Organizational change management user adoption dashboard and template analytics

for Tracking, Assessing, and Measuring Change Adoption Successes

The First-Ever, Ground Breaking, Organizational Change Management KPI Metrics Dashboard

How do you know when a change project is on track or having problems? When high-level stakeholders ask you, “How is the change project going?”, what analytics can you show them to illustrate success? 

These are questions that our Change Management KPI Metrics Dashboard can answer for you!

The ground breaking, first-ever, 360-degree Organizational Change Management KPI Template & Dashboard reviewed and offered on this page has been designed for Change Managers, Project Managers, Program Leads, HR, Communication Specialists, Training Leads, consulting firms, and anyone who is interested in tracking the success of an organizational change implementation.

Over the last 15 years, I have successfully implemented large-scale organizational change management across a wide range of organizations including Apple, Intel, Cisco, and the Federal Reserve Bank. Measuring and tracking the effectiveness of my change management activities has been very critical to my success in enabling over a hundred thousand users across various organizations to adopt new solutions, processes, policies, and other types of change.

Knowing when one or more of your change plans is not as effective as expected allows you to modify that plan. Getting insights into which change management activities are the most effective allows you to increase these activities to expand on your change successes.

Ogbe Airiodion
Senior Change Management Lead

Organizational change management user adoption dashboard and template analytics

Change Management Success Tracking Made Easy

There are many moving parts to organizational change management measurement and KPI tracking.

You have to track the activities of the change management team or resources to determine if they (or you) are developing and implementing the right plans. You need to track user adoption and proficiencies – “How well are users adopting the new solution?” In addition, you need to assess and understand what the metrics and KPIs are telling you. 

The OCM Solution Change Management & User Adoption Dashboard provides you with everything you need to measure, track, and assess the successes or failures of a change enablement program.

This Change KPI Toolkit is equally suited to newbies and experienced change managers, practitioners, and project leads. The metrics tracking templates, survey templates, and analytics dashboard that come with the Toolkit are designed to help those new to change management ramp up the learning curve with expert guidance as well as give seasoned change managers tools that are truly time-saving.

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Using Your OCM Solution Change Management KPI Template

The OCM Solution Change Management KPI Dashboard Toolkit includes a best-in-class Change Management Metrics Template. Use this template for inputting information gathered from your tracking and measuring activities.

Where and how do you get the KPI information?

Sending out surveys, speaking with users, engaging with change champions, direct observations, and monitoring system/process usages are examples of how you can gather KPI details to enter into this change management KPI template. In addition, click on this guide for a comprehensive review of how to gather KPI information, and which KPI metrics to track: Change Management Metrics and KPIs Guide.

Training & Coaching Metrics: If you are supporting a change that involves training and coaching impacted groups, then use the training section of the change management adoption tracking template to enter information on your training program’s effectiveness.

Change management metrics examples

If you sent out surveys asking users about their training or coaching experience, you’ll want to enter the results of your survey in the training tracking fields. In addition, you can gather this information from direct observation, speaking with the managers of trainees, asking trainees directly (in-person, email, Slack, Teams, Jabber, etc.), or speaking with the project teams.

Bonus survey templates!

The OCM Solution Change Management KPI Dashboard Toolkit comes with editable survey templates that you can use to survey trainees.

Organizational Change Managment Survey and Questionnaries for training effectiveness-min

Survey questions for training effectiveness

Leadership & Stakeholder Support: Make sure to also measure leadership support for the change, as well as your sponsors’ level of involvement and advocacy for the change. And if you have a change champion network, then also make sure you are tracking the effectiveness of change champions.

Why is this important?

Because a high level of support and engagement from leadership, sponsors, and change champions will have a direct correlation to the success of your change management activities and user enablement. When impacted leaders and managers within an impacted group are supportive of the project, then resistance from their direct reports and employees will be low, which will increase change adoption successes.

Use the Engagement KPI Metrics section of your Change Management KPI Template to capture engagement information. If leadership support is low, then you will need to include this situation as a “change risk” in your change management risk assessment readout.

Organizational change management user adoption dashboard and template analytics

Other Change Metrics: Other metrics that you can input into the change management KPI metrics template are listed below.

Note: you don’t need to track all of these KPIs. The Change Management KPI Metrics Template was developed to be scalable for any type of change. And so, only track and enter what you need.

  • Measure communication effectiveness
  • Measure stakeholder engagement
  • Assess champion network effectiveness
  • Track awareness and understanding of the change
  • Gauge receptiveness or resistance to the change
  • Track readiness for Go-Live
  • Track usage of new solutions
  • Measure user proficiency
  • Assess overall user adoption 
  • Review overall change reinforcement successes
  • Measure overall user experience and satisfaction 

Distraction-Free Interface: Check/Uncheck Box to Show/Hide a KPI Metric & Work on One at a Time.

