Ranking the Best SEO Firms Brisbane Has to Offer (Search Engine Optimization Specialists)

AGS’ top ranking articles have become very popular with small, mid-sized, and very large global business in Brisbane, and other parts of Australia, and we often see queries from businesses asking about rankings of best SEO companies and top ranked SEO consulting firms in Brisbane that can best meet their needs.

There is a wide range of SEO firms in Brisbane. And it is essential for businesses to note that not every SEO expert in Brisbane uses white hat tactics and not all of them are transparent and trustworthy. Some Brisbane SEO services aren’t what they seem to be and use tactics frowned upon, called “black hat” tactics.

How do you know which SEO specialists Brisbane has to offer are the best to trust with your search marketing strategy?

AGS ranks SEO agencies from around the world, including in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, Australia. We look for firms that meet the highest standards of integrity and are well respected.

If you’re looking for the best SEO specialists Brisbane has to offer, check out the list below of AGS’s top ranked firms offering search optimization in the city. You’ll have plenty of great options for getting your products and services noticed online through experts that know exactly how to do it.

seo brisbane

Best SEO Brisbane

Getting on the First Page on Google and Other Search Engines

One of the first places people go before buying a new product or service is to a search engine to look up information. If you are a business and your website pages are not showing up on the first page of search engines, you can miss out on a lot of sales opportunities.

According to Forbes, 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of a Google search. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital part of marketing in today’s digital world. It’s also why many Australian companies may seek out a Brisbane SEO expert.

An SEO consultant Brisbane is home to spends time learning about a business, its products, and its customers in order to help its message rise to the top of the search rankings. Because there is so much that goes into optimizing a business website for keyword searches, it’s a task that often needs an SEO specialist.

Search engine optimisation Brisbane offers (Australian spelling) includes tasks such as:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content optimization
  • Target audience assessment
  • Header and sub-header optimization
  • Backlink building
  • Site link structure
  • Content creation and strategy

Firms that do this type of work, spend hours pouring over Google’s guidelines every time it changes a ranking signal and spend years honing their craft. They know all the ins and outs of getting companies to the first page of the search rankings.

Note: Because we are writing about internet marketing in Brisbane, you’ll see optimization spelled with both a “z” and as “optimisation” with an “s,” which is the Australian spelling.

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Award Emblem: 9 Best SEO Companies & SEO Consultancies in Brisbane, Australia

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Top 9 Best SEO Company Brisbane | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best SEO Brisbane Ratings
Digital Surfer 5
Due North 5
Media Heroes 5
Online Marketing Gurus 5
Profit SEO 5
Search Strategy 5
Top SEO Brisbane 5
WebsiteFix Digital 5
Only SEO Brisbane 4

Table: Top 9 SEO Services Brisbane | Above list is sorted by rating

Is SEO Worth the Money?

It’s not unusual for a small business to think, “Can’t we just do our own SEO?” and “Is hiring a firm for SEO Brisbane internet marketing worth the money?”.

While a company can choose to optimize its own website, search engine optimization is a detailed undertaking. So, unless you are an SEO expert, you may not get the same results as working with a Brisbane search engine optimisation company.

A Brisbane SEO expert can often get results faster than if a company tries to do things themselves. Once your website is ranking well organically on Google, you can expect a significant increase in site traffic, leads, and resulting revenue.

If you find a good SEO agency in Brisbane to work with, then it can definitely be worth the money. Organic search optimization is something with great staying power, unlike paid ads, which stop driving traffic as soon as you stop paying for them.

On the other hand, organic search optimization is an earned spot in the search rankings, so you’re not having to pay for each click. This causes many businesses to regard it as one of the most valuable forms of digital marketing.

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AGS Ranking and Selection Methodology

What methodology does the AGS team use in reviewing, researching, selecting, and finalizing the firms and products that are ranked on the various AGS ranking lists?

Click here: “AGS Selection and Ranking Methodologies” for a detailed review of AGS’ selection methodologies.

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Detailed Review –Top SEO Agency Brisbane

Below, please find a review of each firm on our list of the best SEO companies in Brisbane. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed each of these Brisbane SEO services to score so high in our selection ranking.

Click on any of the names below to go directly to the review section for that Brisbane SEO agency. The list is sorted by rating.

