management Should Begin

This organizational transformation PPT presentation includes recommendations for when change management should begin, as well as at what stage in a project it typically ends.

This is typically a point of confusion in organizations, and as a result, they often bring change management in too late in the project. Then the change manager has to try to make the best of things, without the benefit of time to do proper assessments and engagement planning.

Use this strategic change management PPT to drive home the message that change management needs to begin at the start of the project, and needs to continue after the go-live date to ensure normalization of the changes.

Provide Details on the ROI of Change Management

Many executives are looking at the numbers when allocating project funds. You can speak their language with this PowerPoint presentation on change management because ROI details are included.

When you download our organizational transformation PPT slide deck, you’ll see two slides that specifically speak “the numbers” about the value that OCM brings to a project, quoting statistics and sources.

Use This Leadership and Change Management PPT As-Is or Customize

You may be wondering, “If this introduction to change management PPT is ready to use, can I also customize it if I want?”

Yes, absolutely. Feel free to edit the colors, images, titles, logo, etc. for your presentation needs. Quickly edit the title for all the change management PowerPoint slides and the logo by editing the master slide.

You’ll find that our modern style puts the main points of the change management presentation front and center. It’s also easy to export a leadership and change management PDF that you can email out to your audience.

If you’d like to apply a PowerPoint design theme of your own, you’ll find that our change management plan PPT template is easy to modify using Microsoft’s theme designer.

Our goal is to give you something powerful that presents change management value to a project in a comprehensive way. It’s flexible to customize if you like, but also ready to use without customizations.

Clean, Modern Format That’s Easy to Export

Need to export your change management presentation PowerPoint to PDF? You’ll find that the clean design makes it simple to export to an organizational change management PDF and still have it look great for sharing or printing.

Whether you’re exporting a leadership and change management PDF for handouts or to email to project sponsors, you’ll find this attractive presentation makes it quick and easy.

Comprehensive & To The Point

The last thing that most executives and project sponsors want is a presentation on change management process that is too wordy and takes up too much of their time. This organizational change PPT slide deck is concise, comprehensive, and to the point.

It provides insightful information on change management value and how it fosters project success and gives a high-level view of the change management process to ready stakeholders for change. But it’s not bloated with unnecessary information.

change management powerpoint slides

Helpful Slides Notes

We’re change managers ourselves, so we know how helpful it is to have more background details to share with an audience when giving a change management PowerPoint presentation. So, we’ve added some additional slide notes for you!

Slide notes help to boost your presentation delivery and are something you won’t find in many organizational change PowerPoint templates – but you will in this one!

Vibrant, High-quality Images

These comprehensive change management slides are filled with vibrant images that are both original designs by OCM Solution and sourced from Adobe’s library of high-quality, royalty-free stock images.

You’ll find a better quality and design in our organizational change management PDF / PPT than you may with some questionable change management plan PPT templates on lesser-known sites.

Edit the Master to Quickly Change Logo & Titles

We’ve designed this change management plan PPT slide deck to be easy to edit and personalize for your organization. Just edit the Master slide to swap out the OCM Solution logo with your organization’s logo. You can also edit the slide titles in the master, and all change management PowerPoint slides will update the title accordingly.

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OCM Solution’s Introduction to Change Management PPT Designed to Help You Make the Case for OCM

change management powerpoint presentation

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Are you looking for other types of change management presentation PPT templates? For example, are you looking for something like a change management in project management PPT or a leadership and change management PDF / PPT that explains sponsor roles? Let us know what you’re looking for and our team will be happy to consider creating more change management process PPT slide decks.

Recap of What You Get in the OCM Solution Organizational Change Management PPT

  • 25 modern-looking change management slides
  • A strategic change management PPT written by change managers
  • Popular 16:9 widescreen size
  • Statistics on ROI and other tangible benefits of OCM
  • You can present this change management in project management PPT right away (or customize it if you like)
  • Comprehensive and designed for busy professionals
  • High-quality images
  • Easily export to a change management PDF
  • Explains when change management should begin and when it ends
  • Includes slide notes to enhance your PowerPoint presentation on change management benefits
  • Helps you make the case to leadership for why OCM is needed

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Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about our change management process PPT or if there is a specific subject you’d like to see us cover in a future leadership and change management PPT slide deck.

Change Management Presentation PowerPoint FAQs

How do you introduce change management?

One of the best ways to approach the introduction of change management is to use a change management in project management PPT like this one to address the following:
• What is change management?
• Why is change management support needed for projects?
• What defines project success?
• What does a change management team do?
• What are the benefits of change management for driving project success?

Can I customize or change the logo on this change management PowerPoint presentation?

Absolutely! We’ve tried to make it easy for you by adding the logo and titles to the master slide in PowerPoint. So, all you need to do is go to View > Slide Master on the PPT menu. The updates to the logo and title style made in the master will then be applied automatically to all slides.

Do you offer refunds on your organizational change PowerPoint presentation?

We are confident that you will love the OCM Solution “Making the Case for Change Management” presentation on management process. We offer a preview of the slides on this page, above, so you can see what you get before you buy.

We cannot offer refunds on this downloadable product. All change management presentation sales are final.

Can I resell this organizational change PPT?

No, you cannot resell this OCM Solution PowerPoint presentation. It’s designed to use as a presentation to leadership, clients, change management teams, project management teams, and anyone else. You can also customize it to meet your organization’s needs. However, you cannot repackage and resell it as your own.

Can I get an organizational change management PDF of this presentation?

Yes. All you need to do is export the organizational change PPT to PDF in PowerPoint.
To create a leadership and change management PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation, follow these steps in Microsoft PowerPoint:
1. Open the OCM Solution organizational change PPT.
2. Click File > Export
3. Click “Create PDF/XPS”

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