Organizational change management user adoption dashboard and template

Organizational change management KPI metrics to measure

Video Review – OCM Solution (formerly AGS) Change Enablement KPI & Metrics Toolkit

Bonus Survey Templates

The OCM Solution Change Management KPI Dashboard Toolkit includes multiple Microsoft Word, PDF, and Microsoft Forms survey templates. Use any of these survey templates to save time and help measure your change management metrics.

List of Survey Templates:

  • Survey Template to Measure Receptiveness
  • Survey Template to Measure Communication Awareness
  • Survey Template to Measure Training Effectiveness
  • Survey Template to Measure Readiness
  • Survey Template to Measure Overall Adoption & Change Reinforcement

Survey Questionnaire to Gauge Adoption of a Change-min Survey Questionnaire to Gauge Readiness for a Change-min Change Management Survey Template - Measure of effectiveness - user adoption Change management survey and communication metrics and kpis for change management measurement

Using Your OCM Solution Change Management KPI Dashboard

The OCM Solution Change Management KPI Dashboard Toolkit includes a streamlined and standardized analytics dashboard.

The dashboard imports information you have entered into the user adoption template (discussed above), and highlights key insights on the successes or failures of your change management activities.

This analytics dashboard allows you to quickly gain a holistic view of your change metrics as you enter your KPI data. These dashboard reports can be presented to key project stakeholders to inform them of the change project’s overall progress and end results. 

How to track project management change management - templates, samples, analytics

How well are your overall user adoption and experience metrics performing? Are you seeing a high level of user adoption? If so, it means your change management activities have been successful. And if your adoption metrics are showing low adoption, then you’ll want to reevaluate and modify your change management strategies.

Is an assessed group showing a higher awareness score after a second assessment? Tracking your metrics by assessment date gives you a comprehensive metric of the group’s progress.

What insights are you gleaning from your communication KPI metrics? Are you seeing a high performance of your communication activities and deliverables? If so, that’s great metric-based feedback that your communication campaigns are being very successful. And if you are seeing low communication reach, engagement, and outcomes, you should re-evaluate your communication messages, delivery mechanisms, and objectives. 

What about training or coaching? If your training and coaching metrics are showing a positive performance, then it’s a great sign that your delivery methods are being successful. And if you are seeing low or mid-range measurements, then you will need to re-evaluate your training program and delivery.

Make sure to speak with trainees, change champions, managers, and other stakeholders to identify the issues and what needs to be resolved to increase training performances.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Why Use OCM Solution Change Management Dashboard for Your Change Project?

  • Saves you tons of time 
  • Provides a comprehensive report of your overall change project progress/results
  • Based on industry-standard change management methodologies
  • Can be used by both beginners and experienced change managers and project management leads
  • Change teams can collaborate together online
  • Automatic reporting that is always current with your data
  • You can access OCM Solution from any device
  • Keeps you from dropping any balls 
  • Makes you look good with smart KPI analytics!

Change Management KPI & Metrics Toolkit Tutorial

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What are the KPIs of change management?

Here is the list of KPIs for measuring Change Management: • Communication effectiveness KPIs, • System Usage • Issues • Engagement effectiveness metrics • Stakeholder engagement KPIs• Metrics on training effectiveness and successes • Champion network effectiveness metrics • Leadership support & visibility metrics • Metrics on user awareness of the change • KPIs on receptiveness or resistance • Readiness for Go-Live metrics • Metrics on usage of new solutions • User proficiency KPIs • Overall user adoption metrics • KPIs on overall change reinforcement successes • KPIs on overall user experience and satisfaction. Read more here:

Who defines metrics for change management?

For organizational change management, the change managers, in collaboration with the project manager and team defines the metrics that will be tracked. For IT-based change control, the IT managers in collaboration with the project team define the metrics for change management.

How do you measure the effectiveness of change management?

You measure change management performance and effectiveness by tracking • Leadership support & visibility metrics • Metrics on user awareness of the change • KPIs on receptiveness or resistance • Readiness for Go-Live metrics • Metrics on usage of new solutions • User proficiency KPIs • Overall user adoption metrics • KPIs on overall change reinforcement successes • KPIs on overall user experience and satisfaction. Read more here:

What are the metrics for driving positive change?

The key areas that need to be tracked, assessed, and measured to determine change successes are as follows: • Change Management Activities • User Adoption & Proficiencies • Insights from Change Metrics & KPIs • Change Management Plans. Read more here:

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