Digital Surfer Review

With a holistic and straightforward approach, Digital Surfer is one of the top SEO services in Brisbane. The firm’s team is full of SEO experts that believe in providing personalized service for each and every client.

This leading SEO firm Brisbane has to offer has a 5-star rating on Google with 119 reviews. Digital Surfer has earned multiple awards, including the eBusiness Institute Award for Excellence, and it has four locations throughout Australia.

Key Factors That Enabled Digital Surfer to Rank as a Top Firm for SEO Marketing Brisbane Has to Offer

Comprehensive SEO Services

Some agencies offering SEO in Brisbane use a lot of industry jargon and don’t really explain what it is they do in detail. Digital Surfer isn’t like that. The firm goes out of its way to explain what’s involved with SEO to its clients and why they might need it to boost their marketing efforts.

Businesses looking for search engine marketing experts Brisbane has to offer will appreciate the transparency of this firm. As well as the fact that its team takes the time to ensure clients understand exactly what’s being done to help their company shine in the search results.

Some of the services involved when hiring this top-rated Brisbane SEO consultant include:

  • White hat approach
  • Link building
  • Content creation
  • Rock-solid competitor research
  • On-page SEO
  • Website error fixing
  • Reporting and progress tracking

brisbane seo company

Digital Surfer | Best SEO Brisbane Internet Marketing

Local SEO

An important SEO strategy that’s vital to small businesses is local SEO. Local search engine optimization in Brisbane helps companies be found by their local customers and these types of searches often result in sales not too long after the initial search.

Local SEO in Brisbane is a specialty area of Digital Surfer. The agency helps clients harness the power of Google’s business listings and “map pack” to gain visibility for any searches for pertinent products and services in the area.

Some of the differences that Digital Surfer notes with local SEO as compared to standard SEO include:

  • It costs less
  • It only focuses on rankings in the Google map pack
  • Minimal website changes
  • Minimal content production
  • Minimal technical SEO implementation

Rating Summary

Digital Surfer makes a point of thoroughly explaining what SEO is all about to its clients and website visitors. This transparency from a firm offering SEO management in Brisbane is refreshing and one that instills trust.

With a full range of services, including SEO, paid ads, digital marketing, and website design, Digital Surfer is a one-stop Brisbane SEO company. We’ve awarded the firm 5-stars as one of the best SEO companies in Brisbane.

Due North Review

The marketing engineers at Due North operate with a mission to help clients achieve 25% growth annually through its team’s efforts. This SEO company Brisbane is home to has an additional office in Sydney and offers a full range of digital marketing services, including SEO, Ads, and website optimization.

The team at this Brisbane SEO company has over 100 years of combined online marketing expertise. Due North has over 17 years of growth history that give it a unique perspective on how to help companies thrive in a digital landscape.

Key Factors That Enabled Due North to Rank as a Best SEO Company Brisbane Offers

Customer & Search Strategies

To offer significant growth for clients, this SEO agency Brisbane is home to has a detailed and comprehensive strategy process. During the process, the firm develops a variety of marketing strategies, two of which are for customer and search.

As one of the top SEO services Brisbane offers, Due North has a customer strategy that zeros in on the types of customers that would be a great match for a client’s products or services. The process of developing a customer strategy includes:

  • Target audience identification
  • Customer personas
  • Value proposition
  • Customer journey evaluation
  • Data overlay

The next step is the search strategy which is informed by the customer strategy. These SEO consultants Brisbane has go through the following process to develop the perfect organic search plan:

  • Target audience search behavior
  • Keyword research
  • Prioritization
  • Paid, organic, and content

Ongoing Optimization

Any good SEO consultant Brisbane is home to knows that to keep great search rankings and continue digital marketing growth takes ongoing optimization. Due North has a strategy for this as well and does this through detailed reporting and continuous review of key campaign indicators.

Businesses working with this SEO expert Brisbane offers will find a range of transparent reporting that includes daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on campaign effectiveness.

The full optimization process followed by this Brisbane SEO agency includes:

  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Strategy & Plan
  • Execute
  • Repeat

Rating Summary

The experience of the team at Due North shows when you review the firm’s comprehensive process for SEO and digital marketing. If you’re looking for search engine optimisation Brisbane has to offer, this firm has the stats and experience to handle any type of business needs.

