Listing & Reviews of the Best SEO Companies & SEO Consultants in Sydney

You can build the best website in the world, but if it does not receive any visitors, it’s not going to help you promote your products and services.

One of the best ways to bring regular visitors to a website is by optimizing your site for Google and other search engines so it will show up in search results when someone does a keyword search. This is exactly what specialists in search engine optimisation in Sydney do for companies.

AGS’ top ranking articles have become very popular with a wide range of organizations in Sydney and other parts of Australia. We often receive inquiries for our rankings of the top SEO companies & SEO consultants in Sydney, Australia that can best meet their needs.

AGS’ Research and Editorial Team has conducted an extensive level of research to identify top companies and publish this list of the top SEO firms. These rankings should help organizations find the best search engine optimisation firms they can hire for their business needs.

With so many potential options, locating the best SEO agency that Sydney has to offer can be difficult. And being able to see the results from SEO optimization takes time, so how do you know whether an SEO firm is actually helping or just taking your money?

One telltale sign that an SEO specialist in Sydney knows their stuff is when the firm’s own website comes up first (or near the top) when searching for terms like “best SEO Sydney” or “SEO company Sydney”.

There are of course several other factors that go into identifying the top SEO services in Sydney, Australia. Other indicators of a successful firm include: the presence of positive customer reviews and references, industry certifications and/or awards, and compatible value-added services.

AGS has researched all these aspects of several SEO agencies in Sydney in order to find the top 12 firms the city offers for expert search engine optimization.

Below, you will find an overview of each top-rated Sydney SEO agency on our list as well as highlighted reasons why you may want to consider them for help driving traffic and leads to your site.

seo sydney

Best SEO Services – Sydney, Australia

Optimizing Your Site or Platform for Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO), or search engine optimisation (Australian spelling), is the art of using the right keywords, meta tags, page structure, and other elements to position a webpage for a top search result ranking.

This is a very complex way of promoting a site or platform, and one that is always changing as Google and other search engines tweak their algorithms regularly. In order to compete, Australian companies often look for SEO consulting to find an expert that can help.

The top SEO specialists in Sydney work to build the ranking of company webpages and websites over time by deploying good SEO practices. If all goes well with Sydney SEO services, then a company can gain more traffic, leads, and sales without having to resort to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

AGS Award Emblem - Best SEO Companies & SEO Consultancies in Sydney, Australia

Award Emblem: 12 Best SEO Companies & SEO Consultancies in Sydney, Australia

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Top 12 SEO Consultants Sydney | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Best SEO Agency Sydney Ratings
Australian Internet Advertising 5
Green Web Marketing (GWM) 5
Local Digital 5
Online Marketing Gurus 5
Reef Digital Agency 5
Safari Digital 5
SEO Shark 5
SEO Sydney 5
SEO Sydney Experts 5
SEO Sydney Solutions 5
TheOnlineCo. 5
Top SEO Sydney Pty Ltd. 5

Table: Top 12 SEO Experts Sydney

Is SEO Better Than AdWords?

When companies are looking for an SEO agency in Sydney (or elsewhere), they often ask which is better: AdWords or SEO?

AdWords (now called Google Ads) is a paid advertising program that is often used to get a company noticed at the top of Google’s search results. On the other hand, SEO is a strategy used to help your company receive traffic by organically earning the top spot, rather than paying for it.

When talking to one of the many SEO firms that Sydney is home to, you’ll often find that these agencies offer paid advertising (referred to as PPC) as well.

One method isn’t necessarily better than another, as both can serve a different purpose for driving traffic and leads to your website. In many cases, they can even work together to complement one another and help your business grow as much as possible.

Short-Term Leads & Sales (PPC)

For example, you may hire one of the SEO services Sydney offers with the goal of getting to page 1 of Google. If your only method to achieve this goal is via search engine optimization, it’s going to take some time. Websites need time to be picked up by Google’s bots, and earn that prized position through SEO naturally.

The time this takes can vary widely according to the SEO agency you’re working with, but it’s usually at least several months. In the meantime, PPC advertising can help.