With a detailed approach and a commitment to growing its clients’ companies 25% or more, Due North is one of the top SEO companies in Brisbane. We’ve rated the firm with 5 stars.

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Media Heroes Review

Media Heroes is a top firm for SEO Brisbane offers that can do as little or as much as you like for your digital marketing strategy. The firm offers a full range of digital marketing services, including search optimisation, and customizes its strategy to each client’s needs.

As a leading Brisbane SEO company, Media Heroes is results-oriented and develops campaigns that can drive meaningful outcomes for clients, such as leads and revenue. One of the firm’s specialties is helping smaller businesses outcompete larger organizations.

Key Factors That Enabled Media Heroes to Rank as One of the Best SEO Services Brisbane Has to Offer

Experienced SEO Specialists

Media Heroes began working with search engine optimization back in 2000, just two years after Google came into existence. This experienced SEO agency Brisbane is home to uses a white hat strategy that is balanced to provide reliable and consistent results.

Through its work optimizing the search rankings of companies in all business types, this Brisbane SEO expert has developed a 6-stage SEO process. This process includes:

  1. Business evaluation & SEO consultation
  2. SEO research & strategy
  3. Onsite search engine optimization
  4. Offsite search engine optimization
  5. SEO analysis & reporting
  6. Refine & improve your Brisbane SEO campaign

seo companies in brisbane

Media Heroes | Top Search Engine Optimisation Brisbane

Full-Service Online Marketing Specialist

One of the benefits of working with Brisbane SEO services like Media Heroes is that you can work with one company for several online marketing needs. Some SEO agencies only handle SEO and nothing else, meaning you would need to go elsewhere for website design, video help, and more.

As a top digital marketing firm and SEO agency Brisbane offers, this company can meet just about any need you may have in the online area. This includes the following services:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Web design
  • Ecommerce
  • Web development
  • Video production
  • Security & maintenance

Rating Summary

Media Heroes has been working with SEO longer than many other SEO consultants Brisbane offers. The company focuses on tangible results and fully integrated marketing campaigns.

With a full range of offerings and a flexible, customized approach, Media Heroes solidifies a 5-star rating. This is one of the best SEO services in Brisbane to consider.

Online Marketing Gurus Review

Founded in 2012 to deliver “game-changing results,” Online Marketing Gurus is a leading SEO consultant Brisbane is home to. The firm believes in simplifying the digital marketing process and its campaigns are results-driven.

In addition to PPC and social media advertising, this full-service SEO expert Brisbane offers has a full range of SEO services, including local SEO, enterprise SEO, eCommerce SEO, and more.

Key Factors That Enabled Online Marketing Gurus to Rank as One of the Best SEO Specialists Brisbane is Home To

eCommerce SEO

If you’re an online retailer, one of the best ways to keep buyers coming to your site is through organic search optimization. Online Marketing Gurus can help firms looking for good eCommerce internet marketing in Brisbane with targeted SEO campaigns to drive clicks and sales.

Some of the strategies that this Brisbane search engine optimisation firm uses to increase sales to eCommerce websites include ultra-precision targeting and specialization.

If you’re a smaller company looking to compete with larger online retailers, then Online Marketing Gurus can help through its intelligent eCommerce SEO strategy.

Lead Generation SEO

Getting more visits to your website is great, as that’s the first step in the conversion process. But Online Marketing Gurus also understands that those visitors need to convert to sales, which is the ultimate goal of most SEO campaigns.

This top-rated Brisbane SEO specialist focuses on taking those visitors past the first stage and turning them into customers for your business. They do this by incorporating activities such as:

  • Initiating genuine consumer interest (viable leads)
  • Cultivating potential leads
  • Driving leads through the purchase funnel
  • Producing measurable campaigns

Rating Summary

Online Marketing Gurus is just as adept at working with large companies like Calvin Klein and Fujitsu as it is with smaller businesses looking to gain a digital foothold in the search rankings. This SEO agency in Brisbane is a great option for any size company.

With a no-nonsense approach and highly targeted campaigns designed to drive sales, Online Marketing Gurus scores a 5-star rating. This is one of the best SEO companies in Brisbane to consider for your organic search marketing needs.

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Profit SEO Review

Profit SEO is one of the best firms for SEO marketing Brisbane offers. The company is guided by two “pillars of success,” which are care and professionalism. This team takes a collaborative approach, and this includes explaining every step of the SEO process to customers.