If you have a brand new site or a new landing page that you want to drive traffic to right away, PPC with AdWords can be a very effective way of doing that. With the right bid, your site can show up at the very top of the search listings, without the wait.

Of course, this does get expensive, which is why using Australian SEO companies to optimize for organic search is important. Over time, your page can gain a good search ranking without paying Google, allowing you to spend less on PPC.

Long-Term Leads & Sales (SEO)

SEO is considered the “gold standard” when it comes to getting your site first in the search listings and is usually much less expensive than PPC. SEO companies in Sydney use multiple tactics in order to gain that prized spot on page 1 of Google for their clients.

Statistics show that people clicking through to a site from an organic link (from SEO) are 50% more likely to make a purchase than those visiting from a PPC ad.

In addition, once you stop paying for PPC, your ad is no longer displayed, and you lose that source of traffic immediately.

On the other hand, working with one of the many SEO consultants that Sydney is home to will have a more lasting effect and should keep your site generating high traffic long after your initial investment. This makes SEO optimization the best choice.

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AGS Ranking and Selection Methodology

What methodology does the AGS team use in reviewing, researching, selecting, and finalizing the firms and products that are ranked on the various AGS ranking lists?

Click here: “AGS Selection and Ranking Methodologies” for a detailed review of AGS’ selection methodologies.

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Detailed Review – Best SEO Company Sydney

Below, please find a review of each pick on our list of the best SEO companies in Sydney, Australia. We have highlighted some of the factors that allowed each of these top Australian SEO Companies to score so high in our selection ranking.

Click on any of the names below to go directly to the review section for that Sydney SEO company.

Australian Internet Advertising Review

Emphasizing transparency and authenticity, Australian Internet Advertising (AIA) is one of the most top-rated agencies for SEO consulting that Sydney is home to. The firm also has additional offices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Founded in 2014, AIA’s founder has worked with numerous Google AdWords Partner agencies. In addition to offering expert search engine optimisation in Sydney, this firm can also help with Google Ads, social media marketing, and content marketing, as well as web design and development.

Key Factors That Enabled Australian Internet Advertising to Rank as One of the Best SEO Consultants Sydney Has to Offer

Time-Tested Techniques

AIA uses several time-tested techniques in order to help companies improve their search engine visibility. This includes strategies that have been refined over a decade through a/b testing of multiple tactics.

As one of the top SEO experts Sydney is home to, this firm emphasizes the sweet spot between the highest results and lowest costs in order to provide the most value to its clients.

Some of the key areas covered with the firm’s Sydney SEO services are:

  • Page Loading Speed
  • Metadata
  • Website Security
  • Usability & Crawlability
  • Page Errors
  • Website Content
  • Backlinks & Offsite

Comprehensive Process

Many times, clients aren’t sure what the process will look like when working with an SEO specialist. This confusion can keep companies from seeking the help they need for their website. Or it could mean that they are kept in the dark by a less-trustworthy Sydney SEO company.

This is never the case when working with AIA, as the firm has created a transparent and comprehensive process that it takes each client through. These steps are as follows:

  1. Choose the SEO package that best fits your needs
  2. Coordinate with the SEO team on keywords
  3. Review and approve your SEO content and backlink plan
  4. Grant the team access to begin optimization work
  5. Receive detailed monthly reports on your site’s SEO performance
  6. Gain more organic traffic, leads, and sales

Rating Summary

AIA is one of the best SEO services Sydney has to offer if you’re looking for time-tested and time-proven results. In fact, one of the case studies the firm features on its site notes a 10x return on investment!

With an emphasis on transparent communications and a wide range of digital marketing services, Australian Internet Advertising easily scores a 5-star rating. This team provides some of the best SEO services in Sydney, making them a top firm to consider.

Green Web Marketing (GWM) Review

Offering real-time reporting and guaranteed results, Green Web Marketing (GWM) is another top-rated SEO specialist Sydney is home to. Clients can also work with the firm’s other offices in Brisbane and Melbourne.