In addition to offering SEO services, Profit SEO also helps companies with pay-per-click marketing. As a top SEO firm Brisbane is home to, the company works to achieve positive results beyond client expectations.

Key Factors That Enabled Profit SEO to Rank as One of the Best Search Engine Marketing Experts Brisbane Offers

Comprehensive Strategy

Some firms offering search engine optimization Brisbane has will explain as little as possible to clients, so they never know how well their campaigns are performing, until they fail to see results after months and months. Profit SEO believes in complete transparency.

This Brisbane SEO consultant explains every step of the process to clients, including the more technical search engine optimization tactics. That way, clients know exactly what’s happening and how to read the reporting provided for them.

Part of this transparent approach is a comprehensive strategy for helping clients grow their organic rankings and gain more leads and revenue. This strategy includes:

  • Incisive research & analysis
  • Competitor investigation
  • Specific keyword research
  • Technical knowledge
  • Off-site authority building
  • Deep understanding of Google’s algorithm

SEO Best Practices

As a top-rated Brisbane SEO consultant Profit SEO follows fundamental SEO best practices to earn clients results that are sustainable and drive traffic reliably. Within each area of SEO fundamentals come multiple tactics used for a holistic strategy that can earn top spots in the search rankings.

These best practices include:

  • On-page SEO: Optimizing page content, title tags, headings, alt text, page speed, and more
  • Off-page SEO: Building domain authority through quality backlinks from other sites and posting quality content on social media
  • Keyword research: Learning about target audiences and your products/services to find the most meaningful keywords to use
  • Link building: Using white hat tactics to build up the quality and relevant backlinks to your site

seo company brisbane

Profit SEO | Top-Rated Brisbane SEO Company

Rating Summary

Profit SEO is highly focused on SEO and PPC, which gives it an edge over firms that may spread their focus over multiple digital areas. This top company for SEO management Brisbane offers goes above and beyond for its clients in all it does.

With a philosophy of teamwork and transparency and a fine-tuned search optimization process, Profit SEO earns a 5-star rating. This is one of the top SEO companies in Brisbane to consider working with to gain a competitive edge.

Search Strategy Review

Focused almost completely on search engine optimization, Search Strategy is a top SEO company Brisbane is home to with an additional office serving the Gold Coast. This team has nearly a decade of experience working with Google’s algorithms to gain clients’ top ranking positions.

Because of its specialty in SEO, this Brisbane SEO agency may offer more search-related services than you’ll find at other digital marketing firms that offer several different online services.

Key Factors That Enabled Search Strategy to Rank as One of the Best SEO Specialists Brisbane Has to Offer

Full Range of SEO Services

There are several factors that go into good and lasting search optimization beyond just choosing the right keywords. Because Search Strategy specializes in SEO, it can offer a wide depth of services that you may not find at other agencies offering internet marketing Brisbane has.

To help its clients achieve top rankings in relevant keyword searches, this Brisbane SEO expert deploys multiple tactics that all work together. The result is companies gaining more organic traffic and resulting sales.

These search tactics include:

  • Competitor analysis
  • SEO optimization
  • Google My Business (GMB) optimization
  • Schema markup
  • Site speed optimization
  • Mobile friendly optimization
  • Targeted to a first-page ranking
  • Link strategies
  • Analytics

Scalable SEO Packages

If you’re a small business, you won’t have to worry about being given more than you need when working with this firm for SEO Brisbane internet marketing. Search Strategy offers several different packages for search optimization on its site designed to fit any size company.

The options you have for Brisbane search engine optimisation with this company, make it a great consideration for startups as well as larger enterprise companies. Clients can choose from the following SEO packages:

  • Basic SEO Package
  • Small Business SEO Package
  • Medium Business SEO Package
  • Large Business SEO Package
  • Custom SEO Package

If any of the packages aren’t a perfect fit, this Brisbane search engine optimisation expert will custom design a package just for you.

Rating Summary

Search Strategy is a Brisbane SEO specialist that offers in-depth search marketing solutions using a well-honed strategy. The flexible nature of its services means that companies only pay for the exact services they need, leading to higher ROI.

With experience working with several industries and comprehensive packages, Search Strategy is a top SEO agency in Brisbane to consider for your search ranking needs. We’ve scored the firm with 5 stars.