As a full-service Sydney SEO agency, GWM offers clients several holistic digital services that can help drive traffic and sales. The firm offers everything from PPC advertising, digital marketing, web design, and social media marketing.

Key Factors That Enabled Green Web Marketing (GWM) to Rank as a Best SEO Agency Sydney is Home To

Guaranteed Results

One of the challenges that companies working with SEO agencies in Sydney face is not knowing how long to give a consultant to produce results. When working with a less scrupulous firm, companies may find their money being taken with little being given in return.

You won’t have that problem when working with GWM, since the firm guarantees its work. In fact, GWM promises to produce guaranteed results for clients within 120 days.

Furthermore, this top SEO agency in Sydney states that if its keyword guarantees are not met by this time, the team will work for free until those promises are fulfilled.

Low-Risk SEO Services

Some Australian SEO companies lock clients into a contract, forcing them to keep paying for services for months, even if they’re not happy.

GWM is one of the few SEO services Sydney is home that won’t do that. Instead, the firm believes in its ability to create value so much that it does not have any locked-in contracts. Additionally, there is no minimum period before cancelling services and no cancellation fees.

seo services sydney

Green Web Marketing (GWM) | Best SEO Company Sydney

Rating Summary

GWM can be called a top SEO firm in Sydney because they stand behind their work and will even work for free if promises aren’t met for site optimization. One of the firm’s many positive testimonials states that the team was able to get their webpage to the first page of Google in just two months.

With a focus on transparency, integrity, and results, Green Web Marketing is one of the best SEO services Sydney has to offer. We’ve awarded the firm 5 stars.

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Local Digital Review

Local Digital is one of the top SEO services Sydney is home to if you prefer to work directly with the SEO team instead of remaining stuck behind a line of client reps.

The firm has a “nerd-first” approach that puts you in communication with the people who will actually generate your results.

In addition, as one of the top Australian SEO companies, this firm focuses on metrics that have a direct impact on your bottom line. This includes stats for leads generated, cost per lead, lead to sale conversation rate, and customer acquisition cost.

Key Factors That Enabled Local Digital to Rank as a Best SEO Company Sydney is Home To

Wide Range of SEO Services

When working with Local Digital, you’ll find that the firm specializes in multiple SEO areas besides just generic search engine optimization. The team takes the time to get to know your exact needs and works with you to tailor a unique strategy for the best fit.

As one of the top SEO companies in Sydney, these specialists work with all business sizes, from large enterprises to smaller local firms. At Local Digital, the team brings the same passion into each project, no matter the size.

This SEO consultant in Sydney offers the following specialty areas:

  • Link Building
  • Local SEO
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Enterprise SEO
  • Google Penalty Removal

Conversion Audits

The whole goal of having your website found through SEO and other marketing efforts is to get leads and convert those leads to sales. But what if your website is being found yet you’re still not getting conversions?

One of the helpful services that this specialist in SEO consulting in Sydney has is a conversion audit. During this audit, the Local Digital team goes over your website with a fine-tooth comb to help identify any areas that can be optimized to improve conversion rates.

Rating Summary

Local Digital uses a data-driven approach and works to help clients get the results they’re looking for – more leads and more sales. One of the clients of these SEO consultants that Sydney is home to noted that after just two months, leads increased 100% and their conversion rate increased by 28%.

With a focus on bottom-line results and a wide range of companion digital marketing services, Local Digital earns a 5-star rating. This is one of the top SEO experts Sydney has to consider for your marketing needs.

Online Marketing Gurus Review

Founded in 2012 to deliver game-changing results to businesses, Online Marketing Gurus (OMG) is one of the top-rated firms for search engine optimisation that Sydney has to offer.

The firm’s mission is to reduce the complexity of online marketing while increasing value and delivering real revenue results. OMG is part of Supergravity Group, whose full suite of brands offers integrated digital services including website and app design and full digital business transformations.

Key Factors That Enabled Online Marketing Gurus to Rank as a Best SEO Company Sydney is Home to

Results-Driven SEO

One of the reasons OMG was started was to give companies an honest option in a sea of Sydney SEO services that might not be so diligent in returning value to their clients.

Instead, OMG is focused on achieving results you can see in your bank account, namely sales. The firm’s well-tuned SEO strategies are designed to drive traffic, leads, and sales conversion.

The full range of SEO services you’ll find at OMG includes:

  • eCommerce SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Enterprise SEO
  • Lead Generation SEO

australian seo companies

Online Marketing Gurus | Best SEO Agency Sydney Ranking

Lead Generation SEO

As a top SEO specialist in Sydney, OMG is not just looking to use tricks to get you traffic that looks nice on a report but doesn’t bring you valuable and relevant leads.

One of the things that makes this firm a top SEO agency in Sydney is that it focuses on quality leads over quantity when performing search engine optimization for a site.

The team also sets up transparent lead tracking, so you know exactly what leads are generating sales, and which ones aren’t. OMG uses provable data to drill down into what’s working and fix what isn’t.

Rating Summary

Online Marketing Gurus makes it easy for a firm to evaluate them by offering a free site audit and proposal with a 6-month multichannel strategy. One of the firm’s testimonials notes that this is a Sydney SEO company that truly cares and brought them a 64% increase in growth.

The team at OMG places customer value first and foremost when developing digital marketing and SEO strategies for their clients. This is one of the top SEO services in Sydney to consider, and the firm has earned a solid 5-star rating.

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Reef Digital Agency Review

With a wide range of clients across B2C, B2B, and NFP arenas, Reef Digital Agency is a top SEO agency in Sydney that was founded in 2011. The company offers multiple services across the digital marketing spectrum.

This prestigious team has garnered several awards for their work as one of the top SEO specialists Sydney is home to. These awards include “Best SEM Initiative” from Search Engine Land in 2020, “Top Acquisition Marketing” from the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) in 2020, and many more.

Key Factors That Enabled Reef Digital Agency to Rank as a Best SEO Company Sydney Has to Offer

Multidisciplinary SEO Experts

Reef Digital is one of the few Australian SEO companies that truly understands the nuances of different areas of SEO and has an experienced team that knows them all. This multidisciplinary team of SEO specialists in Sydney can handle things like:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Design
  • Digital PR

The entire team works together to put all the needed pieces into place on your website in order to drive relevant organic traffic that converts to sales.

Lasting Results

As one of the top SEO agencies that Sydney has to offer, Reef helps its clients achieve lasting marketing success by building a strong SEO framework from industry best practices.

For example, the team’s technical SEO services ensure that client websites have optimal structure, strong interlinking, fast-loading pages, and a good overall user experience to prevent bounces.

After a decade of providing Sydney SEO services to many top companies in the region, Reef has developed a robust strategy designed to provide lasting results and help newly added pages move up in the results quickly.

Rating Summary

Reef focuses on laying down a strong SEO foundation for clients that keeps giving back year after year in top search engine results. In fact, one of the companies that chose this firm for SEO services in Sydney saw an increase of 477% in organic users.

With an excellent reputation and a full range of digital marketing services, Reef Digital Agency is one of the top SEO agencies in Sydney. We’ve scored the firm with 5 stars.

Safari Digital Review

Founded in 2018 as a unique provider of SEO solutions, Safari Digital doesn’t offer a smorgasbord of digital services. Instead, this top Sydney SEO agency focuses solely on search engine optimization, pouring all its expertise into being #1 in their field.

Delivering results-driven solutions and focusing on the metrics that customers care about the most, this Sydney SEO firm employs specialists with a passion to help their clients’ businesses grow.

Key Factors That Enabled Safari Digital to Rank as a Top Firm for the Best SEO Sydney Has to Offer

100% SEO Professionals

You won’t have to worry about getting hounded by salespeople when you work with Safari Digital. This top SEO company that Sydney is home to is 100% owned and operated by SEO professionals.

This means you will be interacting directly with the people who are working on your strategy and improving your traffic and lead generation.