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Top SEO Brisbane Review

The team at Top SEO Brisbane has extensive business experience, which gives it a unique perspective when helping drive first page results for clients. As one of the top SEO services in Brisbane, the firm handles all work in-house and offers a full range of digital marketing services.

Top SEO Brisbane works from four foundational elements to help clients achieve growth. These include a good website, search engine optimization, Google Ads, and Facebook retargeting.  

Key Factors That Enabled Top SEO Brisbane to Rank as One of the Best Firms for SEO Marketing Brisbane Has to Offer

Reputation Management

One of the SEO specialty services that makes Top SEO Brisbane stand out is reputation management. This is a strategy you won’t see advertised by many search engine marketing experts Brisbane is home to.

Just one negative review or page about your firm that is ranking well in the search results can hurt your business. Reputation management is about using best practices for positioning yourself for a great reputation both IRL (in real life) and online.

Top SEO Brisbane uses a balance of customer feedback and corporate communication to boost company reputations, which leads to higher levels of trust with leads and customers.

seo services brisbane

Top SEO Brisbane | Best SEO Company Brisbane Ranking

Facebook Re-Marketing

Another specialty SEO service that this expert firm for search engine optimization in Brisbane offers is Facebook re-marketing. Top SEO Brisbane explains on its website how this tool can be used without needing to run paid Facebook ads.

Facebook re-marketing allows a company to use a tracking pixel on its website to identify visitors and then serve up content to them. This is helpful to identify people on Facebook that have:

  • Been on your website’s sales page
  • Visited your home page
  • Clicked on a quote page but didn’t fill it out
  • Anyone that visited any page of your site

This top SEO firm Brisbane is home to also utilizes Facebook re-marketing to help clients identify target audience groups and expand its list of potential customers. 

Rating Summary

If you feel like you’re getting the same solutions from every Brisbane SEO consultant you visit and are craving something new, Top SEO Brisbane will be an interesting option for you. The company offers several types of SEO that you won’t see mentioned by many other search engine consultancies.

With a comprehensive approach and over a decade of experience helping companies earn top search ranking positions, Top SEO Brisbane scores a 5-star rating. This is one of the best companies to consider for SEO in Brisbane.

WebsiteFix Digital Review

WebsiteFix Digital offers a full range of digital marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses. This boutique firm for SEO management Brisbane is home to offers “budget-friendly” services designed to drive people to your site that can be converted to leads and sales.

Featured services of this Brisbane SEO company include search engine optimization and website design. Other solutions you can find at WebsiteFix Digital include website hosting and maintenance, professional email setup with Gmail, email marketing, and more.

Key Factors That Enabled WebsiteFix Digital to Rank as One of the Best SEO Companies in Brisbane

Results-Driven SEO Services

WebsiteFix Digital focuses its SEO services on driving results for its clients. These include things like:

  • Earning more qualified and targeted traffic
  • Better user experience on your website
  • Enhanced business credibility
  • Better return on investment because rankings stay for months

As a leading SEO company Brisbane has to offer, WebsiteFix Digital doesn’t just get you ranking well and then leave you. It helps you maintain your high rankings and organic traffic throughout any Google algorithm changes.

Extensive keyword research is part of the firm’s service so it can identify the most important keywords to rank for in a given industry.

SEO Copywriting

A companion service to search engine optimization this Brisbane SEO company provides is SEO copywriting. An important part of optimizing your pages for Google searches is to have optimized content that is posted on your site regularly.

WebsiteFix Digital has expert copywriters that are trained to write with search optimization in mind. The company offers personalized service and on-time delivery of all content.

From website landing pages to informational blogs, this is one of the SEO services Brisbane offers that can provide content that’s both engaging to site visitors as well as Google’s search bots.

Rating Summary

The services offered by WebsiteFix Digital are designed to flow together holistically to drive a successful online marketing strategy. This SEO agency Brisbane is home to has more than a decade of experience and is known for great customer service.

With a personalized approach and a full range of digital marketing services, WebsiteFix Digital is one of the best SEO companies in Brisbane. We’ve awarded the firm 5 stars.

Only SEO Brisbane Review

Delivering premium-class service at an affordable rate, Only SEO Brisbane is one of the leading SEO consultants Brisbane is home to. This SEO consultancy operates with a low-cost working model, and this enables it to provide excellent ROI to clients.