Because the company’s services are not split between Google Ads and SEO like at many other SEO companies in Sydney, you can rest assured that optimization for organic traffic is the only priority at Safari Digital. You won’t be pushed towards paid ads with this team.

Comprehensive Process

Safari Digital utilizes a straight-forward process when working with clients that gets down to the basics of generating solid and reliable SEO results that are designed to convert.

First, the team will review your company’s products, services, and website in order to establish ambitious yet attainable goals. Next, you’ll work 1-on-1 with your assigned SEO specialist. At Safari Digital, no work is ever outsourced.

This top SEO consultancy Sydney offers will then keep you apprised of results with meaningful reports on traffic, leads, sales, and growth.

seo agency sydney

Safari Digital | Top Australian SEO Companies in Sydney

Rating Summary

If you’re looking for SEO consultants in Sydney that are strictly dedicated to search engine optimization, then Safari Digital is an excellent choice. The team offers clients the personalized service of a small firm with the capabilities of a large company.

With a passionate team and a value-based approach to SEO, Safari Digital easily earns a 5-star rating on our ranking list. This group offers some of the best SEO services Sydney is home to.

SEO Shark Review

SEO Shark is a top Sydney SEO company, with an impressive 98% client satisfaction rating. The firm focuses on getting clients on the 1st page of Google search results, whether they need local, national, or global exposure.

In addition to offering SEO services in Sydney, the firm also has an office in Melbourne.

SEO Shark is a full-service digital marketing firm and also offers PPC and social media marketing solutions.

Key Factors That Enabled SEO Shark to Rank as a Best SEO Agency Sydney is Home To

Quality Over Quantity

The team at SEO Shark understands that just getting you traffic doesn’t necessarily translate into meaningful results that turn into viable leads and sales. This top-rated SEO agency in Sydney instead focuses on SEO that is going to bring your site quality traffic.

You won’t get any empty promises from these SEO experts. The firm is honest about the time and effort that goes into quality SEO and lets clients know upfront that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

This firm’s work is designed for lasting results that deliver you the traffic, leads, and Google ranking you’re looking for.

Comprehensive Process

SEO Shark makes the process of getting the SEO help you need both comprehensive and straight-forward. When working with this Sydney SEO agency, you’ll find honesty, transparency, and meaningful communication about your search rankings.

The firm utilizes a simple 6-step process for all its clients. This process goes as follows:

  1. Request an SEO quote
  2. Within 1 business day, receive a personalized SEO proposal
  3. Detailed keyword research is conducted
  4. Your first monthly payment is made
  5. Your SEO campaign begins
  6. Your website is optimized for the first page on Google

Rating Summary

SEO Shark employs a talented team of experts that works to get every client to the front page of Google and keep them there. In one client case study, the client’s site ranked in the top 3 search results for 90% of selected keywords and saw a 7x increase in revenue.

With a passion for SEO and dedication to quality, SEO Shark is most certainly one of the top SEO firms Sydney has to offer. We’ve given the firm a solid 5-stars.

SEO Sydney Review

Focused on natural and ethical search optimization results, SEO Sydney is one of the top SEO services Sydney has to offer. The firm understands that each website acts as a way for companies to have a conversation with their visitors, and they know how to use SEO naturally for the best rankings.

As one of the top Australian SEO companies, SEO Sydney offers clients a full range of digital marketing services including pay-per-click, content writing, and digital marketing consulting.

Key Factors That Enabled SEO Sydney to Rank as a Top Firm for the Best SEO Sydney Has to Offer

SEO Web Design

The team at SEO Sydney understands that search engine optimization is about much more than just putting keywords on the page, but also has to do with how a website functions and how it is coded.

The firm’s SEO web design services incorporate search ranking best practices into a site’s structure and overall content concept. This includes keeping the site user-friendly, relevant, and fast-loading in order to reduce bounces and other stats which can hurt search rankings.

As a top SEO agency Sydney is home to, these specialists also focus on improving the user experience of a website by keeping designs streamlined and easy to navigate on desktop and mobile.

SEO Content Writing

In order for webpages to be SEO optimized, you need content that is written to include keywords naturally within the text. Oftentimes, inexperienced companies doing their own SEO or bad SEO companies in Sydney will do what’s known as “keyword stuffing”, which just stuffs a page with irrelevant keywords. Google frowns on this practice.

Instead, SEO Sydney offers expert SEO content writing services that provide companies with quality custom-written text that delivers the search ranking impact they’re looking for.

Some of the benefits of this service include:

  • Valuable SEO content
  • Authoritative content
  • Content that is relevant to your readers
  • One-week turnaround time

Rating Summary

SEO Sydney helps companies build out a full ecosystem of SEO that will ensure lasting rankings and quality website visitors. One such case study for this firm noted a 433% increase in organic search traffic and a #1 ranked position for several keywords.

With a focus on best practices and a dedication to building a foundation of strong SEO for a site, SEO Sydney also scores a 5-star rating. This is one of the best SEO consultants Sydney has to offer.

seo company sydney

Ranking: Best SEO Services Sydney, Australia

SEO Sydney Experts Review

With a proactive, hands-on approach, SEO Sydney Experts is a top-rated agency for SEO consulting in Sydney. This boutique SEO specialist works closely with clients in order to drive more traffic, leads, and revenue.

As a top company for search engine optimisation, SEO Sydney Experts has been working with companies of all sizes and all industries for over 15 years. The firm’s core focus is SEO and getting their clients to page 1 of Google results.

Key Factors That Enabled SEO Sydney Experts to Rank as a Best SEO Company Sydney Has to Offer

Multiple Integrated SEO Services

Because the team at SEO Sydney Experts focuses on SEO over anything else, they are able to drill down deep into the details in order to obtain strong, lasting organic search rankings.

The firm offers a range of integrated SEO services that can help ensure a business is not only targeting the right keywords but also bringing the right type of traffic to its site that will convert to revenue.

As one of the top SEO specialists Sydney is home to, SEO Sydney Experts offers the following SEO services:

  • SEO Copywriting
  • SEO Penalty Assessment
  • SEO Audit
  • SEO Website Design
  • SEO Link Building

Quality Link Building

One important part of website SEO strategy is building quality links. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous Sydney SEO services will employ tactics that Google penalizes, such as linking to falsified external links or linking to sites from pages that are nothing more than a page of links with no content.

SEO Sydney Experts uses only the best practices when building a linking strategy for your website. This includes reaching out to quality sites for links back to your site and paying attention to link density and relevance.

Rating Summary

Companies looking for a firm that specializes in SEO will find an excellent option in SEO Sydney Experts. Case studies from companies that work with this SEO Specialist note impressive results, such as an increase in revenue of 69% for one company and a 209% boost in sales leads for another.

With a focus on holistic SEO strategy and a range of companion SEO services, SEO Sydney Experts easily solidifies a 5-star rating. This is one of the top Australian SEO companies to consider for your business.

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SEO Sydney Solutions Review

SEO Sydney Solutions is a top SEO agency Sydney is home to that focuses on rankings and conversions for clients. The firm uses only the best practices for SEO in order to ensure relevant and lasting traffic results.

As a boutique consulting firm, SEO Sydney Solutions gives every one of their clients the same personalized service and individual attention. The firm is a master in local SEO rankings and its team enjoys helping local businesses earn more traffic and sales.

Key Factors That Enabled SEO Sydney Solutions to Rank as One of the Best SEO Companies in Sydney

Conversion Rate Optimization

Helping a website convert visitors to leads and sales is a specialized area of SEO that not all companies pay attention to. However, SEO Sydney Solutions understands that driving conversions is a vital part of the search optimization process.

As one of the top-rated SEO agencies that Sydney has to offer, the firm offers conversion rate optimization in order to help companies capture more of their website visitors as viable leads.