As a top Brisbane SEO company, this firm believes in making the experience of working with a consultant for search optimization as easy as possible. While its specialists work as a team, clients have a single dedicated point of contact to make communications easy and ensure the best customer care.

Key Factors That Enabled Only SEO Brisbane to Rank as One of the Best SEO Companies in Brisbane

Comprehensive SEO Q&A

When you are looking for an SEO company Brisbane offers, there’s a good chance that you have several questions about the process. Only SEO Brisbane has you covered with a comprehensive Q&A on its home page.

You’ll find the answers to questions such as:

  • Are there different types of SEO?
  • How does SEO work?
  • Why are backlinks important?
  • How is page rank calculated?

In addition to going above and beyond to help its clients and website visitors understand the world of search engine optimization, this Brisbane SEO company also provides a link to an SEO Learning Center from Moz for those people that want to dive in even further.

Budget SEO Services

Only SEO Brisbane is able to offer quality SEO services for a budget price for small and mid-sized companies because it runs with a low-overhead model. The firm doesn’t have an outside office, all employees work remotely.

Additionally, this Brisbane SEO consultancy doesn’t employ a sales team and relies on its great work to generate referrals. It emphasizes building strong, long-term relationships with its clients by helping their businesses thrive.

Rating Summary

For small businesses looking for dedicated support at a budget-friendly price, Only SEO Brisbane is going to be a top choice among SEO companies in Brisbane. The firm also only focuses on SEO (per the name), so you know that it’s a specialist in this area.

The firm offers more information than many when it comes to SEO and how it works but could do a better job bullet pointing its process and services. For this reason, we’ve scored the firm with 4 stars. Only SEO Brisbane is a top SEO Company to consider, especially if you’re a small business.

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Conclusion – Best 9 SEO Consultants Brisbane Offers

As you can tell from looking at some of the services offered by these top SEO consultants in Brisbane, there are multiple facets to a good SEO strategy. There are the basics of keyword research and content optimization, but also specialty areas like Facebook re-marketing and reputation management.

These nine SEO companies in Brisbane represent some of the best in the area, with strong reputations and competitive areas of expertise. Some offer a full range of marketing services, including website hosting, while others are strictly laser-focused on SEO.

Whichever you choose, there’s a good chance that in the months to come, you’ll begin seeing a tangible benefit from the increase in organic traffic as your page rankings rise. One of the best reasons to consider a Brisbane SEO company is that organic rankings will continue bringing you relevant leads for months and even years.

Best SEO Brisbane FAQ

Is SEO worth the money?

A Brisbane SEO expert can often get results faster than if a company tries to do things themselves. Once your website is ranking well organically on Google, you can expect a significant increase in site traffic, leads, and resulting revenue.

If you find a good SEO agency in Brisbane to work with, then it can definitely be worth the money. Organic search optimization is something with great staying power, unlike paid ads, which stop driving traffic as soon as you stop paying for them.

What does an SEO consultant do?

An SEO consultant’s ultimate job is to help a website gain a good search ranking when a user types in a specific keyword. For example, a company that sold blue sneakers would want SEO done that would allow them to rank on page 1 (or as high as possible) of Google searches on the keyword “blue sneakers.”

SEO consultants use a variety of tactics based on Google ranking best practices to help optimize webpages for search rankings. These include:
• Keyword research
• SEO copywriting
• Implementing title tags and headers
• Writing appropriate page descriptions
• Incorporating backlinking
• Using strategies for external SEO on Google My Business and social media

How much is SEO per month?

The price you pay per month for search engine optimization is going to vary according to how many keywords and pages are being included in the optimization. Other factors, such as the agency itself will also factor into your price.

According to Ahrefs, some ballpark figures for how much you can expect to pay per month for SEO include:
• Monthly retainer price: $501 - $1,000 per month
• Hourly pricing: $100 - $150 per hour
• SEO specialists serving worldwide markets charge on average 130.74% more than those serving local markets

Does SEO require coding?

SEO does not require knowing computer coding. The most technical areas of SEO involve optimizing a page for structured data, which is a method to tell search engines more information about your site that may then be displayed in the search result.

But even structured data work does not require knowing any type of code, such as HTML code or similar.

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