Some of the things that this SEO company does to help increase website conversions from search result clicks are:

  • Create clear calls to action
  • Add persuasive triggers
  • Improve click-through rates
  • Increase profits

Local SEO

Local SEO is a bit different than general search engine optimization. This is because it involves trying to get one of three spots in Google’s Map Pack listings in addition to regular search result ranking. SEO Sydney Solutions specializes in earning those top spots for businesses and optimizing their pages for local searches.

As a top local SEO consultant that Sydney is home to, this firm uses a multi-pronged, proven approach to boosting their clients’ ability to be found by people searching for the products and services they sell.

Some of the holistic strategies that SEO Sydney Solutions incorporates includes:

  • Onsite SEO
  • Local Citations
  • Niche Directories
  • Inbound Links
  • Social Signals
  • Google Reviews

seo companies in sydney

SEO Sydney Solutions | Best SEO Services Sydney

Rating Summary

SEO Sydney Solutions is another one of the laser-targeted SEO companies in Sydney that focuses mainly on search engine optimization and becoming the best at SEO solutions. Several of the firm’s clients not only rank #1 organically, but also #1 in the Google Map Pack.

With an emphasis on search conversions and local rankings, SEO Sydney Solutions solidifies a 5-star rating. This is one of the best Australian SEO companies to consider for your website marketing needs, especially if you own a small local business.

TheOnlineCo. Review

TheOnlineCo. is a top-rated SEO agency in Sydney that was founded in 2009 and employs a 100% local team. The firm values long-term relationships with clients and makes it a mission to help them grow their businesses.

This SEO company provides clients with a full range of online marketing services and even hosts free digital marketing workshops via Zoom on topics like PPC, SEO, and Facebook ads.

Key Factors That Enabled TheOnlineCo. to Rank as One of the Best Australian SEO Companies

Holistic SEO Solutions

TheOnlineCo. uses several tried and true holistic SEO strategies to help companies earn a coveted spot in the top Google search result rankings. The firm makes sure to cover many technical aspects of search engine optimization in order to ensure that sites are built properly for SEO and pages are integrated with schema microdata.

As one of the top SEO companies in Sydney, the team at TheOnlineCo. knows that obtaining the best SEO results for a site requires making sure all strategies are working together in unison.

The core SEO tactics that this team uses to boost ranking, traffic, and leads includes:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Local SEO
  • Backlinking

7-Point Guarantee

There are many Sydney SEO services out there to choose from, but not all of them provide guarantees. TheOnlineCo. helps put clients at ease by offering a 7-point guarantee they can count on.

This guarantee includes:

  • 100% Local Team – No Outsourcing
  • No Lock-In Contracts
  • Informative Monthly Video Report
  • Response Within 4 Business Hours
  • Individual, Tailored Strategies for Your Business
  • Use of Current Best Practice Digital Strategies
  • Technical Answers in Plain English

Additionally, this is one of the top SEO services Sydney is home to that works with all sizes of companies from small to medium and large.

Rating Summary

TheOnlineCo. has a passion for SEO and for helping small businesses succeed. In addition to their free digital marketing workshops, the firm also produces a business-focused podcast that offers value to their clients and others. One of the case studies from a client working with this agency noted a 743% increase in revenue.

With a desire to make the world a better place and help companies grow to their fullest potential, TheOnlineCo. is one of the top SEO consultants that Sydney has to offer. We’ve scored the firm with a solid 5 stars.

Top SEO Sydney Pty Ltd. Review

With over 18 years of experience supporting Australian local businesses, Top SEO Sydney Pty Ltd. is an expert at providing SEO services in Sydney.

The firm is experienced in providing both B2B and B2C clients with tailored SEO strategies that are built according to best practices. In addition to search engine optimization, Top SEO Sydney also offers PPC, email, web, and social media marketing solutions.

Key Factors That Enabled Top SEO Sydney to Rank as a Best SEO Agency Sydney is Home To

Full-Service SEO

Optimizing for great search engine rankings includes many different activities that all work together to send the right signals to Google that your site is one of the most relevant options for a particular keyword.

As one of the best Australian SEO companies, Top SEO Sydney has the expertise to work in multiple areas of SEO and bring them all together for a full, cohesive strategy.

The firm’s full-service SEO solutions include the integration of:

  • Quality SEO Content Creation
  • SEO Consulting & Competition Intelligence
  • Keyword Research Analysis
  • Website SEO Audit & Architecture
  • Website User Experience
  • Page Speed Optimization

Proactive & Transparent Reporting

Some SEO companies in Sydney and elsewhere wait until you ask them for updates before they put together a report to let you know how your account is doing. That’s not the case with Top SEO Sydney. The firm provides proactive monthly reports that are comprehensive and easy to follow.

In addition, clients of this excellent SEO company in Sydney are assigned to a dedicated account manager that will answer all of their questions and schedule regular meetings.

Some of the key metrics that clients will receive from Top SEO Sydney include:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Overall Reach Against Key Competitors
  • Quality Backlinks
  • Assisted Conversions
  • Action Items for the Month
  • Findings & Comments

Rating Summary

Top SEO Sydney uses a methodical process for putting all the SEO building blocks together in order to ensure long-lasting results and better SEO traction for quality leads.  One of the clients of this top-rated SEO company in Sydney saw an 889% increase in website ranking performance in just 90 days!

With a proven strategy and a full range of digital marketing services, Top SEO Sydney also scores a 5-star rating. This is one of the best SEO services that Sydney has to offer.

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Conclusion – Best Companies for SEO Sydney Offers

There are a ton of Australian SEO companies out there enticing people with false promises like ranking on page 1 of Google within 30 days. The best SEO agencies in Sydney to work with are those that are honest about the time and effort that go into SEO strategy, and who will give you real expectations of when you can start to see higher rankings.

Each of the firms on our list employs ethical techniques, adheres to best practices, and uses time-proven principles to offer expert SEO services in Sydney for companies of all sizes. Many of them are also experts in local SEO, which is its own specialty area of search engine optimization.

The best way to get a feel for which SEO consultancy in Sydney is the right match for your needs is to take advantage of a free quote (which many of them offer) in order to get an idea of the insights and skills the team could bring to your business.

Contacting any of the firms above would be a great start.

Top SEO Consultant Sydney FAQ

Is SEO better than AdWords?

AdWords (now called Google Ads) is a paid advertising program that is often used to get a company noticed at the top of Google’s search results. On the other hand, SEO is a strategy used to help your company receive traffic by organically earning the top spot, rather than paying for it.

When talking to one of the many SEO firms that Sydney is home to, you’ll often find that these agencies offer paid advertising (referred to as PPC) as well.

One method isn’t necessarily better than another, as both can serve a different purpose for driving traffic and leads to your website. In many cases, they can even work together to complement one another and help your business grow as much as possible.

How much does SEO cost in Australia?

SEO costs can vary from firm to firm and according to the type of services being purchased. A LinkedIn article from the founder of an award-winning SEO agency recently noted that if you’re paying a monthly retainer for SEO services in Australia, the cost can range from $800 to $4,000 per month.

The exact price depends upon how many keywords are being optimized for, how large a website is, and how many additional services (such as SEO content writing) are needed.

Do I need to pay for SEO?

You don’t technically need to pay for SEO. You can attempt to follow best practices on your own for the ranking of keywords while studying all the information Google provides about its ranking signals.

However, good SEO is a learned skill and one that requires constant updating because Google is always tweaking its ranking algorithm. That’s why most companies that are serious about getting to page 1 of the search results will pay an SEO expert to optimize their website.

How do I find SEO keywords?

There are a number of places you can go to find SEO keywords for optimizing your site. The key is to use the keywords that people looking for your products and services will be typing into the search bar.

Some ways you can find SEO keywords are:
• Reviewing your emails from customers
• Studying competitor sites and keywords
• Using a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner
• Asking customers how they found you
• Searching for your own products/services and looking for companion keywords in the “People also ask” box
• Using Google Analytics to see what organic keywords people are using to find your website

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